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Differences Between Organic and Paid Marketing

Have you ever wondered what the main difference between organic and paid marketing is? Also, why do people distinguish those?

Well, in this article, we will find everything related to these two primary types of marketing. Make everything, including similarities, differences, as well as pros & cons, clear for you.

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

What is Marketing?

Let’s start at the very beginning. What is marketing?

Marketing essentially is a whole process of delivering value to the target market in order to meet customers’ needs, wants & expectations and make sales for the business that result in profit. It is more than just tactics to sell the product. It is the art of delivering and positioning products and services in the best light, highlighting their unique selling points.

In this competitive industry, marketing is especially important if businesses want to make profits and expand. Here are the main reasons why you would need to know more and pay extra attention to marketing strategy:

  • Grow & Expand your business’s visibility driving traffic from different platforms,  you can start your marketing journey by leveraging promotional activities like you can create a flyer, poster, brochure, and many more and then distributing them in your target area.
  • Make a well-known brand out of your business
  • Utilize unlimited opportunities for digital marketing to reach an international audience
  • Learn & Grow as an expert
  • Grow sales improve revenue levels, and help businesses get better return-on-investment
  • Digital Marketing is a cost-effective way of getting results
  • While creating a strategy, helps you to understand current market trends, demands, and your target audience even better

Generally, having basic knowledge about marketing is beneficial for everyone as it can even help you to position yourself properly when you want to get the desired result.

Now that we are clear on the concept and purpose of marketing, it is time to dive into its two main fields, Organic Marketing and Paid Marketing, to understand the main differences between them.

What is Organic Marketing? 

So, first of all, let’s get clear on what organic marketing is. 

Organic marketing is all about unpaid marketing tactics to achieve the marketing objective. It aims to build loyalty, improve site traffic, and is a more long-term strategy than a paid one. 

Main Types:

  • Blogs are one of the most vivid examples of organic marketing types. You can start a blog and post content related to your business & services. Not only will you get to share your expertise, but also you will provide more value and grow an audience. 
  • Social Media platforms. You can utilize social media platforms to build a content strategy & plan in order to post and promote your brand regularly. 
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is yet another example of organic marketing. Through SEO, you can aim to optimize your site content, including blog posts for search engines, in order to rank higher in SERPs.
  • Social Media posts based on content plan & strategy to build up a loyal and engaged audience. 

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Tips for Better Organic Marketing

Let’s move on to some tips & tricks that will help you to boost organic marketing results. 

  •  Hire ghostwriters and Publish content regularly on your blog and social media platforms, and remain consistent
  • Use the Buffer social media tool or a Buffer alternative to plan and schedule your posts for different social media platforms.
  • Start a YouTube channel and, once again, keep consistency 
  • Publish relevant content. For instance, publishing blog posts related to the fashion industry will not be relevant if your business provides IT services. Be niche specific & provide value. 
  • SEO optimizes your content
  • Analyze results regularly and come up with improvements to add to your strategy 
  • Write guest posts – these are basically posts that you post on blogs other than your own. 
  • Make your content mobile-friendly, as many users will access your content from different devices, most of which will be mobile devices. So, the responsiveness of your content to different screen sizes is truly vital nowadays. 

What is Paid Marketing?

Paid marketing is a marketing strategy that implements paid tactics and advertising within. 

Simply put, it can be the same social media posts but targeted for a specific audience and paid.

Main Types:

  • Paid search marketing – usually done by Google Ads and YouTube ads to appear in the SERPs of the users.
  • Social media marketing paid posts & ads.
  • Display marketing – ads in the form o banners  that are displayed on various websites and work on a pay-per-click basis. Traditional display advertising, such as eye-catching banners in high-traffic areas, can be seamlessly integrated with digital strategies by generating QR codes that, when scanned, direct potential customers to online platforms where they can explore and take advantage of digital offerings.
  • Influencer marketing, which has gained popularity throughout recent years, is another form of paid marketing. It won’t work with every product, but it proves to work well as an influencer’s audience trusts the person they are following. 

Tips for Better Paid Marketing

Now, let’s take a look at the tips that will greatly improve your organic marketing. 

  • Showcase the features of your products as benefits in Google and YouTube ads 
  • Build landing pages that look visually pleasing, and incorporate dynamic & interactive elements
  • Make sure to place call-to-action buttons accordingly 
  • Analyze past results and statistics to make improvements in the current strategy 

Similarities and Differences between Organic & Paid Marketing

Now it is time for us to review the similarities and differences between these two. 


  • Both are types of marketing 
  • Both aim to create tactics to achieve the overall marketing objective.
  • You need a strategy for both of them if you want to achieve optimal results. 
  • Both of these require you to know who your target audience is and do market research beforehand. 

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  • Paid Marketing is aimed at short-term results, while organic marketing is meant for the long term.
  • Organic marketing, in most cases, is free or requires relatively lower investments.
  • Paid marketing generates faster results. Meanwhile, organic one relies on building up the trust of the audience and engaging them. 
  • Organic marketing requires more time investments, as you would have to create an SEO strategy content plan for blog and social media channels, etc. 

Pros & Cons | Organic Marketing Vs. Paid Marketing

So, okay, we have reviewed the similarities and differences as well. Now what? Well, now it is time to clarify the pros and cons of each type.

It is vital to understand that both of these types of marketing are important for overall success. However, each of them comes with its ups and downs. And when you are aware of potential challenges, it is easier to come up with optimal solutions.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. 

Organic Marketing

Let’s start out with organic marketing. Down below, you can see the main benefits and drawbacks of organic marketing. 


  • Organic marketing is free in terms of money.
  • It will help you to build a loyal audience over time and an audience that is engaged & interested in what you post. Also, an audience who may potentially become your client and bring your business revenue. 
  • Organic marketing helps you to build Customer Relationships 
  • It quill help you to boost visibility and establish credibility 


  • It is costly in terms of time, as it takes a lot of time to build up a loyal audience. So in terms of time, it is quite time-consuming. 
  • Organic marketing is not targeted; technically, you SEO optimize and aim for niche-specific audiences. However, you do not have advanced targeting options. 
  • For bigger brands, it is labor intensive and comes in handy with labor costs. Well, as one person, you cannot manage all blog posts and social media posts, plus providing the services alone, so you should hire more people to fulfill it. 

Paid Marketing 

Now it is time to review the main advantages and disadvantages of paid marketing. 


  • If the targeting is done right, a paid advertisement almost instantly gives results. 
  • Paid marketing helps to generate lots of deals and further work with them to turn them into real-time customers. 
  • It is perfect for short-term results. 
  • Also, paid marketing is measurable. You can easily do A/B testing, and you also can 


  • It is paid. Therefore you need a marketing budget. 
  • Order to give results requires powerful targeting because if targeting is not right, it won’t give results. 
  • Even though you generate a good amount of leads, leads generated from organic marketing yet remain more high-quality. 

Which one to choose? 

At the end of the day, we should indeed mention that you should not choose. Both of them are necessary parts of a wholesome marketing strategy to achieve marketing objectives.

As discussed previously, organic marketing is meant for long-term growth, audience building, and engagement.

Meanwhile, paid marketing is aimed at short-term goal achievement, and engagement boost, lead generation. 

Organic marketing builds loyalty and manages client relationships, while paid marketing drives sales.

So, with the successful implementation of both of these, you will definitely be able to achieve your goals.

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