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3 Best WordPress Search Plugins

Good search plugins are an inseparable part of almost every website. It becomes more important when you run for example an online store and you should provide a good user experience. Or maybe you have made a WordPress website or blog and you need your visitors to easily find the information related to posts, products, or pages they need. In this case, the best search plugins come to help you. 

In this article, we will talk about the 3 Best WordPress Search plugins that will help you boost your sales and be beneficial to your business.

Best Search Plugins

1. Smart WooCommerce Search


The Smart WooCommerce Search is the first plugin we are going to review. It is quite a popular plugin. The Smart WooCommerce Search plugin has more than 10.000 installations on WordPress and a lot of good reviews. Besides, it is one of the best WooCommerce Ajax search plugins. With the help of the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin, you can easily boost your sales. 

Main Features

Thanks to Ajax features your customers will find the necessary products. Besides, you have the opportunity to completely customize the smart search. If you look at the demo version of the plugin. you will see that it is well-designed. This plugin is mobile-friendly, so you can provide an excellent user experience for mobile users. 

Moreover, Smart WooCommerce Search has integration with WooCommerce Product Search which is one of the best search engines and can help you improve user experience.

Smart WooCommerce Search plugin has the following main features:

  • Searching in product categories and tags 
  • Multiplying word search
  • Allowing or disallowing searching in selected product categories
  • Searching by product SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Integration into default search widgets
  • Searching results with the images and prices

Besides the above-mentioned features, the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin also offers multisite support, and compatibility with Elementor which can help you create unique and beautiful pages using a visual editor.  

Additionally, the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin has compatibility with DIVI, which is a very popular WordPress theme that offers a website-building platform.

Free VS Pro

The Smart WooCommerce Search plugin has two plans: free and premium.

With the free plan you will have the following features:

  • Search by SKU
  • Allowed-disallowed product categories
  • Search in categories and tags

Whereas the Pro plan of the plugin offers you a bunch of features you can make use of. Besides already mentioned features of the free plan, the paid plan also has the following features:

  • Search in product attributes, product brands, 
  • Add to cart button
  • Product Labels
  • Search in custom taxonomies, custom post types, and custom fields
  • Search in variations
  • Advanced caching

Moreover, the Pro plan of the Smart WooCommerce Search plugin has compatibility with Polylang and WPML. They are considered some of the best WordPress translation plugins, so you will only benefit from using this plan. Besides, the premium plan has an option for “Stop words”, which means that you can set a list of words that should be excluded from search terms. 

Moreover, with the help “Synonyms” option, you can enter a list of synonyms for the chosen words that are likely to be searched by your visitors. That is, the visitor may write the words with misspellings, but, in the end, customer will find the necessary product.


The Smart WooCommerce Search plugin offers you a free plan and a paid plan. The price for the following is 

  • Pro – 49$

2. FiboSearch


FiboSearch – Ajax Search for WooCommerce is the second-best search plugin we are going to review. It has more than 100.000 active installations on WordPress and almost five out of five ratings.

Main Features

Fibo Search is a popular WooCommerce product search plugin. This plugin allows you to do an advanced search with live suggestions. The fiboSearch plugin works super fast and is mobile friendly. 

Here are the main features of the FiboSearch plugin:

  • Searching by the product name
  • Searching by the product description,
  • Searching by SKU
  • Searching by the product attributes, tags, categories, brands, etc
  • The search engine that works fast with more than 100.000 products
  • Search for posts and pages
  • Showing product image, price, and description in live searches
  • Mobile-friendliness 
  • Multilingual support which includes Polylang, WPML, and qTranslate-XT
  • Google Analytics Support

The FiboSearch plugin is super easy to use and is a very helpful tool. It is trusted by thousands of users.

Free VS Pro

The FiboSearch WooCommerce search plugin comes with two plans: free and premium.

Of course, the premium version offers you more options to make use of. However, the free version also gives you broad opportunities to benefit from the plugin. 

The free version of the plugin offers you autocomplete search, whereas the pro version gives you access to updates and technical support.

