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How to Market a WordPress Plugin and Increase Sales

WordPress plugins are widely popular nowadays. Many developers work on creating different types of plugins to appear in the market and boost their products. So, once you have created a plugin, you are going to think about how to market your WordPress plugin and increase plugin sales. Thus, you will need product promotion. 

As we know you can promote your product through marketing techniques. You are going to spend a lot of time, effort, and money. So, product marketing can be considered a key to your success in this case. 

Why should you spend money on marketing?

The answer is simple. No matter how powerful your plugin is, if no one knows about it, you are not going to sell it to anyone on the market. Here comes marketing to help you. 

In this article, we are going to discuss tips that you can use to market your WordPRess plugin and increase plugin sales. So, stay tuned, to learn the whole checklist. 

How to market a WordPress plugin?

Is your plugin marketable?

Before using marketing strategies to promote your WordPress plugin you should first ask yourself whether your plugin is marketable or not. What does it mean? 

When you create a WordPress plugin you should have the answer to the following questions: 

  • Is my plugin unique?
  • Is my plugin affordable for many users?
  • Will my plugin be competitive in the market?

After you answer these questions, you can think of the plugin promotion. As there are a lot of WordPress plugins today available in the market, you must create a unique product to differ from others. The plugin should interest many WordPress users. 

We can conclude that your product should be tradeable, salable, serviceable, and valuable. It must attract the customer and persuade him/her to buy. 

When creating a plugin it is crucial to take into account the requirements of WordPress itself. The requirements may concern documentation, security, plugin installation, and so on. As you know WordPress.org is a free plugin repository. Make sure you list your plugin here to boost its popularity. Many customers visit WordPress.org to find the plugins they need, view their features, compare them, etc.

The freemium plugin pricing model includes not only a free version of the plugin but also the premium pad version. This model is popular among developers. So, you can choose to list the simpler version of the premium plugin or the paid one. The thing is that it is more likely that the customer would like to purchase the premium version if he or she tries out the free version.

Now let’s understand what you can do to market your plugin and increase its sales. 

Get started: Create a website and product page

When you are sure you have a unique WordPress plugin, you can think of product marketing. First, you should create a product page on your website. If this is the first plugin you have created you should first create a website. 

People will find the information they need on the product page. They will get acquainted with the plugin’s main features, free and premium versions, pricing, and other necessary information. If there are more plugins on your website, then the users will get more information. 

How to create a plugin product page

If you want to create a good plugin product page you need to include

  • General information about the plugin
  • Main features
  • Pricing options
  • Demos
  • Support options
  • FAQ

It is desirable to write a short, but thorough and comprehensible description of the product so that users understand what functions it has. As we already mentioned you can also put a video on the product page to visually explain to the visitor the essence of your plugin. 

Don’t forget to inform the users about the pricing options as they are probably the most important part that they’d like to see after getting acquainted with the plugin. Make sure you inform the users how they can get support if they have some questions concerning the product.

Support is essential for any WordPress plugin. Bad support can ruin your reputation and have a negative impact on you. So, if you provide the customer with good support, the chances that you will sell the product increase. 

Besides, you can include the documentation, and some screenshots showing the main features of the product. etc. In addition, don’t forget to put the logo of the company on your product page. 

What about content marketing?

Content marketing is widely popular today. Many businesses use it for marketing their products. Content marketing is concentrated on creating valuable, and relevant content to attract customers, thus making a profit for the company. Companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and others use content marketing to appeal to their target audience. There are different types of content marketing such as case studies, video demos, blog posts, infographics, best memes, checklists, testimonials, reviews, influencer marketing, guides, and how-tos, etc. As for the infographics, you can create timeline infographics if you want to display important information related to your WordPress plugin in the context of time progression.

You need to have a strong content marketing strategy to succeed in the market. While doing it you should also set goals for the future. For example, according to statistics, there are organizations that want to increase their brand awareness or attract more customers to their websites, etc. 


