WordPress AutoScroll for Reading Plugin

AutoScroll plugin allows to automatically scroll the page without any mouse clicks. Have you ever thought about reading an article without even touching the keyboard and mouse? WordPress AutoScroll plugin can make it real. It is developed to make your reading experience smoother and easier. It allows to smoothly scroll the page and configure the scrolling speed. AutoScroll is the best scrolling plugin in WordPress that has a very user-friendly structure and interface. With the help of this flexible plugin, you don’t have to navigate through the previous and next buttons to read the material you want. All you need is just activate the plugin and keep reading!

AutoScroll plugin is extremely easy to use. You can change the scrolling speed whenever you want and make it scroll very slow or fast enough. You can also pause and resume the scrolling at any time.

Key Functionalities

  • Provides a scrolling speed function
  • Works with all the major browsers such as Safari, Firefox, IE and Chrome without any difficulties.
  • Pause and Resume the scrolling with just one click
  • Works with any post category and type
  • Easy to use

How to Use

  1. Open the Plugins page in your WordPress dashboard
  2. Search and install the AutoScroll plugin there
  3. Activate it and go to front to see how it works

Note that, no other settings or steps are required to use this plugin. All you need is to activate the plugin and it will start to operate immediately.

Make your reading experience smoother and convenient with the WordPress AutoScroll plugin.





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