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How to Increase Blog Revenue with WordPress Plugin

Are you looking for the finest WordPress Advertising Plugin?

It is a fact, that many website owners prefer advertisements to monetize their websites. On the WordPress dashboard, you will find plenty of advertisement manager plugins. This article will save you time and introduce the best WordPress advertising plugin – Advanced Ads.

So, let’s get further, and find out how to Increase Your Blog Revenue With Advanced Ads Plugin.

What is a WordPress Advertising Plugin?

Generally, many web blogs benefit from advertising. Firstly, ads help to bring a large amount of traffic and build a powerful source of income. In reality, the advertisement monetization strategy is very hard to keep track of and challenging to manage.

For example, if you have multiple banners with your selling products, it will be quite difficult to maintain all of them.

Luckily, we are living in a digital world and there is a solution even for this type of situation. Fix the ad problems and bring your web blog to a higher level. With the properly developed, progressive, and advanced WordPress tool you can easily and quickly build a professional ad management strategy on your WordPress website. WordPress advertising plugins will help every web blog owner to boost blog revenue. Also, via the WP ad management tools provide better and more beneficial all-around adverting solutions.

The WordPress advertisement management plugins allow its users to make the ads placement to your web blog faster and more unchallenging. With the right tools, you can insert ads anywhere on the web page you need. Furthermore, the plugin users will be able to smoothly optimize the ads, and make more exact placement of an ad. Hence, get huge benefits from your advertising real estate.

Imagine a situation when you are glancing through a website and the same ad shows up multiple times. It will defiantly make you leave a particular web page. The control over web advertisements is limited, but the WordPress ad plugins are here to help you. Fully control your web page, and define what is displayed and where it can be shown.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Advertising Plugin?


As I have noted, numerous WP web pages rely on advertisements to earn money online with their content. In particular, the WordPress platform by default does not include functionality or an option, that will easily manage your web ads. That is why a WordPress advertisement manager plugin for your blog is a must.

Increased Engagement – One of the major advantages of using an advertising plugin is that it will increase engagement with your digital content. You need an advertising plugin to enhance a larger audience and boost your web exposure.

Easier Integration – A proper ad marketing WP plugin can easily integrate your web content with other aspects of your marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, with these plugins, your website’s user interface will be improved. Thus, the ad plugins will make it more straightforward for people to find you.

Increased Efficiency – Increase your efficiency. With advertising management, you will save a lot of time. You will not have to waste much time, in order to manually post content. Henceforth, you will be able to focus on other elements of your marketing strategy. Additionally, customize your web content, and track how people interact with your web blog.

Now, it is time to get in further and learn about the best ads management WP tool.

The Best Advertising Plugin on WordPress – Advanced Ads


The Advanced Ads WordPress plugin will help you to monetize your website with the most advanced tools. This WP plugin includes features with great flexibility and high performance. This is one of the most satisfactory plugins to manage your ads. This is a definite game-changer plugin.

Advanced Ads is a freemium product, which means, that the plugin has both free and pro versions. The free basic version you can find on the wordpress.org web platform. Use the Advanced Ads Pro or numerous add-ons to extend the plugin’s functions. It is also worth noting, that Advanced Ads provides an All Access license that includes Advanced Ads Pro and all other available Advanced Ads add-ons. Hence. it is affordable for every website owner who wants to get full benefits out of this ad manager tool. The free version offers various display conditions. Furthermore, you can find some additional visitor conditions, which will help you to target your ads more exactly to your audience.

For example, you can apply to the device visitor condition and show ads only on mobile or desktop devices. This is just one sample of audience targeting. Create every type of advertisement and provide your web visitors with the most engaging experience via the Advanced Ads WP plugin.

The plugin allows users to create as many ads as they want. Additionally, you can organize your web ads into groups or implement ad rotation. Advanced Ads tool is amazing because it embeds ads while fitting all of the privacy standards. Hence, keep your web page always protected from invalid traffic. Moreover, generate ads with banners and texts via this advertising management tool. Lastly, you can also insert any advertisement code directly from your preferred ad network into your web pages.

What Makes The Advanced Ads the Best?