Don’t forget about case studies and videos

Case studies are very effective for content marketing. They serve as proof for a customer. Through case studies, the company, businessman, or developer shows how well the plugin works in real life. In order to have persuasive case studies you can include some qualitative and quantitative data to explain to the reader how you helped the client. If you want to have attractive case studies,  it is important to start with an attention-grabbing title. You can include some visuals, infographics, and charts. You should pay strong attention to the beginning and the ending of the text, as the reader remembers them the most. In the end, it is advisable to include a call-to-action, to encourage the reader to buy the product.

Video demos are another content marketing tool that will engage your audience. There are many people that prefer visuals from texts, so you will benefit from making video demos.

While making video demos try to make them short, and show the key features of the product. You can also include:

  • Short texts
  • Subtitles
  • Links that will show them other videos on the website

Using video demos in content marketing also improves your SEO. It is a great tool to boost sales and conversions. Besides, video demos apparel to mobile users encourages social shares, etc.

Run a blog

Blogging is a great tool to keep your audience engaged. It is important to update the blog often by adding new posts and articles. The blog can include comparison articles, review articles, tutorials, etc.

The casual tone of blog posts helps you reach your target audience more easily. Besides, you can improve customer satisfaction by providing them with significant information about your products. When writing blog posts it is crucial to write them in a way that will help you improve your SEO performance. 

Pay strong attention to your SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an inseparable part of product marketing. SEO is the practice of getting your website to rank higher on search engine results pages. The actual aim of SEO is to appear on the first page of Google searches. There are some helpful SEO tools you can use to improve it. 

Keyword research will help you find the keywords you should use in your posts, video description, plugin page, and WordPress.org to get a high SEO. There are more SEO tips you can use to succeed.

Don’t forget about social media 

Social media is strongly important for product marketing. LinkedIn,  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms allow marketers to connect to potential customers. 

Social media builds brand awareness, generates leads, nurtures loads, implements social listening, connects social posts to opportunities, measures marketing efforts, drives thought leadership, builds a community, and so on. Besides, you will stay top of mind with key people thanks to social media. Facebook has an advertising feature that you can use to market your plugin. You can use Facebook ads to determine some demographic data based on age, location, and other information. However, you should pay for the ad. 

Use affiliate marketing to increase sales

Affiliate marketing is the process of referring to a product or service by sharing it on social media platforms, podcasts, blog posts, or websites. Here are some benefits of affiliate marketing

  • Low ongoing costs
  • Flexibility
  • Low cost of start-up
  • Targeted traffic
  • Low risk

There are some WordPress affiliate plugins you can use to improve your affiliate marketing. 

So, affiliate marketing is an effective way to bring potential customers’ attention to your plugin. 

Importance of Plugin Reviews and Guest Posting

There are websites that are concentrated on writing articles, and posts about WordPress plugins. This can help you make your plugin popular in the market.  However, there may be articles that give a bad review of your plugin which can harm not only the plugin’s popularity but also the developer’s reputation. 

Guest posting is another useful trick you can use for content marketing. Guest posting is the process of writing, as well as publishing an article on another website. It builds relationships and introduces you to new people. Besides, it is good for your SEO. You can write compelling pieces of writing using various content writing tools.

Summing up

So, in this article, we learned how you can market your WordPress plugin and increase its sales. As you saw, the plugin that you create should be unique and solve a problem that concerns many people. In order to boost your plugin popularity you should create a product page, that will have a product description, plugin demos, videos, screenshots, etc.

Content marketing is key to your success. It includes case studies, blog posts, video demos, etc. You should pay attention to plugin support, affiliate marketing, guest posts, reviews, and so on. SEO is an essential part of your product marketing.

So, if you want to have more sales and be the first in the market you should have a thorough marketing strategy. For that simply follow the above-mentioned tips as much as possible, and also learn more tips on how to promote WordPress plugin

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