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WordPress SEO Plugin | Slim SEO Review

Are you a developer that needs to analyze the SEO of the website? If yes, then you are in the right place. WordPress SEO plugins are highly demanded today. They help you do web analysis, improve the website’s search engine optimization, and select better meta descriptions and titles for your articles and posts. In other words, SEO plugins help you bring more traffic to your website. Besides, you can increase the visibility of the website with the help of WordPress SEO plugins.  They are widely used today by many developers, website owners, content writers, and other specialists to boost website SEO. As there are a lot of SEO plugins, you should choose the best WordPress SEO plugins according to your needs. Slim SEO WordPress plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. It is a popular plugin among its competitors.

What is Slim SEO?

Slim SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that helps developers do website analysis. It provides you with SEO solutions. Slim SEO WordPress plugin automates all the SEO work for the website. It is a well-designed plugin. Besides, working with this plugin will be super easy. Among a lot of SEO plugins, the Slim SEO plugin differs from them with its intuitive interface, functionality, and user experience

As an SEO WordPress plugin, Slim SEO has a lot of features that will help you easily boost your website traffic and have better results while working on SEO. The Slim SEO plugin will not require professional coding skills from you as it is user-friendly and as we have already mentioned you will immediately understand its functions once you start using the plugin. 

Key Features of Slim SEO WordPress Plugin

Slim SEO WordPress plugin has a lot of functions that are going to help you improve the SEO performance of your website. The plugin manages to have more than 20.000 installations on WordPress and 4.7 out of 5-star ratings. What’s important, it will not take you much time to work with it. So, the key features of the Slim SEO WordPress plugin include the following:

  • Working with breadcrumbs – the Slim SEO WordPress plugin gives you an opportunity of outputting a breadcrumb trail on the website very easily
  • Auto Generating the meta title tags – Slim SEO provides you with the best meta title tag for your SEO score
  • Automatically generating meta description tags from the content of  posts and pages 
  • Working with meta robot tags – with the help of this feature you can decide which pages can be indexed and which pages not
  • Automatically generating XML sitemap to submit to search engines
  • Easily creating redirection rules
  • Monitoring 404 links in order to avoid broken links
  • Importing and exporting data from other popular SEO plugins
  • Auto Directing in case the slug of the post has been changed
  • Having integration with multilingual plugins such as WPML and Polylang
  • Automatically preventing scraping from content from RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication)
  • Having integration with page builder plugins such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Oxygen Builder, Zion Builder, Brizy Builder, and Bricks Builder
  • Integration with themes such as Genesis
  • Having integration with WebStories. LifterLMS, Jetpack, and WooCommerce 

Besides the above-mentioned features, Slim SEO has other good features. For example, you can work with Facebook Open Graph Tags and have well-designed shared posts there. Besides, you can also deal with Twitter Card Tags and share our posts on Twitter easily and quickly. As you understand, the Slim SEO WordPress plugin has a lot of amazing features you can make use of. As SEO is an inseparable part of every WordPress website you should pay strong attention to the choice of SEO plugins. 

How to get Started with Slim SEO

 Now, let’s understand how you can start using the Slim SEO WordPress plugin.


To install the free version of the plugin you should repeat the following steps:

  • Go to the WordPress website Dashboard
  • Find the “Plugins” section and click on it
  • In the search line type the name of the plugin – Slim SEO 
  • After finding the plugin click “Install”
  • “Activate” the Slim SEO plugin and enjoy using it.

Once you have activated the Slim SEO WordPress plugin you can already see its features. They include 

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Robots
  • Sitemaps
  • Image all text
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Schema
  • Redirection
  • And many more

After that, you can see the “Code” section where you can find the “Header Code”, “Body Code” and “Footer Code.”


In the “Social” section you can see the configurations for Facebook and Twitter images as well as some information concerning social media analytics.

You can see how the Slim SEO WordPress plugin works when you want to post an article.


The Slim SEO WordPress plugin also works well with images. For instance, It offers you alternative text. 


How Does Slim SEO Differ from Other SEO Plugins?

Slim SEO WordPress plugin differs from its competitors with its unique and powerful features.

If we point out the main features that make it unique, then they are going to be the following ones: 

  • Slim SEO has an intuitive interface
  • It provides good user-experience
  • Slim SEO is lightweight 
  • It is easy to use 
  • Slim SEO has all the features to improve your SEO performance

All in all, the Slim SEO WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution for your website. You will definitely not regret using it. 

