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5 Best Shopify WhatsApp Marketing Apps in 2024

In the ever-changing eCommerce landscape, marketing tools quickly change to adapt to the rising needs of customers. WhatsApp marketing proves itself as an effective marketing tool and slowly takes over its counterparts – SMS and email marketing. If you are an online store owner looking for fresh and innovative ways to improve your customer satisfaction score (CSAT), reduce cart abandonment rates, and increase your sales, we’re here to help you! In this article, you’ll find a list of the best Shopify WhatsApp marketing apps that will come in handy while tackling the abovementioned challenges. 

1. Dondy

Dondy's landing page as the best whatsapp marketing app for shopify

The first spot as one of the outstanding Shopify WhatsApp marketing apps belongs to Dondy. It is an AI-based app that will successfully handle your marketing strategies by accelerating the benefits coming with them. With WhatsApp campaigns, automation, and a live chat, Dondy promises to get you more sales and boost your customers’ experiences. Besides being a communications platform for answering your customers’ queries, Dondy comes with various revenue-driving tools. With this all-in-one tool, you can easily send automated abandoned cart messages, exclusive offers, reminders, and other personalized notifications. 

Key Features

  • Quick Setup: no coding installation, a 1-minute setup
  • WhatsApp flows: set flows based on specific conditions and live event triggers
  • WhatsApp Widget: integrate a WhatsApp chat widget into your website for your customers to easily access your support
  • Opt-in/Opt-out: you should request your customers’ permissions and have opt-in and opt-out lists so that you can send promotions and newsletters via WhatsApp,
  • Bulk WhatsApp Messages: reach as much of your audience as you need with just one click 
  • Upsell Campaigns: customize relevant upselling offers for your customers, matching their interests and preferences
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: reach out to your potential customers by incentivizing them and turning them into completed purchases
  • Retention Campaigns: to build and keep customer loyalty, easily reach out to your target audience, and send personalized messages


Alongside the forever-free plan, Dondy offers three pro plans at the following pricing:

  • Pro – $6.99/month, premium design customization options, custom hours, product URL, analytics/reports
  • Advanced – $14.99/month, 500 one-click messages, abandoned cart recovery, order, and COD messages
  • Power Automation – $39.99/month, WhatsApp API, automated messages, marketing campaigns, bulk messaging

The price for sending WhatsApp messages varies from country to country.

2. The Convert Way

the convert way's website as one of the best Shopify whatsapp apps

Looking for an all-in-one WhatsApp marketing app for Shopify? The Convert Way by Shipway will be your buddy on this journey. First, it will help you build a list of loyal subscribers with whom you will interact through the other powerful features TCW offers. You will get pre-made WhatsApp templates to send off quick campaigns and boost your retention rates. In addition, you can leverage WhatsApp marketing tools by TCW to improve your conversions by sending card abandoned, win-back, upsell, and cross-sell messages. 

In addition, keep up with your customers; their feedback is key. The Convert Way’s automated review and feedback-collecting messages via WhatsApp will ensure you have sufficient data at your fingertips to make improvements. This WhatsApp messaging platform can serve different purposes depending on your business. You can use it to incentivize your customers, have one-on-one conversations with them, and, finally, recover your abandoned carts with reminders, coupons, and discounts. TCW brings many essential tools into one dashboard. So, it’s up to you to decide how you leverage them to boost your customer retention and conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Build your VIP list through opt-in popups, spin-to-win widgets, etc. 
  • Pre-configured WhatsApp campaign playbooks
  • Winback customers via automated WhatsApp flows.
  • Send real-time order notifications on WhatsApp. 
  • Automated abandoned cart reminders via WhatsApp
  • Up to WhatsApp follow-ups at different intervals
  • 1-on-1 WhatsApp conversations
  • Collect feedback through WhatsApp
  • Create scratch card campaigns over WhatsApp
  • Free WhatsApp Green tick assistance


There are three priced plans, each with a 14-day free trial, as well as a forever-free option. The free plan includes up to 100 subscribers, a segmentation dashboard, a WhatsApp widget, two automation flows, subscriber opt-in, and analytics.

  • Premium – up to 3000 subscribers, five automation processes, a WhatsApp green tick for credibility, and notifications for $29 per month. 
  • Growth – all the features of the Premium plan plus nine automated processes, 20000 subscribers, and WhatsApp templates for $49/month.
  • Enterprise – $99/month, dedicated account manager, all automation flows, branding customization, and unlimited subscribers.

3. Chatix   

chatix whatsapp marketing app's landing page

Chatix is one of the most sound Shopify WhatsApp marketing apps incorporating versatile tools. This all-in-one platform will have you covered from WhatsApp support, FAQs, and order tracking to COD verification, order fulfillment and review request notifications. Chatix has pre-made templates and a mobile app for easier and faster customer communication. The shared inbox feature gives you quick access to your customers’ queries so you do not miss any of them.  

