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Best WordPress Membership Plugin | ARMember Review

Looking for a membership plugin that will have all the advanced features included in one place? A good way of launching and managing a membership site that will have all the needed features and desired convenience is doing it through a good WordPress membership plugin. 

If you want to organize your membership website with enhanced features and settings, grow your business with a membership website, apply gamification, and boost your member engagement with a variety of elements then keep reading! In this review article, you will find the best membership plugin for managing your membership website and providing your users with an unforgettable experience.

Quick Overview: ARMember

Best WordPress Membership Plugin  ARMember
FactorARMember Description
Ease of UseThe ARMember plugin has an easy membership setup wizard. You don’t need any experience or deep knowledge to handle the plugin.
Unique/Pro FeaturesThis plugin offers a broad scale of unique features, such as content dripping, content restriction, membership plans, and so on.
IntegrationsARMember integrates with powerful tools such as WooCommerce, MailChimp, bbPress, and so on.
User ExperienceThe plugin provides users with flexible functionality and ways to handle the membership website effectively. It provides users with the best experience.
PricingThe ARMember plugin offers two pricing methods, ARMember Lite and ARMembe Pro. No matter the price, both plans offer a wide range of customization opportunities.

What is ARMember and Why to Use It?

ARMember is a WordPress membership plugin that provides its users with a broad scale of opportunities for launching and managing a membership website. Do you know how to build a membership website in WordPress? The plugin offers a variety of unique and beneficial features. ARMember has a user-friendly interface and is successfully utilized by different types of businesses. 

ARMEMBER WordPress Membership plugin

The ARMember plugin offers a one-time payment for users and no additional monthly fees at all. The plugin also offers different flexible pricing plans so the users can choose the plan according to their preferences. 

With the ARMember WordPress membership plugin, there is no need for any experience and deep knowledge of handling membership websites. Along with the convenient and easy-to-handle settings, the plugin gives access to enhanced features. Besides, you will have more opportunities for handling the website if you use the ARMember add-ons.

Pros and Unique Features

The ARMember plugin has many benefits. It offers enhanced features that make it stand out among other membership plugins. Some of the top features of ARMember include:

Flexible Membership Plan

The ARMember allows you to charge your users according to the preferences of your business. Also, you can choose what plan suits your business the best. You are free to set weekly, monthly, annual, and other pricing methods. Feel free to set a fixed price for a one-time payment. This is to get access to premium content. Or you can add a limitation on the premium content. Moreover, you can allow your members to subscribe to multiple memberships at the same time. Overall, the plugin enabled you to set flexible membership plans.

Next Level Member Engagement

The ARMember plugin offers a range of ready-made templates and gamification elements for your membership website. So you can easily boost member engagement. You have access to ready user avatars, and other components such as badges, points, and so on.

Advanced Content Restriction Opportunities

With the help of the ARMember – Membership plugin for WordPress, you can protect your content. This enables adding content restrictions to your specific content. You can choose your preferred way to restrict your content. This includes the content access restriction partially. Or else you can apply restrictions to certain URLs on the website. Overall, the ARMember plugin allows you to choose from a variety of content restriction methods. 

Content Dripping

The ARMember membership plugin allows you to delay the release of the content on the membership site. This content-dripping feature allows you to reveal your content periodically to your site members.

More Features

The ARMember plugin offers a wide range of features for membership sites in one place. Some additional features of ARMember include:

  • Built-in Form Builder: With the built-in modal form you don’t need any third-party pop-up plugin for signup and login forms. ARMember allows you to display signup and login forms in the modal window.
  • Social Media Connect: Connect to different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook, and so on. ARMember has an inbuilt module for connecting to different social media platforms.
  • Customizable Email Templates: Send email notifications to users on different events. Use the ready-made email templates and customize them with the customization opportunities the ARMember plugin provides.
  • Import and Export Settings: Import and export global settings and security settings with ARMember. Additionally, you can import and export users by plan.
  • Translation and WPML-Supported: The ARMember plugin is translation-ready and compatible with the WPML translation plugin. So the plugin can be translated into different languages for multilingual audiences. 