Slim SEO Schema

Slim SEO Schema is a premium plugin that is probably the best schema plugin for WordPress. It is a powerful WordPress plugin that will help you add structure data for the posts, pages, as well as other custom post types in WordPress. This will greatly help Google understand your content better. With the help of this plugin, you can choose from the provided features to structure your website data. The features are the following:

  • Visual schema builder
  • Adding custom properties
  • Adding dynamic data
  • Diverse locations
  • All common schemas
  • All common properties

You do not need coding skills to work with this plugin. Slim SEO Schema provides you with a satisfying real-time experience. The important thing is that it is built on the ReactJS framework. It is already included in WordPress. Moreover, the premium version of the plugin is optimized for the back end, as well as for the front end of the website. This plugin works perfectly on large websites. In addition, this SEO plugin works with and without Slim SEO. 

The slim SEO Schema plugin works not only with Slim SEO but also with other SEO plugins. The dynamic data allows you to connect properties with other values, for instance, custom fields. Besides, the Slim SEO Schema WordPress premium plugin integrates with Metabox. 

Slim SEO Link Manager

Slim SEO Manager is a premium plugin that helps you scan and analyze links in the posts as well as update or fix any link you want just in a few seconds. It has a lot of features that are going to improve your SEO performance. The key features of Slim SEO Link Manager include the following:

  • Automatically suggesting links – Slim SEO Link Manager offers you relevant internal links that are based on the content of the website posts. You have the opportunity to manually search for relevant posts by keywords. Moreover, this plugin automatically suggests keywords for you automatically analyzing your content. 
  • Providing the user with real-time link reports – the slim SEO Link Manager gives you the opportunity to see internal outbound links, external outbound links as well as internal inbound links. It analyzes the website content in real-time providing you with reports of all links for the posts. They include anchor text, dofollow status, and HTTP status code. 
  • Automatically updating internal links – as you know the change in a post slug, results in a change of URL, and updating internal links manually takes a lot of time. Slim SEO Link Manager has an amazing feature that finds and updates all the links of the post when the slug is changed. All of this is done automatically. 
  • Checking broken links – the Slim SEO Link Manager checks all the links as well as reports their HTTP status automatically. 
  • Updating links – the SLim SEO Link Manager replaces a link with a new one just in a few seconds. 

Besides the above-mentioned features, the Slim SEO Link Manager has some more features that include providing reports on top-linked pages, keywords, and external links. In addition, it gives you reports on orphan pages. These are the pages that don’t have internal links, and dealing with them is pretty hard. So, Slim SEO Link Manager easily finds those links by scanning all your website posts. As in previous cases, here’s again it is done automatically. 

Benefits of Slim SEO WordPress Plugin

Slim SEO WordPress plugin has a lot of benefits that will help you improve the search engine optimization of your website. The benefits of the Slim SEO WordPress plugin are the following:

  • Slim SEO is lightweight – with the help of Slim SEO, you can improve your SEO super quickly. It is a full-featured and fast plugin and works better than other SEO plugins. So, you will not face any problems when you work with it. 
  • Slim SEO plugin doesn’t need a lot of configurations – all you need to do to start working with this plugin is to install and activate it. All the tasks of SEO are automatically done so there is no need for configurations to work with the plugin. 
  • Slim SEO WordPress plugin has high-quality code – the code is created by WordPress developers that have been working in this sphere for more than fifteen years.

As you understand, the Slim SEO plugin is not complicated. It is a simple yet powerful plugin. While other SEO plugins have a bunch of options that will confuse you, the Slim SEO WordPress plugin will help you easily and intuitively work with it and enjoy the process. 

Pricing of Slim SEO

The Slim SEO WordPress plugin is free. The premium plugin Slim SEO Schema has some paid plans. The price of the plans that the Slim SEO Schema premium plugin offers you  is the following:

  • Personal – 39$
  • Agency – 79$
  • Freelance – 59$

Final Thoughts

So, in this article, we discussed the Slim SEO WordPress plugin. As you saw it is multifunctional but at the same time an easy-to-use plugin. Slim SEO WordPress plugin has a lot of features that will be beneficial to your website. 

The key features included autogenerating meta titles, tags, and descriptions. Besides, you have the opportunity of setting redirection rules, automatically generate XML sitemaps, import and export data from other SEO plugins, and many more.

The Slim SEO WordPress plugin works with 404 links to keep your website far from broken links. With the help of the Slim SEO WordPress plugin, you will easily and quickly boost your website SEO score. This plugin has many integrations with:

  • page builder plugins
  • multilingual plugins 
  • and many other plugins

The Slim SEO WordPress plugin has a very intuitive interface and provides the user with a great user experience. As you saw, this plugin automates all the SEO work for you. With the help of this plugin, you will bring more traffic to your website thus improving also your business performance. 

We also discussed the Slim SEO Schema premium plugin which can be a great help in case you want to add structure data to the posts, pages, and other custom post types of your website. 

As you remember it works well for large websites. In addition, you can easily connect the properties with different types of values. As you see, this is also a powerful plugin to work with. 

So, hurry up and start using the Slim SEO WordPress plugin to be on the top page of search engines. 

Was the article useful? don’t forget to check more SEO tools that you can make use of.

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