Key Features

  • All-in-one communication tool: chat widget for support, FAQs, contact us, and order tracking 
  • Automated WhatsApp messages: send automated messages to remind your customers about certain actions
  • Abandoned cart recovery: send reminders and incentivizing offers to your customers to complete their payments
  • Order/product messages: send messages on order confirmations, payment verifications, and request reviews
  • Chat widget and live chat: elevate your support with multiple support agents and flexible availability options
  • Chrome extension: in addition to the built-in features, Cahtix has a Chrome extension designed for you if you’re using WhatsApp on the web 


Chatix has a forever-free plan with unlimited WhatsApp chats, multiple support agents, a share button, FAQs, contact us, and order tracking. In addition, Chatix offers two paid plans:

  • Advanced – $8.99/month, manual abandoned cart recovery, cash-on-delivery verification, order confirmation and payment verification
  • Premium –  $19.99/month, WhatsApp Business API, automated messages*, team inbox, and broadcast schedule

*Automated messages start at $0.0051, and also note that the fees vary by country. 

4. TextYess

test yess shopify whatsapp marketing tool

TextYess is your one-stop shop for WhatsApp marketing and customer support automation. In addition to sending highly targeted WhatsApp campaigns, the AI marketing assistant proactively engages with clients during important events and activities on your website, such as abandoned checkouts and post-purchase. For instance, the training materials for the AI Shopping Assistant include FAQs, your complete product catalog, and more. Furthermore, It can instantly respond to any customer’s question, day or night, about anything from order status updates to product recommendations, checkout links, product images, and more.

Key Features

  • 24/7 WhatsApp Availability: Shopify store owners get to speak directly with their customers through TextYess AI on WhatsApp. Its 24/7 availability facilitates real-time conversation and increases the conversion rate.
  • Efficient AI Assistance: TextYess AI is able to reply to any customer question with maximum accuracy and in any language. Also, it can send photos and links, resulting in quick responses and an increase in sales.
  • WhatsApp Broadcasts: TextYess is the ideal WhatsApp business partner to send very targeted WhatsApp campaigns on Shopify segments and automation, such as abandoned checkouts and post-purchase flows.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: TextYess has an easy-to-use interface and the feature suite that is used by Shopify owners enables smooth customer care and marketing management.
  • Seamless Shopify Integration: their 5-star rated Shopify App has a free download to test the tool smoothly in 2 minutes. 
  • Phone number providers: TextYess also provides the phone number for its clients to connect to WhatsApp to speed up the go-live process.


Along with the Free version and the seven days free trial, once you connect WhatsApp, TextYess offers three advanced versions at this pricing:

  • Base – $99 per month for 1.750 AI replies
  • Pro – $249 per month for 4.500 AI replies
  • Scale – $499 for 9.000 AI replies

Any package can be combined with the desired number of WhatsApp Outbound Conversations (marketing ones) per 0,10 cents each. Custom packages exist, too. 

5. Interakt

interakt's webpage as one of the best whatsapp marketing tools

Enhanced interaction with your customers is a breeze for a WhatsApp marketing app like Interakt. With the automated messaging system, Interakt delivers cart abandonment and bulk notifications with just a click. The app is the best fit for those who want to communicate order updates and status changes with their customers easily. Interakt allows sending product announcements and tracking and promotional messages. Additionally, you will get a WhatsApp Green Tick for improved credibility and trust by your customers. 

Key Features

  • 25,000+ Shopify users
  • WhatsApp Catalogs and Native Payments
  • WhatsApp Campaigns with AI 
  • Shared team inbox with in-depth analytics of each agent
  • AI-powered WhatsApp Ads
  • Workflows for better answers to customer queries
  • Automated WhatsApp order confirmations
  • WhatsApp Chat Widget


Finally, with shoppers of different needs in mind, Interakt offers three tailored pro plans for more advanced opportunities:

  • Starter – $15/month, auto notifications, shared inbox, WhatsApp chat widget, WA green badge
  • Growth – $35/month, analytics and reports, notifications, automation, roles, and permissions within the shared inbox
  • Advanced – $45/month, user segments, agent reports, automated workflows

Final Thoughts

Being the backbone of successful business practices, enhanced communication should always be a top priority for business owners. With the changing customer preferences and behaviors in media, businesses should come up with the right ways to deliver their messages. Thus, alongside your main activities, products, and services, you need to search for new and effective ways of getting in touch with your customers. WhatsApp marketing is an emerging trend, and, for that reason, we have curated this list of 5 of the best WhatsApp marketing apps. If using them right, you can gain a foothold there. So, with this in mind, go over these well-researched apps and choose the one that better meets your needs and preferences. 

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