Let’s see why is Advanced Ads the best WordPress advertising manager plugin. It is time to dive in further and find out what type of functionalities this plugin provides to the users.

Manage Unlimited Ads – There are no limits within this plugin. Manage an unlimited number of ads. Advanced Ads helps to manage and display as many ads and placements as the users will need.

Work on Cached Sites – This plugin always delivers dynamic ads. You can produce your ads even on cached websites without impacting your server.

Flexible Ad Types – Use your creativity. Via WP Advanced Ads, you can generate various types of web advertisements. Use ad codes from any ad network you prefer, like shortcodes, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, or even static images.

Schedule Your Ads – Save your time with Advanced Ads. Prepare your ad setups. All you need to do is simply set start or expiry dates and times for your upcoming ads. That’s it everything left will be done by this plugin.

Tracking and Reports – The tracking and reports tool allows tracking of all the ad impressions and clicks. Furthermore, you can share your web users’ performance reports, also you can connect with Google Analytics. Hence, always keep track of your users.

Mobile Ads – The Advanced Ads WordPress plugin allows the creation of various types of ad setups. Accordingly, you can easily build different ad setups for mobile and desktops. Thus, improving the performance of each version.

Other Features Worth Mentioning

Google Ad Manager Integration – This is a unique feature you cannot find in any other WordPress plugin. Via the Google Ad Manager add-on, you will forget about manually inserting and matching codes. This tool allows the import of all ads from the connected GAM account with a single click and inserts them in a suitable place (also works on AMP pages).To have a more precise look you can check out the Google Ad Manager Integration in action.

AMP – Create faster and lighter ads for your customers. With this WP tool effortlessly and smoothest monetize your AMP web pages and your advertisements will be AMP-ready. This means, that your ads will be represented in a more secure way and benefit both the visitors and ad publishers.

Click Fraud Protection – This tool allows you to prevent the often clicks on the same ads and as a result, fully protects your brand reputation.

Lazy Loading Ads – This feature is amazing. It helps to load the ads only when a web visitor scrolls through them and prevents negative impacts on your page speed.

Key-Values Targeting – This functionality targets the ads based on the key-valued words in a post, like a title, slugs, or categories.

Monetize ad-block users – Monetize users with this tool by providing them with content that cannot be blocked.

Reasons Why Choose Advanced Ads Plugin?

As you have noticed WordPress Advanced Ads is a great plugin. This WP tool makes it easier to manage your web ads, and display them in suitable web user interface locations. Additionally, with this plugin’s top-notch functionalities you will always be able to target the right users and turn them into your future purchasers. And, if you are someone who already has a decent income from their web blog, by using the Advanced Ads pro-add-ons you will be able to optimize your revenue further. There are a couple of reasons why exactly to choose the Advanced Ads WordPress plugin.

  • Firstly, display an advertisement in less than 1 minute. What is amazing about this plugin, is that it makes publishing an ad as easy as writing a simple post. With the help of pre-defined ad types, you can request only the needed information to generate a proper ad. The automatic placements allow you to make sure, that your ads appear without you touching the code of your theme or going into existing posts.
  • Secondly, have more powerful insights via reporting. Having reports and insights from your ad impressions and clicks will help you to focus on further powerful ad strategies. You can use reporting and insights tool in your WordPress backend. Moreover, send it directly to your clients via email or shareable links.
  • Thirdly, no coding skills are required. Advanced Ads’ “placements” can easily display your ads in a position you need and how you want them to appear without coding skills. Furthermore, define a minimum amount of words for your ads or set a minimum content length for a more satisfactory user experience.
  • Lastly, use various layouts to improve your revenue. While using this plugin you will find plenty of ready-to-use layouts. For example, ad grids or sliders will allow you to build ad blocks and sell numerous spots to your associates.

Thus, the Advanced Ads plugin is undoubtedly worth using.

To Wrap Up…

Make your website’s user interface engaging, boost your user traffic and generate the most effective ads for your business. Undoubtedly, you will get the most out of the Advanced Ads plugin.

Hey, if you are an owner of a useful WordPress tool, then this is your chance to Promote WordPress Plugin.

Thanks for your time!

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