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Top Marketing Tips To Boost Your WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress website is rather simple, no matter personal, business, blogging, or any other kind of website! As soon as you have created your WordPress website, your next step is to think about how to market your website and drive traffic to it. You could have the greatest website in the world, but without using the right marketing strategies and tools, your website could remain unseen and unvisited. Marketing is very important for the website, especially if you want to succeed and not lose thousands of sales opportunities. Why is it so? What are the best WordPress Website Marketing Tips? You will find answers to all these questions in the following article.

What is Website Marketing?

First, let’s carry some basic definitions through:

What is marketing? Marketing is a term used to refer to all the activities of promoting and selling products or services to consumers.

Website marketing, in its turn, is a strategic promotion of a website following the aim of attracting the attention of visitors who may be interested in the products/services or content offered. More visitors means more opportunities to present your value proposition to potential customers.

How to Your WordPress Website?

So, if you’re ready, let’s finally take a look at the Top Marketing Tips to boost your WordPress website.

1. Create High-Quality SEO-Optimized Content

Sharing high-quality, search-engine-optimized content is one of the top marketing tips affecting the popularity and growth of your WordPress website. The quality of the content you share with your audience is important for your website’s further development and growth. Quality content refers to the factors such as:

  • Informative
  • Engaging
  • Relevant to your niche
  • Sharable
  • Readable
  • Well written
  • Useful

It is essential to keep your content unique and up-to-date, in order to attain more traffic to your website. Once you share with your audience something valuable to read and view it builds trust and gives them a reason to revisit the website.

However, good quality content is not enough to bring in traffic, first of all, people need to notice your website. Thus, you have to work on your search results visibility, i.g. on your SEO strategy. Due to the right use of SEO plugins and SEO SERVICES search engines may present your website as a relevant search result when a product/service or content offered by your website is searched.  After all, most people don’t overlook the first page of Google search results, passing to the other pages, that’s why it’s essential to appear on the very first page.

What matters most in SEO strategy is focusing on keywords. Once you come up with the theme for your new post or blog, think of the main words related to that. In terms of search results visibility, using long-tail keywords is more recommended rather than using short-tail ones. Long-tail keywords (e.g. email marketing plugins for WordPress), though less popular and common and more specific. In contrast, short-tail keywords (e.g. marketing plugins) are certainly popular, but their popularity greatly affects the visibility of your website as they are subject to higher competition.

And one more thing you should not forget about in content marketing is accuracy, correctness, and visually appealing and concise structure. For that, we highly recommend you use dedicated tools like Grammarly, and before going live preview WordPress site to see how your content will be delivered to the audience in the front end.


2. Integrate Popup, Optin, and Lead Generation Plugins

No doubt you are aware of pop-ups! They typically show up on your screen when you first visit a website or when you are about to leave it. Popups are great for capturing leads and for increasing conversions and sales.  You can design popups and display them on your WordPress website to encourage visitors to subscribe to you on social media, follow your email newsletters, and introduce other ways to keep in touch with you, thus increasing the possibility of converting them into your customers.

When used appropriately, popups can be very useful! Nevertheless, they can also appear to be annoying! Poorly designed popups can irritate the audience and negatively impact the user experience.

Pros of Using a Popup

  • Attracts the user’s attention
  • Increases conversions.
  • Has high visibility and leads users to CTA (Call to Action).
  • Free to use or relatively cheap.

Cons of Using a Popup

  • Though they force users to take action, too often appearing intrusions and popups can block content.
  • An excessive number of popups may raise the bounce rate, therefore causing you to lose potential customers.
  • Spammy popups might lower consumer confidence.
  • Popups can lower your website performance on mobile devices, which could result in penalties from Google.

3. Make Use of YouTube Videos

Video marketing can have a positive effect on SEO and can increase conversions and sales. Websites benefit from increased search engine visibility when they add a video for the following reasons:

  • improves the quality of the page and the time visitors spend on the page,
  • brings forth additional links among your platforms – search engines and people can detect that a YouTube channel,  social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and a website are all linked –  thus, bringing in more traffic to your website,
  • provides you with bigger opportunities in terms of brand searches – your YouTube video can rank where your website page might not be able to, consequently, it can enable you to attain more audience
  • Use a video translator to convert your YouTube content, broadening your audience reach globally. This ensures your message resonates across diverse language barriers, engaging a wider community.