The premium version of the FiboSearch WooCommerce search plugin offers you the option of searching by product description, product name, tags, brands, and so on. Whereas, in the case of the free version there is a limitation. 

What concerns the appearance both versions offer you displaying the price, SKU, product image, product short description, color management, etc.

Another important feature of FiboSearch Pro is its speed. It has a different search engine which is based on the inverted data structure. This engine works under special SHORTINIT WordPress mode, which means that there is no need for the query to load unnecessary files that include plugins, themes, or WordPress core files. It doesn’t matter how many plugins you have, the search process becomes fast thanks to this function. 

When mentioning other features of the FiboSearch plugin it is important to say that the free version has the options of voice search, darkened background, Google Analytics Support, etc. It is your choice to decide which plan is preferable for you. In any case, the pro version has a bunch of functions you will definitely make use of. 


The FiboSearch plugin has a free version and paid plans. The price for the paid plans is the following:

  • Personal – 49 $ annually
  • Entrepreneur – 89 $ annually
  • Agency – 199 $ annually

The FiboSearch plugin also offers you a lifetime plan. The price for the following is: 

  • Personal – 249 $
  • Entrepreneur – 389 $
  • Agency – 899 $

3. Ivory Search


Ivory Search is the third search plugin we are going to review. It is also a popular plugin. Ivory Search plugin has more than 90.000 installations on WordPress and almost five out of five ratings. With the help of the Ivory Search plugin, you can easily customize WordPress search, as well as unlimited search forms. 

Main Features

Ivory Search has a lot of features you can make use of. So, the main features of the Ivory Search plugin include:

  • Searching images, files, and attachments
  • Searching WooCommerce products
  • Search by using AJAX search
  • Searching shortcode contents
  • Creating an unlimited number of search forms
  • Searching TablePress shortcode contents
  • Performing faster searches with an inverted index-based search engine

Besides the above-mentioned features, Ivory Search also gives you an opportunity of customizing search forms using the customizer. It has integrations with Weglot, Polylang, WPML, WooCommerce, etc. Additionally, this plugin supports multilingual search. 

Free VS Pro

The Ivory Search plugin has a free plan, as well as premium plans. The free plan has the following features:

  • Searching the whole or partial word
  • Searching specific content on the site
  • Excluding specific content from the search
  • Searching in the title, description, or caption of the image, as well as attachments
  • Displaying search forms anywhere on the site 
  • Configuring each search form separately

With the free plan, you can also search posts that have any or all the specified taxonomy terms, search WooCommerce products, and so on. This plan provides you with lifetime support and updates.

The Premium plan of the Ivory Search plugin has the features included in the free plan and also the following options:

  • Searching specific author posts
  • Searching posts having specific post status
  • Ordering search results posts
  • Excluding posts that have specific custom fields or metadata
  • Excluding specific author posts from the search

Besides, the Pro plan offers you 1 year of priority support and 1 year of updates. You can also make use of its functions such as excluding posts from searches that have specific post status, etc. 

The Ivory Search plugin has also a Pro Plus plan. This plan has all the features of the Starter and Pro plan, as well as the following ones:

  • Searching WooCommerce products by SKU
  • Searching base word of searched keyword using Keyword Stemming
  • Searching images, attachments, and media having specific file type

Thanks to this plan you can also exclude ‘out of stock’ WooCommerce products from search as well as images, attachments, and media file types from the search. The Pro Plus plan has 1 year of priority email, forum & help center support and 1 year of updates. 


Ivory offers you free and paid plans. The price for the following is:

  • Pro – 19.99$ annually
  • Pro Plus – 49.99$ annually

Besides the annual plans, it also has one-time plans. The price for the following is:

  • Pro – 99.99$ annually
  • Pro Plus – 189.99$ annually

Summing up

So, in this article, we discussed the best search plugins. Nowadays, these plugins are highly demanded as there are many online shop owners and developers that must provide an excellent user experience. 

There are many search plugins having a bunch of functions that can be beneficial to you. However, you should choose the best search plugins to meet the needs of your customers and boost your business performance. In case you have problems with pages and face error 404 you can use plugins to solve the issue, such as All 404 Pages Redirect To Homepage plugin.

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