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How to Customize Your Website on Christmas

Christmas Holidays are coming! Stop, Stop. Have you already thought about how to decorate your website Christmassy? If not, then this article will assist you in this deal. So, keep reading to meet Christmas Holidays on your WordPress site.

Ways To Decorate WP Website On Christmas


When walking from store to store on Christmas days you will notice thematic decorations that immediately make you feel a kind of happiness and joy. The same thing is in the case of the digital sphere. To bring this fairytale mood to your website you have so many ways. The changes are simple and time-saving and by making them you can reach good results and a Christmas interface on your site. So, here are some of the many ways to decorate your website:

1. Welcoming Your Visitors

This is a very heart-warming step. Imagine that you enter a blog and suddenly you see a message wishing you to have a Holly Jolly Christmas and a blessed New Year. That is so pleasant.

2. Set a Hero Image

You should probably wonder what is a hero image? It is an accepted term for a banner used in a particular way.

So at this point, you can use Christmas banners to attract visitors and impress them with your creative design.

3. Image Sliders

These are also too entertaining. Insert the images you want in a new or already- existing slider to bring the Christmas mood to your site.

4. Put The Appropriate Background

Put the New Year Background on your site pages to convey a joyful mood to your site users.

5. Customize The Buttons

This is relatively a new trend than the others. You can use Christmas tree decorations, different graphics putting them instead of the website buttons.

6. Decorate Your Logo With Holiday Components

It is not a big change. Yet, it is very impressive to see the already-known logo in a Christmas style.

7. Put Falling Snow Into the Website

Snow is an undividable part of the Christmas fairytale. So, you would better put it into your website as a New Year decoration.

8. Make changes In The Newsletter Section

It is high time you attracted more subscribers by the eye-catching Newsletter subscription section. Besides, you can send different cards with your Christmas offers to the newsletter subscribers.

9. Add a Christmas Countdown Clock

Adding a clock to your WP site will be highly effective as the clocks themselves are a good “Fear of Missing out” strategy component.

10. Mention Some Facts

As all of us wait for the Christmas Holidays there should be many interesting facts about it. So sharing that info with your online visitors is a good idea.

Plugins For Christmas Decoration

So, now it is time to reveal what plugins can make your aims come true. Here is a short list of the best ones.

1. Christmas Music


Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle bell rock …..

Christmas Music has more than 200 active installations and a five-star rating. This gives a magical effect to your site adding famous and most favorite melodies related to the New Year.

The song is being played automatically as soon as the user enters the site. But one valuable thing is that the user browser should allow the music to play. You can put a special button for the users who want to stop or playback the music. As well as you can put the music wherever you want and put it off from the pages you do not want to play in.

Also, you can:

  • Utilize your MP3 files
  • Define the volume level
  • Select the play button style, color, and position
  • Turn the autoplay off
  • Animate the play button

The plugin’s developers (BDA) offer you a payable Premium version. The cost for the one site is $19.

2. Weather Effect


Here is our second plugin- Weather Effect that has over 3000 active installations. It provides an effect of falling objects such as snow, rain, stars, Halloween bats, and other attributes. The plugin can be used on many occasions:

  • Valentine’s day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • Christmas

As well as for all the seasons of the year: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn providing autumn leaves, rain, umbrella, flowers, rain, etc.

Here are its key options:

  • Multiple seasons, weather, and occasions
  • Setting Panel
  • Various falling objects
  • Preview

These are available in the Free version. But in case you do not get enough from these options you can activate the plugin’s Pro version. The package costs $15.

3. Christmasify


The next plugin is considered all-in-one as it includes both Christmas music and different decorations. The WordPress Christmasify plugin has more than a thousand active installations and a 4.9 out of five-star rating.

The plugin enables you to add:

  • Music
  • Christmas decorations
  • Snow
  • Santa
  • Christmas font

It is important to mention, that all these features are toggleable and you can select one of them whenever you want.

Yet, there is one disadvantage of using this plugin. If you want to keep its high performance then the plugin does not support IE8. And as they use CSS3 animation for the falling snow correspondingly it is not compatible with IE9 and requires a minimum of PHP 5.4. But due to their dedicated support and care towards their users, the plugin developers can provide JavaScript snippets for your use. You just need to contact their support specialists.

4. Christmas Greetings


With this plugin, you will spread the Christmas mood on your entire website. The WordPress Christmas Greetings plugin has almost 1000+ active installations. It helps to demonstrate Christmas Greetings and messages to your site users. With this plugin, you will have many customization options, as well as promotions to the online shop products, promotion coupons, etc.

Here are its best functions:

  • No need to use shortcodes
  • User-friendly simple dashboard
  • Automatic set-up
  • Preview function
  • Gift box animation, Enable or Disable snowflakes
  • Greeting message customization
  • Applying the effects on all pages or Home page only

The plugin is adaptable with Divi, X-theme, and Woocommerce.

The developers offer you an advanced version that is payable. Here are the packages:

  • Single Domain- $10
  • Five Domains- $40
  • Ten Domains- $60

5. Christmas Countdown Clock


Here is another unique Christmassy plugin that has more than 100 active installations. Through the Christmas Countdown Clock plugin, you can be alerted that Christmas is coming. That means that you can implement a countdown clock to show the visitors how many days or hours remain until the New year.

Using this plugin you can highly benefit from these features:

  • Huge variety of designs
  • Size, pictures, background colors, and animations’ customization

6. Christmas Snow Effect


More than 4000 active installations and a 4.9 out of 5-star rating- here is the WordPress Christmas Snow Effect plugin. It helps you to implement falling snow on your WP site. Also, you can slow down and speed up the snowfall to create an effect of the snowstorm.

These are the free available functions, but for more advanced options you will need to activate its Pro version. Here are the Premium plans:

  • Single Site License- $8.95
  • Multi-Site License- $16
  • Unlimited Sites License- $24

7. Christmas Panda


The last plugin from our Christmas trendy decorations list is Christmas Panda that has more than 800 active installations and a 4.8 out of 5-star rating.

Due to its assistance, you can manage to create:

  • Christmas pop-ups
  • Snowfall effect
  • Various decorations

As well as get admin features like:

  • Customize the decorations and popups
  • Enable or Disable snowfall

One more advantage of this plugin is that it is totally free to install and use.


To sum up, as we wait for Christmas the whole year and love it so much then we can utilize so many features to build an appropriate Christmassy atmosphere for our online visitors. That is why many WP developers create Christmas plugins to help you in this deal.

The trends of decorations change every single year. As we decide how to design our houses or Christmas trees for the New year the site decorations change, too. We should do a unique design that will be trendy for that year. 2022 trend dictates us to add some falling snow, Christmas decorations, animations and turn the mood on with Christmas favorite music. Or you are able to add some widgets, Christmas greetings, and wishes to warm your users’ hearts.

As we mentioned above, you can highly benefit from different plugins both free and payable. So, we presented 7 plugins:

  1. Christmas music– for your favorite Jingle Bell songs
  2. Weather Effect and Christmas Snow Effect– for weather and snow falling animations
  3. Christmas Panda— for unique popups
  4. Christmasify– for your all-inclusive design
  5. Christmas Greetings– to tell your customers about your warm wishes and greetings
  6. Christmas Countdown– add a countdown clock to notify your customers about the upcoming holidays

So, it is up to you to select one of the mentioned plugins and utilize them for decorating your site. But first, do not forget to turn the Christmas mood on!!!

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