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How to Use Buzzfeed Quizzes to Engage Visitors

Isn’t it strange that people are openly sharing which movie character they would be and which color matches their personality more? Perhaps, people got an addiction, called “Quizzes”.
Undoubtedly, in the past few years, BuzzFeed quizzes have taken the internet by storm.

Hence, quizzes on your website will be a powerful tool for your digital marketing team to boost user engagement.

So, in this article, let’s learn how to use Buzzfeed quizzes to engage visitors on your WordPress website.

What is an Online Quiz and Why are They Important?

When do web visitors leave a website? Of course when they cannot find what they are looking for, or if nothing keeps the engaged and grabbed their attention to make them stay longer.

Online quizzes are one of the most useful ways to keep your website visitors engaged. Briefly said quizzes are an entertaining marketing tool for your web page. What is amazing about the online quiz is, that it is not only a form of entertainment and a perfect digital marketing tool but also a useful and helpful tool.

Why Do You Need an Online Quiz?


Online quizzes make the process of education at a distance possible. With the help of a proper WordPress Quiz plugin, you can easily generate online examinations, texting, and quizzes for your students. Altogether, track your users, have an accurate report, and make the right conclusion out of it. Furthermore, online quizzes are important for evaluating the student’s skills and educational progress. Hence, assess your participants’ knowledge and review the key points to ensure the new information had been obtained. As shown above, quizzes are perfect for getting ensured, that learners In other words, mini-quizzes are used to ensure that learners successfully mastered the information before moving on to the next unit.
In brief, via online quizzes – Test students, learners, or yourself anytime, anywhere. Provide real-time grading and dynamic feedback. Effortlessly randomize questions and answers to prevent and stop cheating.

Another key point of using online quizzes is the process of motivating the users. The internet learning process makes keeps the responders motivated and makes them strive for better results. Challenge your learners and stir up their interests. Be tricky and ask questions that your participants are more likely to answer wrong. This will grab their attention and make them curious about it. So, the responder sees what he already knows and what he does not, and as result starts to prepare himself for better results.
In brief, via online quizzes – Entertaining factors make responders more enthusiastic. Quizzes improve the student’s educational skills.

As an illustration, quizzes are an ideal solution for providing an entertaining way to engage your audience and be used as an information-gathering tool. As a result, make a proper business decision.

How Can Quizzes Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy?

Unquestionably quizzes drive traffic and make the participants more involved and engaged in the whole learning process. Hence with the right quiz plugin build a powerful quiz; drive more engagement and boost more traffic. Moreover, make your website visitors’ experience more entertaining by making them interact with your provided content. Hence, generate the most active participants for your website.

Alongside quizzes, if you add a proper WordPress advertising plugin to your website, you can immensely boost and increase your sales and revenue.

Undoubtedly you have probably taken BuzzFeed quizzes throughout your lifetime. They are short, simple, and entertaining. Hence, Buzzfeed quizzes help to make better conversions on your web platform. So, what do you need to have engaged learners? Obviously an advanced-level entertaining quiz. And for having an engaging quiz you will need the WordPress Quiz plugin. A proper quiz plugin will provide you and your participants with the best digital experience.

The Quiz Maker plugin includes tons of progressive tools to fit into your marketing strategy. This plugin’s responsive design will help you to make your website eye-catchy. The user-friendly interface will make your quizzes accessible for every type of screen size. Generate an unlimited number of quizzes, exams, and tests with an unlimited number of answers and answer choices.

Accordingly, Quiz Maker is the best WordPress Quiz plugin for its high-level features. Correspondingly, online quizzes made via the Quiz Maker plugin will fulfill a lot of essential marketing criteria.

  • The Buzzfeed style of quizzes boosts traffic and user engagement organically.
  • Your audience automatically gets interested because of the engaging content. For example, via the WordPress Quiz Plugin, you can generate quizzes with advanced leaderboards.
  • Grow your email marketing list via the “Send Mail to User”, “Mailchimp Integration”, and “Email Configuration” Quiz Maker tools.
  • Quizzes can also bring traffic to your social media. With the Quiz Maker, all you need to do is just turn on the “Social Share Buttons”.

