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How to Create Advanced Forms Using Quform Plugin 

WordPress forms are an essential addition to your website regardless of its processing sphere. Whether it is a personal blog or a business website, your WP users seek reliable usage and most importantly secure communication. To make the form-building process smoother you may highly benefit from WP form plugins. There is a big list of WordPress form creator plugins. Yet, among all the premium form maker plugins for WordPress site, we recommend using the Quform plugin. So, in this article, we will try to reveal all the valuable functionalities of this plugin. We promise, that due to its advanced functionalities, it is the all-in-one WordPress form builder plugin you will ever need for your website.

Why Do You Need to Add WordPress Form Builder Plugin to Your Site?

Today almost all websites use different forms serving a certain purpose. There are a bunch of advantages to adding forms to WordPress sites. First and foremost is making the user communication experience smoother and more pleasant. Moreover, there are many spam protection options available in the WordPress form builder plugin. This means that your site users do not have to fill out various captcha types. Also, the visitors are able to upload or attach different files to make the communication purpose clearer. 

There are different types of forms, such as contact, account, newsletter sign-up, as well as customer feedback forms, and many more others.

To build amazing forms on your WordPress site you can use the Quform plugin’s professional and advanced tools.

What is the Quform Plugin?

Quform Plugin Review 2022

Quform is a WordPress premium plugin that comes in handy if you want to build amazing forms on your site. Working with this plugin will greatly save your time. As it puts together all the valuable features and options to customize the forms according to your needs.

So, the Quform plugin is presented on CodeCanyon. It is the customers’ favorite WordPress form maker plugin scoring more than 31,000 sales and 2,3K 5-stars on this platform.

Being always updated the plugin comes in handy to build unique forms by saving expenses and efforts. Its interface is very user-friendly. Due to its drag-and-drop features, you can easily implement customized and even multiple forms with full control on your website without knowing any of the programming languages or hiring a developer. 

Quform Plugin – Innovative Features

Quform Plugin Features

After the recent updates, the Quform form builder plugin comes up with a bunch of newly added features. Now it contains all the necessary options to make the user experience easier. Here you will reveal some of the innovative features of the Quform plugin:

  • WordPress multi page form
  • Migration tool
  • Entries editing
  • Moving Submit button element
  • Notifications for Conditional logic, Confirmation system, and adding Attachment 
  • Unlimited number of emails per each submission
  • Right-to-left languages support
  • Form entries labeling system
  • Enhanced performance
  • Background images and icons added on Checkbox and Radio elements
  • 19 element types included 
  • Support for Magnific Popup and Fancybox 2 
  • Export option directly to .html, .xlsx, .csv, .xls, .ods formats
  • Timepicker and Kendo UI Datepicker support
  • CSRF protection

Quform Elements

In addition to its main function, the Quform plugin enables the website owners to use these elements in the form building:

  • Text and Text area
  • Email address 
  • Name
  • Date &Time
Form Element Examples
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Menu selection
  • Multiple selections
  • File attachment and upload
Form Element Examples
  • Password
  • Captcha and invisible reCaptcha for WordPress
  • HTML
  • Column layouts
  • “Submit” button
  • Groups
Form Element Examples

As you see, you can build the whole structure of a form including all the needed fields for any purpose. In this case, you do not need to install or activate any other tool to add your preferred items to the form. All the features are included in this all-in-one plugin.

Styling Options

Quform plugin developers think not only about providing a highly functional tool for WordPress form creation, but also they care for easy but unique styling options. Moreover, they provide an advanced form theming system that enables you to use Quform’s existing themes, benefit from other users’ created themes, or even make your own theme for a certain form. The plugin gives complete flexibility to utilize many styling and layout options available.

Here are some of the WP form styler items:

  • 11 pre-made themes
  • Ready-made Bootstrap theme
  • 3 label layouts
  • Different button styles and animations
  • Easy form color and element size modification
  • Custom CSS and classes to elements
  • FontAwesome integration
  • Radio buttons and Checkbox styles
  • Color customization with Color Picker
  • qTip2 Tooltips with available 12 styles, etc.

All these functions are added to assist you to create a form with just a few clicks in the easiest way.

Main Benefits of the Quform Form Maker Plugin

Taking into account all the mentioned features, let’s count the benefits you will receive after activating the Quform WordPress forms builder plugin.

  • Drag and Drop Features: As it has an advanced and simple user interface and drag & drop features, you can create your forms without the help of a developer. So, you do not need to have HTML or PHP knowledge to generate forms for WordPress. 
  • Responsiveness: Besides, the plugin stands out with its mobile-friendliness. So, these responsive forms for WordPress will perform perfectly on any device.
  • Translation-ready: If you have visitors from all over the world you do not need to be worried about the form translation. Quform is totally translation-ready. 
  • Conditional logic: With sophisticated conditional logic options, the plugin can show or hide some questions based on the visitor’s answers. This is a great option to present a more advanced and personalized experience to your clients.
  • 3 main free add-ons: Quform offers free integrations with Mailchimp (marketing automation), Zapier (workflow automation), and WPML (WordPress multilingual forms)
  • Seamless integrations with GetResponse, BuddyPress, MailerLite, Zoho CRM, Google Analytics, Geolocation, etc.
  • All the submitted entries can be viewed in the WP Admin Dashboard. 
  • Quform enables resending the submitted data through the entered email address. 
  • Attaching important files: the applicant may attach the needed materials to the form easily. 
  • Auto-reply: To keep visitors updated the form automatically sends the reply to the client’s email. This is to inform them that the form has been successfully received. 
  • 6 additional filters to remove unwanted data.
  • Import/Export features
  • 15 optional validators to require the needed user data
  • Spam prevention through Honeypot, Image, and ReCaptcha
  • Full compatibility with the updated version of WordPress

Along with all these benefits, website owners may highly enjoy the plugin’s quick support service in case of any issues or questions.

Quform Pricing

The Quform plugin’s pricing is also very beneficial as compared with all the valuable functionalities it provides. You just need to pay a one-time fee of $29 for a regular license to use the plugin on 1 site. Or else, you can choose the extended license by paying $145. The latter is ideal if the end user pays to utilize the end product.

Yet, in case the plugin does not fulfill all your expectations you may process a refund without any hassle.

The plugin is available for purchase in the Envato market. You can make the payment via Skrill, PayPal, Envato credit, or with all major credit cards.

Quform plugin pricing

Wrapping up

To wrap up the above-mentioned thoughts, we would like to mention that Quform is the most reliable and cheapest option to build unlimited forms on your website. Its many benefits such as beginner-friendliness, multiple form creation, fast and easy usage, conditional logic, preview options, etc. make Quform the only WordPress form maker plugin you will ever need to activate on your website. The only disadvantage we have found in this plugin is the lack of a multi-site license. Otherwise, the plugin perfectly works on your WordPress site to build such forms as:

  • Contact forms for easy and secure communication.
  • Surveys to collect valuable data from your visitors or know how your business is doing.
  • Job application forms to inform your website users that you are hiring this or that specialist. These forms will enable qualified applicants to submit for the job announcement and upload their CVs for quick interaction.
  • Feedback forms to ask your clients just a few questions about your provided services.

In fact, there are many other form types that can be created with this plugin. So, all you should do is activate this plugin and enjoy its seamless functions on your WordPress site.

Also, one more thing we want to draw your attention to, is that before going live don’t forget to preview WordPress website, this refers also to your new-built forms.

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