Other Features

  • Professional Support: ARMember has a support team of professionals ready to help you with any issue. 
  • Coupon Management: The exclusive coupon management system of the ARmember plugin with its features allows you to use various types of coupons including plan-specific coupons as well.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Besides the built-in WooCommerce support, the ARMember plugin allows users to choose how to pay for their membership. This can be completed with the help of built-in payment gateway integrations, such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and so on. With add-ons, you will have access to additional payment methods and integrations.
  • Email Marketing Service Integration: The ARMember WordPress membership plugin provides integrations with the most powerful tools. These are MailChimp, ConstantContact, Get Response, and so on. The tools allow you to automate your email marketing service.
  • Multiple Page Builder Friendly: It supports almost all standard page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, WPBakery, Beaver Builder, and many more. 

Hence, to have access to more enhanced features, get the ARMember membership plugin. This will enable you to manage your membership website with a variety of enhanced features and tools offered by the plugin.

Integrations and Add-ons

ARMember Integrations

The ARMember WordPress membership tool offers integrations with the most powerful tools, such as:

  • BuddyPrеss Intеgration: Makе community interaction еasiеr with BuddyPrеss and increase connеctions.
  • bbPrеss Intеgration: Encourage discussions and forums sеamlеssly with bbPrеss and promotе engagement.
  • PayPal Intеgration: Managе payments securely with trustеd PayPal and еnsurеs safеty.
  • Stripе Intеgration: Add payment options sеcurеly with Stripе and improvе chеckout.
  • WooCommеrcе Intеgration: Add е-commеrcе features еasily with WooCommеrcе and boosting salеs.
  • MailChimp Intеgration: Simplify еmail markеting with MailChimp and rеaching morе pеoplе.
  • Zapiеr Intеgration: Link your platform with apps еasily through Zapiеr and automatе tasks 
  • AffiliatеWP Intеgration: Boost еarnings еffortlеssly with AffiliatеWP and еxpanding rеvеnuе strеams.
  • MyCrеd Intеgration: Rearward participation with myCrеd and еncouraging activity.
  • GetResponse Intеgration: Managе email marketing effectively with GetResponse and connеcting with customers.
  • Bricks Buildеr Intеgration: Dеsign bеautiful website layouts with Bricks Buildеr and crеating attractivе sitеs.
  • AWеbеr Intеgration: Automatе your еmail marketing efforts with AWеbеr and nurturing subscribеrs. And many more.

Educational Resources & User Experience

The ARMember plugin, alongside a number of enhanced features and other opportunities, helps its users to deal with the plugin and manage their membership website effectively. It is quite user-friendly and easy to understand and use without any background experience or deep knowledge of dealing with membership plugins. 

The plugin, though, doesn’t stop at that. On the website of ARMember, you can access a number of video tutorials. These are designed to guide the users through their journey of using the plugin. You can find guides on any part of using the plugin. This will assist you in solving any problem connected to the handling of the plugin integrations, features, add-ons, and so on. Additionally, you can read the documentation of the plugin on the website. In this way, you will find out many features and learn about their purpose of use. 


Check ARMember Pricing Plans. It’s convenient for users to choose between ARMember Lite and ARMember Pro according to their preferences. The pricing methods are designed to meet the requirements of users perfectly. How much does it cost to build a membership website? – It is just $69 for ARMember full premium feature access.


ARMember Lite: Download FREE

  • Form editor for signup and login
  • Unlimited number of membership plans
  • Content restriction for page and post
  • 2 payment processors
  • 9+ inbuilt addon support

ARMember PRO: Buy Now at Just $69

Lifetime Updates Opportunity

  • Unlimited number of membership plans
  • Form editor for signup, login, and edit profile
  • Content Restriction for Page, Post, CPT & Taxonomy
  • In-Built Free 6 Payment Processors
  • Drip Content Support
  • 46+ in-built Addons Support
  • 35+ External Addons Support
  • 6 Months of Support included

Wrapping Up!

To wrap up, the ARMember plugin is the best WordPress membership plugin. It offers WordPress users a variety of features to have the best membership websites. Moreover, the plugin provides its users with the best experience, boosting member engagement. Overall, the ARMember plugin is easy to handle. It improves WordPress website management. The plugin’s users do not need any special skills or a deep understanding of membership plugins to easily access and handle their membership websites.

Based on our experience with the ARMember, it is surely one of the best membership plugins. It offers so much in one place, thus, making it easy to have an enhanced membership website without much effort!

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