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WooCommerce Product Filters Plugin by Barn2 Review

With the growth of your WooCommerce store, it may include thousands of different items for sale. So, it is quite difficult for clients to find their preferred product in the whole big catalog on your website. For this reason, product filters have a vital role to lead clients to the exact item they are looking for very easily and fast. Through these filters, they are able to browse your WooCommerce store products according to their own preferences. So, as long as the searching and filtering process is quite simple, the clients will return to your store based on their great experience. Thus, if you want to have a well-prepared, professional, and user-friendly online store, then it is time to know about the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin developed by Barn2.

Surely, WooCommerce is a powerful plugin offering filtering options, too. Yet, they are not as flexible as the filtering system available in this plugin. So, this article will reveal the most helpful options of the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin.

WooCommerce Product Filters plugin by Barn2

How to Get Started With WooCommerce Product Filters Plugin?

Having this plugin on your website will enable you to add high-quality product filters to your online store. Coming up with hundreds of handy and user-friendly filters the plugin totally replaces the WooCommerce default filters. So, now, it is time to know how to get started with the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin:

Step 1 

You need to install the plugin and configure the main options in the “Settings” section. Or else, you are free to use the plugin’s default options.

Step 2

After that, you should create filter groups with as many filters as you wish.

Filter Groups by WooCommerce Product Filters Plugin

Step 3

After creating the product filters it is time to determine where you should display them on your website. Here you have 3 methods:

  • Choosing a filter group in the “Settings” page and displaying the filter above the lists of products within the WooCommerce store.
  • Adding filter groups to any sidebar widget on your website.
  • Displaying filters with shortcodes on any part of your website (e.g. on pages designed using Elementor or Gutenberg blocks).

Main features

Barn2’s WooCommerce Product Filter plugin offers various filtering options, WooCommerce filter by attribute, and many more other features. This is an advanced plugin enabling your online store customers to add color, taxonomy, price, WooCommerce category filters, etc. The process is very simple and fast. Moreover, it approves the best user experience on your online store. The users can easily filter their desired items and find what they need instantly. It is a fast and smooth shopping process that will bring back your clients to your WooCommerce store over and over again.

So, the main features of the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin are:

  • Filter styles:
    • Size
    • Color
    • Category
    • Taxonomies
    • Attributes
    • Rating
    • Discount
WooCommerce Product Filters demo
  • 10 filter types:
    • Dropdowns
    • Labels
    • Images
    • Color swatches
    • Checkboxes
    • Radio buttons 
WooCommerce Product Filters Demo
  • 2 layout options 
    • Vertical is more suitable for sidebar widgets
    • Horizontal is perfect for dropdowns above the list of products
  • 2 filter modes
  • Instant filtering option with AJAX
Conditional logic
  • Shortcode for configuring filters in any part of your website
  • Show/ Hide filters 
  • Show/ Hide product count
  • 100% mobile-friendliness
Responsive Interface


Compatibility with 7 other WooCommerce plugins developed by Barn2

Shop Demo With Product Filters
Online Restaurant With Product Filters
  • Protected Categories for WooCommerce plugin locks selected product categories for certain users and user roles. Even it creates a secret password for the WooCommerce categories.
  • Private Store for WooCommerce – helps to completely lock your online store for the public. It will still be unlocked for logged-in users or for those who have a secret access password.
  • WooCommerce Wholesale Pro – provides a hidden area that is accessible only to wholesale users with registration, B2B discounts, quick order forms, and roles.
  • Quick View Pro – is a perfect way to speed up the shopping process by quickly previewing the items in the lightbox.
  • Fast Cart – is used to speed up the final purchasing process. On one page, your store clients will quickly filter the products, then add the preferred ones to their carts, and make the payment in a popup cart and checkout.

Main Benefits

The plugin has many advantages to benefit from. Along with the enhanced user experience on your online store, you may design a very comfortable shopping process for mobiles. As well as you can choose mobile and desktop filters. Also, there are different ways to display these filters. You may showcase them on the top of the products, on the side, or in the side out panel that is highly responsive.

Filter Options

The setup process is conducted instantly through the setup wizard. The majority of featured WooCommerce product filters are pre-installed. These are designed to help you get started with ease. Also, the filters are combined in groups. So, you are able to add different filter combinations to your WordPress site pages.

Besides, you may confidently use the plugin with any WooCommerce theme. The plugin’s minimalistic design will greatly amaze you.

One of the best advantages of this plugin is that it is highly beginner-friendly. Meanwhile, it has perfect functionality for developers.

No matter what size your product catalog is the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin has a special indexing system for filtering. Moreover, as each product filter option has its unique URL, you may link to the set filters to ease the Search Engine Indexing process.

Besides, if you have customers from all over the world then you can easily translate the filters. The WooCommerce Product Filters plugin works with 3 major translation plugins:

Other Benefits

One more important advantage of this plugin is that it will show only valid filter options for the products available on the current page. In this case, your store customers will not be annoyed seeing various empty filters. Besides, they are allowed to complete faceted search by selecting a filter for more than 1 attribute or category at the same time. Furthermore, the filters depend on one another due to the advanced logic. So, when the customer selects one filter, the options of other valid filters are automatically updated in a second. This feature is more result-orientated moving the clients to the exact point to purchase their desired item.

Along with all these functional advantages and provided features, the plugin stands out with its helpful knowledge base, demo page, step-by-step video tutorials, and how-to guides, as well as a setup guide to help you get started with the plugin quickly. 

Yet, if you have other questions or simply face an issue while using this plugin, then you are free to contact the customer support team. Their friendly staff will deliver the answer as fast as possible.


There are two paid plans available for this plugin:

  • One Plugin – the cost for one site is $79. This is a great choice for users who are not going to change the item layout and only need to add filters. Also, the plan includes advanced product filters that can be added anywhere on your website. As well as you will be able to create filters for any product data type.
  • Two Plugin Bundle – the cost for one site is $129. This plan is beneficial for those who want to list products with filters in a 1-page order form. You can do this with the WooCommerce Product Table integration. The plan includes all the features listed for the One Plugin package plus the product tables function for presenting the store items in an order form to boost conversions.

After purchasing one of these paid plans, you will get a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Wrapping Up

So, this product filtering plugin will help you to approve the enhanced customer experience on your online store. The easier and faster your customers choose an item from your product catalog the more conversions you will receive on your WooCommerce store. 

The article discussed one of the most famous and effective product filters WooCommerce plugins. By activating this easy-to-use, feature-rich, and advanced plugin, you will be able to deliver a personalized shopping process for your store customers, increase the catalog items views, etc.  Thus, the personalized and simple UX and boosted conversions provided by the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin will increase your sales by encouraging the shoppers to return to your shop for more orders.

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