WordPress AutoScroll for Reading Plugin


WordPress AutoScroll
for Reading Plugin

AutoScroll plugin allows to automatically scroll the page
without any mouse click. Have you ever thought about
reading an article without even touching the keyboard and
mouse? WordPress AutoScroll plugin can make it real. It is
developed to make your reading experience smoother and
easier. It allows to smoothly scroll the page and configure
the scrolling speed.

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that will add a smart scroll to your website then you should definitely try the Auto Scroll plugin. The WordPress Auto Scroll plugin is a flexible tool that can be easily installed and activated directly from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. And that is it. You do not need to undertake any other actions to implement the scrolling on your website. It will be automatically added. Yet, anytime you may control its speed and pause it. Moreover, it will not slow down your website speed. 



Go to the Plugin installation section


Find and install Auto Scroll for reading plugin


Activate it and enjoy your converience



Autoscroll plugin is extremely easy to use.

You can change the scrolling speed whenever you want and
and make it scroll very slow or fast enough.

You can also pause and resume the scrolling at any time.


0$/ lifetime
20$10$/ monthly
40$20$/ monthly


The AutoScroll for Readers plugin is very beginner-friendly and responsive. You can install and activate it directly from your WordPress admin dashboard. In order to enable AutoScroll on your website, there is no need for extra actions to take.
That’s it your AutoScroll is set u

No, it won’t. The AutoScroll plugin for WordPress will not affect your website speed. This plugin is compatible with lots of major web browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE, and Chrome). Therefore, AutoScroll will not slow down the speed of your web page.

The AutoScroll for Reading plugin allows the users to scroll the web page without any mouse and keyboard clicks. All you need to do is to activate the plugin, and it will do its job automatically. This functionality will smoothly scroll the web articles while you are enjoying them. Furthermore, you can change the scroll speed from slower to faster or vice versa. Also, you are able to pause and resume the AutoScroll with just one click. AS you can see, all you need to do is to activate the plugin and enjoy your reading experience.

Yes, it is. If for some reason, the users do not get satisfied with the AutoScroll WordPress plugin, within the first 30 days of using the plugin, they can get a refund. The issued users are guaranteed for getting their money back.

NO! This plugin is a perfect fit for everyone. Anyone who wants to get an advantage from the AutoScroll for Reading plugin can enjoy it. This WordPress plugin is user-friendly and unchallenging for beginners. In order to be accessible to everyone, all the features within this plugin run automatically and smoothly. There is no need for coding skills or any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Install, activate, and enjoy.

Yes! The WordPress AutoScroll for Reading plugin is responsive. Therefore, it perfectly works with any post category type.

Yes, it is possible to regulate speed. With the AutoScroll for Reading plugin, users can control and regulate the scroll speed. You can slower or faster the speed. Moreover, you can pause or resume the auto scroll with a single click.




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