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Bit Form: The Most Advance Contact Form Builder Plugin For WordPress

The simplest, lightest, and most sophisticated drag-and-drop contact form builder for WordPress is called Bit Form. Because of Modern UI, even a novice can develop stunning, mobile-responsive forms in a matter of minutes.

Because of Modern UI, even a novice can develop stunning, mobile-responsive forms in a matter of minutes.

Bit Form allows you to design any kind of form you require. From straightforward contact forms to intricate forms for orders, payments, calculators, etc.

When the contact form shortcode is included on the website, Bit Form loads just 10KB of JavaScript and 3KB of CSS (Sizes fluctuate with usage). It is very tuned for the web, server functionality, and page load time of your website.

Popular Influencer Mr. Janek Tuttar talks about Bit Form [WP Simple Hack]:

Bit Form key features: 

  • 40+ form fields: You may construct forms with more than 40 field kinds to suit your needs, including file and picture upload, advance file upload, phone number, signature, and many more.
  • Multi-Step: You can easily develop elegant multi-step forms using Bit Form, which will help you strengthen your connections with your visitors.
  • Signature Field: It takes only a few mouse clicks or tablet touches for your visitors to easily add their signatures to your forms using Bit Form Signature Field.
  • Advanced conditional Logic: Conditional logic is one of Bit Form’s most distinctive characteristics. You may execute actions (Success/Error message, Redirect URL, WebHook, Email notification, Integration) based on certain predefined criteria without any prior knowledge of coding.
  • Advance style editor: Use the sophisticated style editor to alter the appearance of your form. To fit the design of your website, alter the colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, padding, and margins.
  • Advance Calculation: Using our unique ‘Calculation’ function, you may set field values by carrying out intricate computations. By providing your expressions as parameters to the Calculation function, either with or without dynamic inputs, you may use Conditional Logic to get the required results.
  • Repeater Field: Creating order forms, invoicing forms, or any other form that needs many entries of the same kind of repeating data or information is made much easier using repeatable fields.
  • Form Abandonment: You may fill out the form partially and save the contact form data for submission at a later time with the partial form submission function. With partial form submission, you can still gather form data and utilize it for marketing lead generation purposes even if you don’t submit the entire form.
  • Payment Fields(Paypal, Razorpay, Stripe): Create payment forms, donation forms, order forms, and many more with ease and accept payments securely from PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay.
  • PDF Attachment with email: Create PDF documents automatically using form data, then attach them to email alerts. Make professional-looking bills, receipts, and other documents.
  • Form Scheduling: Plan the times for submitting the forms. Permit or Denying a Certain IP prohibits form submission after a certain number of entries, requires you to log in, or Disable the database entry. Additional options are also available to improve the form-building experience.
  • Block Spamming (Recaptcha v2/v3, honeypot): Bit Form’s smart anti-spam protection keeps your forms spam-free, with direct integrations for Recaptcha v2/v3 and honeypot. 
  • 50+ integrations: Bit Form has 50+ integrations with popular platforms like Google Sheets, WooCommerce, Webhook, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, ACF, and more. 
  • Analytics: Use our Analytics function to get insightful information about how well your form is performing. With the help of several filter options, you can quickly monitor form submissions over time and see your data in detailed chart views. Furthermore, examines entry field data to spot patterns and draw conclusions from user interactions.

Bit Form offers excellent features like CPT, WP-Auth, Email Notification, Custom JS/CSS editor, Double Opt-in, Custom Confirmation Message Styling, Email template, Rating field, Piping, Image Select, and built-in free SMTP.

Upcoming: Conversational Form, Standalone Form (coming soon), Survey Form/Quiz Form/Poll Form, Front End Post Edit.

Bit Form saves your form-building history, so you can easily undo or redo any changes you’ve made. This allows you the flexibility to experiment with different designs and layouts until you find the perfect form for your needs.

Bit Form Pricing:

  • Basic plan: $29/Year
  • Plus plan: $69/Year
  • Agency Plan: $99/Year
  • Bit Form LTD: $99 – $499 [Life Time]

Bit Form is a trusted and reliable form builder used by over 2,000 businesses for over 4 years.

So what are you waiting for? Try Bit Form today!

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