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Best Halloween Deals for WordPress users |BoHoo | 2022 Edition

Halloween is up next! And what can we expect from the world of WordPress? Well, surprisingly enough, they have Amazingly Good Deals. 

Are you ready to shiver from the thought of how pleasant and unbelievably scary-good these deals are?

If you are, I believe it is time for us to start!


Before we start the Halloween Deals…

Before we start the actual article about the best deals, we found it necessary to share with you top-secret facts about Halloween. Are you ready to discover them?

I promise they are not scary, well, at least for us. 

So, let’s go! 

  • Halloween started first being celebrated more than 2000 years ago; can you imagine that? And actually, it was based on a Celtic festival. 
  • The scary costumes and fire are not meant to scare one another but rather scare ghosts and other creatures from the other world. 
  • In Old English dictionaries, the word “Witch” is actually used to mean Wise Woman. 
  • Halloween is the second largest commercialized holiday (in the U.S.); imagine how many kids and adults spend money on treats, costumes, and decorations! 
  • Trick or Treat, a popular Halloween celebration concept, is not a modern thing; it existed during the medieval ages.

Well, there is a lot more to discover about Halloween, but deals cannot wait for us any longer. 

Best Halloween Deals for WordPress

People love Halloween because, during this mysterious holiday, they get lots of presents and Candy. And why should WordPress users be an exception to this rule? 

This beloved holiday bought in with itself lots of scary-good deals for your WordPress website. So, if you were near wondering whether or not to get a specific plugin or theme, this is the perfect time to go and get it. 

Let it begin if you are ready for our Dark Side tour. 

DISCLAIMER: Throughout this tour, you will learn about the best WordPress plugin deals and the Best WP Theme deals available now. 

Bundle from Ays Team for You 


Now we are crossing the river of Candy to reach the very first station – Ays

Ays Team offers a whole Halloween bundle for you. Simply put, you get a huge discount on all the plugins that are within the Bundle. And sure as Hell, you will love it. 

To summarize the deal, you get a 60% discount for purchasing four extremely potent plugins that will help you level up your website and customer experience. 

The bundle comes in handy with the Survey Maker, Copy Content protection, Popup Box, and Poll Maker plugins. They offer high quality and reliability and aim to improve users’ experience from the front end. 

For instance, with the Popup Box, you can create interesting popups notifying your visitors about news, deals, or short polls by integrating a poll’s shortcode from the Poll Maker plugin. 

With Survey Maker, you can create and conduct various surveys to grab user-related data or simply provide engaging and funny experiences for the users. 

And finally, with the Copy Content Protection plugin, you will be able to protect your website content from being copied. 

Wpmet – Up to 40% Discount 

Validity period: Till Nov 8th 


Let’s move on to the next station –Wpmet.

You will definitely want to consider prolongation of your stay in this station. Why? Because Wpmet offers an amazing platform that offers lots of useful plugins, all of which are currently available at the best-discounted prices. 

For instance, GetGenie AI is available at a 30% discount rate. Not so spooky the name, right?

Well, it sounds more like your wishes are about to come true, and you are about to receive a really good deal. 

GetGenie AI is an amazing solution for content creators and marketers based on AI. It offers features for fast & reliable research of keywords for better SEO optimization, which will improve your chances of ranking higher in SERPs. Also, it offers a competition analysis tool and writing tools. 

Another plugin, Elements Kit, is quite a popular add-on for Elementor. It is meant to enhance the customization & page-building functionalities to ensure a rich experience.  

Yet this is not all; you will get good deals for many other plugins offered by Wpmet, including ShopEngine, MetForm, WP Social, and so on. 

Fluent CRM – Get 30% Off 

Validity period: October 21st – N/A


The next stop is Fluent CRM, which offers a flat 30% off from every pricing plan. 

If you haven’t heard of this plugin, then I believe that it is time you do. Fluent CRM is one of the best plugins on the CRM market available nowadays. It is a full-featured Email Marketing solution. 

So, if you plan to boost some engagement, notify clients about updates, or convert leads into real-time customers, then do not miss out on this opportunity to get Fluent CRM with a 30% discount. 

To provide you with more insight into what you will gain, here we have listed the main features of this plugin:

  • Email Campaign Management that will provide you with analytics of KPIs and post-campaign actions
  • Contact Overview & Segmentation shows the contact history & allows you to grab the necessary data to deliver personalized emails. 
  • Email marketing automation 

Besides lots of cool and, most importantly, useful features Fluent CRM is extremely easy to use, beginner-friendly, and quite affordable. 

Schema Pro – Up to 63% Discount 

Validity period: 27th Oct – 1st Nov


We will continue our tour to the Schema Pro station. 

Simply put, Schema Pro is a plugin that allows the easiest implementation of schema markup, and of course, it does not require additional coding knowledge. 

It will help you greatly improve your website’s SEO. It comes in handy with benefits such as being easy to set up & start using, having many schema types, and offering automation. 

Ghosts of the internet told us that this plugin has 4.9 out of 5-star ratings, which is an impressive result and loudly speaks about its quality & reliability. 

So if you plan to rank higher in SERPs and provide value, then do not miss out on this deal. 

Zita – Get up to 30% Off

Coupon Code: SALE2022

Validity period: 20 Oct – 5 Nov


The final destination of our Tour is – Zita.

Well, it sounds promising, yet not scary. Eh, what should I do to Boohoo you? I don’t know anymore. Everything is so sweet. 

Let’s get back to the main topic. 

Zita is a highly customizable WordPress theme. And it is one of the best theme deals on WP you will get. One of the main benefits is that it is compatible with various website builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Visual Composer.

So, if you were looking for a lightweight theme that would not take up too much space yet be customizable, Zita seems a perfect option for you. Now, you will get it with a discount. 



The tour came to an end, my dears. These were the main Halloween deals of 2022. I hope you liked it and got ready to pick up your presents if you haven’t already. 

It wasn’t that scary, was it, though? More like the whole tour was a tour in a candy river where you got great deals on each stop. 

To wrap things up, I can say that it is truly just perfect timing for you to get started with WordPress or keep using it but more efficiently by purchasing all these amazing plugins with unbelievable discounts. 

Do not forget to share this tour link with your friends and colleagues who may be fascinated by getting to know about these Halloween deals. 

Question for You 

Share in the comments section your favorite activity on Halloween!

  1. Party all night long 
  2. Treat or Trick 
  3. Walk around in creepy streets 
  4. Visit haunting houses with your friends 
  5. Prank Everyone around 

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