4. Implement Guest Posting

Guest blogging involves writing informational blog posts on another website and driving the audience to your own website. It is a great strategy for your WordPress website that can open up your blog to a larger population.

When guest posting it is crucial to take into consideration the relevance of the content and the audience of the website, where you guest post, with the content and the target audience of your website. Besides, what you need to pay attention to is to make sure you guest blog on websites that have a high Google page rank, preferably it should be one appearing among the first five results. You can learn about the website ranking scores through many websites such as Ahrefs.

5. Use the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others can especially be handy in gaining traffic and audience. These platforms let you quickly reach out to a wider audience, share new posts and promotions with your audience and receive feedback. Also, it prefer to create flyers is a more effective way to engage and convey a message on social media.

Managing your notifications on Instagram is essential to stay in the loop and engage effectively. If you’ve muted notifications for specific accounts or content, including “Notes on Instagram,” you might be missing out on valuable interactions and opportunities.

Social media platforms are the top tools to raise your website and brand awareness, keep in touch with your customers and build a strong relationship with them showing them how they can benefit from your products or services. With a few viral posts, you can acquire immediate attention and a constant stream of visitors. Simply share different kinds of media on your social media profiles from your website: articles, blogs, images, videos, or any other relevant posts! Besides, you can just create Instagram reels.
Also, Virtual technologies, like voice over IP systems, help a business stay in touch with its customers.

What’s more, you can facilitate the social media publishing process with the help of WordPress plugins such as NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP), which enables you to instantly and simultaneously publish posts to your social media profiles from your website blog.


6. Practice Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective tool enabling you to stay in line with your existing and potential customers. This marketing tool gives you an edge by allowing you to send out personalized messages, offers, promos, and many other email campaigns that can help you to bring in traffic to your website or blog. This can especially come in handy when you have a huge email list ready for an email campaign. What you need to do is to simply shoot them an email every time you publish a new post.   

If you would like to start email marketing right away, the following tools may serve as great helpers:


Effective Strategies to Maximize the Impact of Your Marketing Efforts

Once all the above-mentioned tips are put into practice, keep going!

While these marketing tips will bring in more traffic to your WordPress website, you should not forget about keeping that traffic there. Below see some more tips to further maximize the outcomes of your marketing efforts.

1. Have Your Website Secured and Protected

One of the simplest, yet essential ways to boost your website and bring in more traffic is increasing website security. A safe and secure website raises visitor confidence and builds a strong relationship with your website visitors. So long as you expect your visitors to share personal and financial information with you, the least you should offer is the security and safety of their information.  Building trust through security is the best way to state the credibility of your website and market it to a wider audience. Make sure you use enough security plugins, limit login attempts, and secure your WordPress website admin access in order to minimize all possible risks.


2. Implement A/B Testing

A/B Testing is creating two versions of one and the same thing and testing which one is more effective. This tool can be applied to a landing page on your website, a social post, a call to action – anything. A/B testing helps to strengthen your marketing campaign. For instance, if you’re creating a CTA (Call to Action) Popup for your website, you can create two versions and divide your audience into two groups so each group sees one particular Popup. A/B testing will help you to identify which one of the two versions was more effective by seeing how many people positively reacted to this or that Popup. As a result, thanks to A/B testing and your analysis you will find out what works best with your audience. In case you need 1:1 help with your A/B testing or any other marketing tactic, you may consider seeking help from a marketing coach.


Final Thoughts

Setting up your WordPress website is simply the beginning of a new long journey, which should be guided by appropriate marketing strategy and marketing tools, tailored for a particular audience and geared towards particular needs. Alongside the above-mentioned marketing tips, it’s also possible for you to increase your WordPress blog revenue with a WordPress advertising plugin.

Eventually, it’s not so much about what you offer, but about what tools or strategies you use to succeed. “What Does NFS Mean On Instagram?” Find out the answer and more top marketing tips to boost your WordPress website in our latest articles.

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