Why Do People Love BuzzFeed Quizzes?


Knowledge – Online quizzes are very popular. Why? Because everyone wants to learn more about themselves. Discovering new details, facts, or nuances of your personality will always be fun for each quiz taker. The title plays a key role in such quizzes. Mostly, the Buzzfeed questionnaires in their titles include the word “you” to address the user directly.

Connectivity – There are tons of quiz types, that engage people to pass the questionnaire. What is amazing about Buzzfeed-style tests, is that people tend to share their quiz results directly on their social media. This type of quiz allows for being social and brings new traffic to your web platform. Sharing information about interests helps to target a more exact audience for your brand.

Fun – The Buzzfeed quizzes make an impression of a game where as a result you “win” a piece of information about yourself. There are numerous categories that can be explored through these types of quizzes. This is a great illustration of a light and fun way of entertainment. Also, the Buzzfeed quizzes help to distract people from their tedious tasks and work duties.

What Do You Need to Create Buzzfeed Quizzes for Your WordPress Website?

As I have noted, there are tons of WP plugins with useful features, and sometimes it may be hard to choose the perfect fit for your expectations. First and foremost to create a Buzzfeed quiz you will need the right WordPress quiz plugin – Quiz Maker.

The foremost thing to consider when choosing a plugin for your website’s interactive content is the style and type of questionnaires you want to build. There are plugins, which are more flexible compared to others. The Quiz Maker is fully-customizable. Within this plugin, you will find 30+ style options. What is more, within this plugin every user can add their own customizations. This WordPress tool provides a CSS field.
After passing your quiz all the responders will be able to get real-time results, or you can ask the responder to fill in their email address before enabling the quiz results.

Another key point of the Buzzfeed quizzes is the social share. Very often, the quiz takers tend to share their quiz results via social media. Henceforth, bringing new traffic to your web page.

Via the Quiz Maker plugin you can easily and quickly generate quizzes like; Personality Tests, Assessment quizzes, Exams with Certificates, IQ Tests, Paid Quizzes, True or False Quizzes, Multi-page and Single-page Quizzes, Psychology Tests, Yes-or Quizzes, Viral Quizzes, Timer-Based quizzes, Quizzes with Advanced Leaderboards, Quizzes with User Restriction, This-or-That Quizzes, Diagnostic Quizzes, and of course Buzzfeed Quizzes.

So it is time to learn how to create a Buzzfeed-style quiz using a WordPress plugin.

The Quiz Maker provides intuitive and easy-to-use functionalities that will help you to generate all types of quizzes. With this plugin, you can effortlessly generate traditional Buzzfeed-style questionnaires.

How To Make a BuzzFeed Quizzes?


The first step you need to take is to install the WordPress Quiz plugin. The plugin is very user-friendly and understandable for beginners. To get a more precise idea of how each feature functionates you can check out the plugin’s documentation.

There are just a few steps you need to take to advance your WordPress website with an engaging Buzzfeed quiz.

#1: Install and activate the Quiz Maker plugin.
#2: From the WP dashboard’s sidebar menu click on the “Add New” button.
#3: Add questions and answers based on the topic you want to quiz your visitors.
#4: Define answer weights/points for each answer to make a powerful BuzzFeed-style questionnaire.
#5: Add style options to make the quiz more eye-catchy!
#6 Copy the auto-generated shortcode and paste it on your preferred page or post.
#7 Publish. Seat back and count your leads!

That’s it. A proper quiz plugin, just a few minutes and now you have a perfect lead generator.

To Sum Up…

In a conclusion, a BuzzFeed quiz is a light and fun way for web visitors’ to boost more user traffic to your website. Hence, by adding this type of quiz you will build a proper marketing strategy. Briefly, the Buzzfeed quizzes are created to be fun and simple.

Pass this quiz and find out which WordPress plugin will help you to improve your website!


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