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Best Halloween Deals for WordPress | 2023

Knock, knock! Who is there? Halloween is coming. This is a scary season full of magic and illusions. Halloween is also the start of the largest sales and discount season. So, this is great news for WordPress users because they can buy most of their favorite plugins and themes at discounted prices. So, look at the listing below to reveal the most spooktacular Halloween deals for WordPress.

Why Use Halloween WordPress Deals and Discounts?

Halloween is a good occasion to take advantage of WordPress products whether they are hosting plans, plugins, themes, or other website-related attributes. The deals and discounts offered in this magical season are beneficial not only for WordPress product-selling companies but also for shoppers – individual website users or business owners.

Now, let’s reveal what are the main reasons to buy WordPress products on Halloween.

1. Halloween Deals are Cost-Effective

One of the first things businesses consider when buying a product is its cost. So, WordPress products that come up with Halloween offs and discounts are very cost-effective. Most developing companies use this opportunity to grow their business revenue and boost brand awareness. On the other hand, custom users reach their needed product with a lower discounted price.

2. Free Access to WordPress Products’ Pro Versions

Some of the WordPress plugins, themes, and hosting plans that do not offer a free trial period to use the Premium version before making a purchase, change this decision on Halloween. This means that they include free access to Pro features or paid add-ons in the frame of Halloween deals. In fact, this offer is among the most attractive ones. This is because it enables WordPress website users to use paid version features without paying even a little penny for it.

3. Make Website Updates

The Holiday discounts give you a seamless opportunity to make WordPress site updates. You can invest a small amount in feature-rich plugins and high-quality themes. This will greatly impact your website operation and design. So, Halloween deals will help you to refresh your WordPress site by enormously benefiting user experience on it.

4. Get WordPress Site Customization for Holidays

All of us know how it is fascinating and eye-catching to have a website designed according to a special holiday season whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. So, WordPress deals for Halloween can include a wide variety of themes, templates, graphics, or page attributes referring to the Holiday season. This is a way to make your website a desirable destination for users who might be admired and moved to conversion by your WordPress site’s festive look and design.

5. Promote Your E-Commerce Shop

Not only can you design your online shop with Halloween attributes but you are also able to offer scalable discounts on it to boost sales and generate qualified leads.

6. Try To Implement New Tools

If you were thinking about a plugin, theme, or a simple add-on but were hesitating about its success then Halloween is the right time to try its usability. In this season, you can really measure various tools’ effectiveness on your WordPress site.

7. Use WordPress Open Community

You may find an open forum and networking community on WordPress. The majority of developers share valuable information and experience about a certain field of WordPress-related product development. So, you can make great use of these platforms to inform and get familiar with the latest Halloween deals and trends to benefit from.

Best Halloween Deals for WordPress | 2023

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss some of the most significant WordPress Halloween deals for 2023 you can benefit from.

1. Ays Pro Halloween Bundle

Best Halloween Deals- Ays Pro

Ays Pro comes up with a great Halloween Bundle for 2023. This includes the Developer plans of 4 powerful plugins:

  • Survey Maker
  • Copy Content Protection
  • Popup Box
  • Poll Maker

You might wonder why you should purchase this bundle on Halloween. So, if you look at the prices of these plugins’ Developer plans, you will notice that each one costs $129. However, the offered overall price for the Bundle including 4 plugins is $193. This is more than affordable.

Ays Pro goes beyond the affordability and user convenience offering 30 day money-back guarantee. So, not only can you activate the Halloween bundle at an incredible price, but you are also allowed to demand a refund if something does not meet your expectations. Moreover, you can request a custom bundle if the plugins included in this combination do not match your business needs.

The four plugins included in the Ays Pro Halloween Bundle will solve several issues on your WordPress site:

Survey Maker – will enhance your website performance by implementing an interactive component in WordPress. It is a fast, user-friendly, and responsive tool to make high-quality and attractive surveys for collecting reliable and helpful data for future business decisions.

Copy Content Protection – is a great plugin disabling your users from right-clicking and copying your website content. It helps to protect your WordPress website copyright.

Popup Box – enables website visitors to build interactive and eye-catching popups that instantly grab users’ attention. Popups are unique call-to-action destinations that aim to move visitors to conversion.

