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3 Best AppSumo Apps for eCommerce Website

In the era where everything is tending to be digital and online eCommerce is on the move. If you operate an eCommerce business of any scale, you will know that no matter how many people work on the business or how much effort and time you put into it, it never seems to be enough to keep your store on top. You have to build an online store, source products, make everything eye-catching, market to your target audience, build traffic, manage your inventory, support your customers, and many more. Therefore, you need to take advantage of any technology that can ease these processes for you. Namely, you need to make use of proper apps for your store. That is why we have compiled in this article the best apps for eCommerce.

We have done thorough research in one of the top-rated and highly ranking platforms – AppSumo, and have singled out the top 3 AppSumo Apps that are must-haves for an eCommerce website.

Let’s get down to our top list.

1. Tagmate – Automate Web Tagging


Google Analytics is integral to tracking website performance as it measures visitors’ movement across websites and apps. To achieve this, setting up tags accurately & correctly for various vendors is critical. But the challenge arises due to the tough, time-consuming, and effort-taking tagging process.

By 1st July 2023 GA4 will completely replace UA, so migrating the website/app from UA to GA4 is one more thing website owners shouldn’t put off. Tag Migration is demanded but at the same time exhausting and time-consuming, it can turn into a real nightmare for non-tech-savvy website owners without help from tech resources.

This is where Tagmate comes into play. Tagmate is a low-code SaaS tool designed to facilitate tag management across web tagging and marketing pixels with the help of pre-built industry templates and reduced dependency on tech teams.

Some of the use cases of Tagmate are:

  • A marketing manager wants to implement Google Ads or Facebook Ads marketing pixels on their website in a matter of minutes without going back and forth with their developers.
  • A web analyst wants to migrate their existing Universal Analytics (GA3/UA) tags to the new GA4 tags error-free without the help of a specialist.
  • A product manager wants to get started on tracking analytics on their website but does not know all possible and available tracking opportunities and where to start.
  • A web development or marketing agency wants to set up tracking for their multiple client websites and monitor the data accuracy of the setup in an automated workflow.
  • A website owner is fed up with too many bugs in their existing messy GTM setup and needs 24/7 monitoring of their setup and accurate GA reporting.

Tagmate drives efficiency and accuracy by

  • Taking less than 5 min to set up tracking in the Tagmate App.
  • Automating the configuration of variables, triggers, and tags in GTM.
  • Auto-configuring custom dimensions for data collection in GA.

Main Features

  • GA4 Setup with Pre-built Event templates: 40+ pre-built industry templates, such as e-commerce add-to-cart, page scroll tracking, page load time tracking, video views, and more.
  • One-click UA to GA4 Migration: Allows quick one-click migration of an existing UA/GA3 setup with pageview and event tags to a new GA4.
  • Marketing Pixels Setup: Tagmete allows the implementation of Google Ads or Facebook Ads marketing pixels on the website without much time, effort, and developers’ help.
  • Server-Side Tagging: Provides enhanced website performance and data security
  • GA/GA4 Tracking Extension: The Chrome extension allows tracking user interaction on the website with a simple click of a mouse and saves it as a Google Analytics tag.


Tagmate offers a single lifetime pricing plan that is super affordable. The cost of a one-time purchase is $99 and you get lifetime access to Tagmate and its unlimited features. This plan is a single plan, you buy only one code for 1 User Login/Website and you get:

  • Unlimited Tag Migration from UA to GA4
  • 20 UA and GA4 templates
  • 20 Pixels for Marketing Platforms
  • 50 Custom Events for UA and GA4 via Tagmate Tracker
  • Stack up multiple Appsumo codes to increase the scope of the website.


Tagmate App helped a number of web development and marketing agencies to set up and leverage their web tagging and marketing pixel efforts.

  • Tagmate helped AngelOne in UA to GA4 migration by saving a great deal of time and effort. Tagmate automated the UA to GA4 tags migration cycle, saved implementation efforts by 80%, and reduced costs by up to 82%.

Customer Review


“Conversion Tracking Made Easy with Tagmate”

If you are running paid ads for your business, you need to keep track of your conversion. And to accurately track your conversion, you need to use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

However, not everyone knows Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics well unless you are a developer. This is where Tagmate comes in to help you out.

I love Tagmate because:

– It simplifies the steps and makes tracking so easy that it literally only takes a few clicks.

– The founder, Ram, goes extra mile to help me and answer all my queries!

