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Expert Tips for Generating Leads Like a Pro

WordPress is a global-leading website CMS used to enhance businesses. It is a cost-effective way of running and scaling a business easily. 

Every business needs to find new customers regularly; it cannot rely solely on repeat customers. One way to find new customers is to reach out to them through different social media platforms. These platforms include email marketing, and SMS channels. You can ask for specific details from website visitors or people who interacted with your brand. Afterwards, based on their responses you can run targeted marketing campaigns on those sets of people. 

Lead generation helps businesses find the right people interested in buying their products or services. It is a vital task for each sales and marketing team. 

This article will explain ways to generate leads through your WordPress website. 

Before that, let’s understand what a ‘Lead’ is and its different types important for a business to run successfully.

What is a Lead?

Some people like your product or service, and they get in touch with you for further processing. These people are called leads.

When you are doing well in your domain and people are looking to avail of the same services, they come across your business website or interact with your posts. This is called lead generation. You can think of a lead as someone who is in the very early stages of becoming your future customer. 

Now that we have understood what a lead is, let’s move on to the types of leads a business needs.

Types of Leads

Product-Qualified Leads

As the name suggests, product-qualified leads have used your products previously and are now looking to become paying customers. This type of lead is usually acquired by companies that offer services on a subscription basis. Initially, they offer their services on a trial basis. Once the customer likes it, they enroll in the long-term plans.  

Service-Qualified Leads

The service-qualified leads are potential customers who have previously shown interest in availing of your offerings. Or those who reached out to your service teams. 

Suppose you have a subscription service, and the customer wants to try it out. They reached out to your services team to discuss this. These people can be easily brought into business, as there will be no hassle in convincing them. 

Sales-Qualified Leads

Sales-qualified leads are the ones who are highly interested in becoming your customers. Such people have already taken significant steps in their buyer journey towards becoming your customers and now interact with some of your sales materials or teams. 

Marketing-Qualified Leads

When running a marketing campaign, there will be people interacting with your posts or showing interest in your products. Such leads are called marketing-qualified leads. 

Suppose you post blog posts on your WordPress website related to your products. Any visitor who interacts with them and reaches out to you, can be categorized as a marketing-qualified lead. 

As you know the different types of leads, now is the perfect time to look at some tips for generating leads in WordPress.

Tips for Generating Leads in WordPress

expert tips for generating leads

Now that you know what a lead and its types are, let’s take a look at some of the tips for generating leads successfully.

Restricted Content

The best way to grab more potential leads is to opt for restricted content. This means no charges apply for viewing a section of the thing. However, to move further, an amount needs to be paid. Facilitate such content that can be unlocked by providing certain details, like the email address or phone number of the visitor. Gathering details through such restricted content helps build your more qualitative customer mailing list. In its turn, these lists can be used to later create targeted emails for your marketing campaign.

You can also create members-only content where the same will be visible to your website members only. This way, you encourage people to open an account on your website by sharing some specific details.

Avoid Distractions

Many websites are filled with lots of graphics, which add distractions to the visitor. Creating a distraction-free landing page is becoming popular and provides an effective look for brands seeking to increase lead generation. 

When there are fewer distractions on the page, the visitors will be fully focused on the content, and the chances of them providing details will increase significantly.

Use Social Proof

As humans, we always look for social proof, and by using that, you can scale up your lead generation. You should look out for ways to build trust on your website and utilize your social media following to power this.

You will see an increase in the number of leads if you add social proof to your website. It can be in the form of your social media handles, user reviews, be they verbal or written, or some kind of appreciation received from any recognized organization. 

Use Countdown Timers

Making the visitors feel the urgency of completing the task is a proven way to generate more leads. A ticking clock on the screen can be highlighted; this creates a sense of chill in the customer’s nerves to complete the action before the time runs out.

Countdown timers trick users into believing that you are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on a product or service. This pushes them to take action immediately, which, in turn, increases your sales. 

Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups are an upcoming way to generate leads. If you run analytics on your website, you can know the average time a user spends on your website before they leave it. This research can then be used to create pop-ups that flash at an average time when the user leaves the website and provide them with an offer or form for lead generation.

This works quite nicely for many businesses, and it also gives visitors a nice offer if they stick to the website. Moreover, you can also turn visitors into leads with this simple yet effective tip. 

Design Better Landing Pages

Considering the lead generation process, the landing page plays a crucial role. If you have a WordPress website whose landing page is not good, you should work towards improving it.

This can be done by choosing a better theme, replacing content on the page with proper CTAs that persuade users to make a move, and highlighting your products and services with proper headlines and significant information, contact information, and images of the product on the landing page. 

When you create a landing page design with these things in mind, you will surely see an increase in the number of leads you get from your WordPress landing page. 

Implementing Better SEO

SEO is the best way to generate leads, and it trumps all other forms of lead generation in terms of effectiveness. By working on your keywords, content, and search engine rankings, you will see an awesome boost in your WordPress website’s leads. 

Hence, it is proven that to improve search engine results on page ranking, one needs to thoroughly apply SEO guidelines. This way, you will be favored by crawlers and ranked higher, which will in turn generate more leads for your business. 

Include Social Media Sharing Options

It is understood that you, single-handedly, cannot reach everyone in your target audience, and that is where social media sharing helps. If a user likes your products or services, it is quite common that they will share them with others on various social media platforms. You can capitalize on this by enabling social media sharing options on your websites and posts. 

When other users share your website or posts, you gain social proof, and this results in better leads for your business. 


Coming to an end, lead generation is not an easy process, but the above-listed techniques can surely assist you in getting more leads out of your WordPress website. Before you act on these tips for generating leads, you should analyze the types of leads you want to focus on. 

Lastly, keep trying out different approaches and working with analytics to ensure you are progressing in the right direction.

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