Poll Maker – Polls are effective in getting valuable customer feedback about your product or service. So, with the Poll Maker plugin, you can build comprehensive and user-friendly polls on WordPress.

2. WooCommerce Bookings Plugin’s Deal

Best Halloween Deals - WooCommerce Bookings Plugin

If you have a travel, salon, restaurant, or other type of website that requires a booking option then the WooCommerce Bookings plugin is what you need right now. Especially, when the plugin development company offers a Halloween discount for WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

The plugin is available at $49 instead of $249.

Let’s see what you can do with the WooCommerce Bookings plugin:

  • Add bookable items to WooCommerce.
  • Manage clients, display product availability, and send reminders via Email.
  • Set up different rate settings.
  • Make hard calculations.
  • WooCommerce meta box integration
  • Time-based bookings for appointments, hotels, properties, etc.

3. Product Feed Manager Plugin’s Deal

Product Feed Manager Plugin Deal

If you want to maximize your online store sales with the biggest marketplaces on Halloween, then the Product Feed Manager plugin’s deal will be interesting to you.

This plugin enables you to export your WooCommerce items and boost them on 170+ supported famous marketplaces. With the automatic export feature, you can get the advantage of WooCommerce store items’ organized listings and sell with no effort using ready-made merchant templates, categorization filters, etc.

The Halloween Deal allows you to get this plugin with 20% off until the 3rd of November.

4. WPMET Halloween Deal

WPMet Halloween Deals

Combining ElementsKit, MetForm, WP Ultimate Review, ShopEngine, and WP Social plugins, WPMet offers an exclusive deal for Halloween.

Let’s look at the bundle’s plugins one by one:

  • MetForm – If you are looking to find a great plugin for building contact, feedback, and subscription forms on your WordPress site, then you need to know about MetForm’s Halloween deal. Building any type of form with this plugin is easy and fun. It comes up with lots of premium templates offering an instant form-building experience that will uniquely match your website design.
  • ElementsKit – This is a great and feature-rich add-on for Elementor. It contains more than 80 widgets, extensions, modules, ready-made home page templates, and layouts.
  • Shop Engine – This is a WooCommerce page builder offering more than 20 modules, templates, and widgets to enhance your WooCommerce shop capabilities. With it, you can revamp not only your online store’s page, but also a cart, checkout, My Account, and other pages.
  • WP Social – The next is a fully GDPR-compliant social media plugin enabling the users to conduct social login and shares, as well as including a social counter.
  • WP Ultimate Review – This plugin will help you strengthen communication and interaction between you and your customers by letting them leave reviews and ratings on your website.

The Halloween limited-time deal allows you to obtain all of these plugins at a discounted price:

  • 5 in 1 Annual Package – $499 instead of $949
  • 5 in 1 Lifetime Package – $899 instead of $3,735

5. WP Dark Mode Plugin’s Deal

WP Dark Mode Deal

WP Dark Mode plugin will assist you in increasing your website Bounce Rate through the engaging user experience. It is estimated that website dark mode can seriously boost conversions on WordPress. WP Dark Mode plugin is a simple yet very effective tool to turn the lights off on your WordPress site in no time.

So, if you want to implement a dark mode in your website but do not want to invest too much money, the WP Dark Mode plugin’s Halloween deal is exactly for you. Currently, the plugin is available with up to 35% Halloween off.

6. CTX Feed Pro – WooCommerce Product Feed Manager

An animation of Halloween Deals ctx feed pro

CTX Feed Pro simplifies listing and showcasing WooCommerce products on various platforms, supporting 130+ channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Its pro version offers advanced features, and the plugin has a strong track record with 70,000+ installations and 500+ positive reviews.

Boost your store’s visibility and grab a 30% Halloween discount on CTX Feed now! Take advantage of this opportunity for WooCommerce success.

Discount: Flat 30% OFF
Coupon Code: HW2023
Validity: 20 Oct, 3023  – 01 Nov 2023

To Wrap Things Up…

Halloween is the best season for your spooky dreams to come true. It is the time of WordPress products’ huge sales and excellent deals you can definitely benefit from to refresh your website and enhance the user experience on it.

So, hurry up to fill in your online baskets and grab the Halloween discounts. The plugins that you consider to be of high cost are now available at discounted prices!

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