Don’t miss out on Tagmate!

  • Gideon Leong, Owner Advergreen Digital

Tagmate reduces development time and improves first-party data quality due to analytics & marketing tags set-up automation on the website with 24/7 monitoring.

Leverage Tagmate for efficiency and optimization!

2. Let’s Connect


The second app that caught our attention and deserved its place in our list of top best apps for eCommerce is Let’s Connect.

No matter how successful your service or product is, it is hard to keep constant contact with your customers and provide them with adequate support if you are running an online business. 

But what if you could enable your customers to have real-time chat, phone, or video calls directly with you or your specialist, and not with bots? This would increase customer engagement and overall positive customer experience. It is something possible if you are using Let’s Connect.

With this app, you can convert your visitors into customers with real-time live chat, phone, or video support calls. After all, which one is better? To make a deal with a bot, or to a person, who reacts and responds to your emotions and speech.

Main Features

One subscription to Let’s Connect and you will get all the solutions you’ll ever need.

  • Live Contact: Enable your customers to quickly and easily contact you by allowing them to get immediate advice via chat, phone, and video.
  • Visitor identification: Learn about your prospective customers by tracking down anonymous website users to gain more insights and leads.
  • Appointment scheduling: Follow up on your customers by scheduling meetings quickly and efficiently.
  • Screen Sharing: Utilise screen sharing to demonstrate products that require more explanation than others.
  • QR Connect: Enable your customers to contact you via QR codes and thus increase your brand loyalty.
  • Online Meeting: Set an online meeting with numerous participants involved to make up a decision together.


The app is free if you want to make use of the Live Contact Widget including live chat, phone, and video support.

Further, the app also offers flexible pricing plans with more extended features. You can choose between numerous monthly and annual plans according to your aims and budget.

Pro Plan ($169/monthly, $155/annual)

  • 5 users included
  • Unlimited number of visitor identification
  • Live-Contact through QR-code 
  • Custom branding
  • Full live support

Enterprise Plan ($1245/monthly, $1119/annual)

  • 10 users included
  • Routing
  • Advanced analytics

One more good news: the app offers a 30-day free trial for all premium plans.

3. Elementor Query Builder


The last app in our top list of best apps for eCommerce is Elementor Query Builder. 

If you have Elementor or Elementor Pro and want to build queries with custom fields on your posts and portfolio widgets, then this app is definitely what you need.

Sometimes you just need a simple solution that does the job well. That is the case with Elementor Query Builder. 

This easy-to-use and manage plugin requires no coding skills. So, if you are not skilled in coding or you are simply lazy to code, then this product is precisely for you. All you have to do is enter the data into your custom field or decide what kind of query you want to run.

Main Features

  • Enables you to use ACF fields both in the post widget and portfolio widget.
  • Build WooCommerce price query.
  • Make WooCommerce a custom field query.
  • Include featured image query.
  • Do Get & Post method query.


The plugin comes with three premium plans to choose from.

Personal ($15)

  • Single website use
  • Lifetime update
  • 3 months support

Lite ($25)

  • 3 websites use
  • Lifetime update
  • 6 months support

Heavy ($129)

  • Unlimited websites
  • Lifetime update
  • 1-year support

Do not hesitate to use the Elementor query builder plugin to enhance the power of Elementor pro’s Posts and Portfolio widget.

Wrap Up

To wrap up the above-mentioned, let’s see what are the main takeaways from this listing article of best apps for eCommerce.

First, the key to the success of having an eCommerce website that is always up is to always keep eye on your website analytics, and organize your website and your actions accordingly. This is where we recommend you make use of Tagmate. Tagmate relatively simplifies the time-consuming and from time to time difficult process of website tracking and setting up marketing tags. Using Tagmate you can save time and money by minimizing tag implementation cycles by over 75%.

The second winning card of every successful eCommerce business is constant contact with customers, More particularly real-time and real-person contact, instead of providing customer support with bots. Real communication is always highly valued by customers and always gives positive and fruitful results. That’s why we suggest using Let’s Connect app. With this app, you can convert your visitors into customers contacting and providing support with real-time live chat, phone, or video support calls.

And finally, the last must-have eCommerce app for you is Elementor Query Builder. Query Builder is designed to enhance productivity and simplify SQL query-building tasks. 

At the end of the day, each of the above-mentioned apps has good features you can benefit from. The choice is already yours on how to handle the apps and make them work for you.

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