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In only 4 months our website domain rating has raised to 58 and is still growing. Our Blog’s monthly visits are 15,000+ from the USA, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, India, etc. Moreover, some of our articles rank the first places in search engines and accordingly more than 85% of the blog visitors come from there. You can see our works with URL.

After our collaboration, your product remains on our Blog for a lifetime.

Some of our listing article examples:

Currently, we provide the following advertising services for our clients:

Content Marketing

  1. Review article (Cost: $250 $150)
    Example: 3CX Live Chat Plugin Review: Live Chat, Voice, and Video Calls
    We will write a review article about your product/service and post it on our Blog. Our specialists will give a professional and individual approach to your request, including engaging content and SEO analysis.

  2. Articles for your Blog (Cost: $250 $150)
    Example: The Best Way To Create a Popup On Button Click Within Minutes 2022
    Our powerful content writers’ team will prepare articles, product descriptions, and any text content for your website. In case of bulk requests or long-term collaborations, the pricing is negotiable.

  3. Versus article (Cost: $250 $150)
    Example: Crisp VS TawkTo: 2022 Comparison
    In this article, we compare 2 products by pointing out the key differences. This type of article is most convenient to show why your product is better than your competitor’s.

  4. Myth article (Cost: $250 $150)
    Example: BTC PayWall Is A Good WordPress Plugin – Naked Truth Or A Myth?
    This type of article is based on myths and stereotypes about your product/service that you wish were canceled for your audience. Even if you can’t think of any, do not worry, as our professional specialists will do deep research and write a detailed article denying every false information and indicating the advantages of your product.

  5. Link Insertion/Guest post (Cost: $100 $50)
    Example: How to Use BuzzFeed Quizzes to Engage Visitors
    We will add a do-follow link to your preferred URL in an existing article of ours. Please note, that the topic must correspond to our Blog content. We do not accept casinos, gambling, gaming, dating, CBD & adult -related topics.

  6. Best Listing (Cost: starting from $100 $50)
    Example: 2022’s Top List of WooCommerce Shipping Plugins
    We collect the best listing for a certain product/service in an article. You can reserve your place in it, where we will thoughtfully review each element and give a detailed description. Your product will remain in that place for a lifetime!

  7. Website landing page/ text description (Cost: $250 $150)
    Example: WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin
    Our professional content writing team will write SEO-optimized and keyword-rich content for your website landing pages, WordPress, and anywhere you need.

Video Marketing

  1. Promotional video ~3min (Cost: $300 $200)
    Example: WordPress Auto Scroll for Reading Plugin
    This type of video includes animations and professional voiceovers to underline your product/website’s key qualities and features. It can be used everywhere on your landing page, social media, YouTube channel and etc.

  2. Short Review video ~5min (Cost: $250 $150)
    Example: WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin Review 2021
    This type of video typically lasts 5 minutes and includes a review of any of your products. We will post this video on our YouTube channel!

  3. Long review video (Cost: $550 $350)
    Example: Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin Full Review 2022
    This type of video lasts 20+ minutes, where our specialists give a very detailed review of the product by mentioning the quality features, demos, and tips on how to use it. We will post this video on our YouTube channel!

  4. Best Listing (Cost: starting from $150 $100)
    Example: 5 Best Contact Form Plugins Compared 2022
    Similar to the article, we gather the best plugins of a certain category and make a review video where we mention all the good features of each plugin. After which, the video is posted to our YouTube channel and stays there for a lifetime.

On-site advertising

  1. Ad banner (Cost: $300/month)
    The banner will be placed on our Homepage, right above the “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” box. Placements are done for at least a 1-month period.

  2. Ad popup (Cost: $600/month)
    The promotional popup will be shown on our Homepage, on the right lower part of the screen. Placements are done for at least a 1-month period.

You can also have a look at our promotional plan packages and maybe find the right one for you!

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