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How to Promote WordPress Plugins: 16 Steps to Success

If you develop WordPress plugins and aim to promote them then you need to follow some instructions. So, this article will tell you how to promote WordPress plugins to increase their sales.

First, before developing and surely marketing WordPress plugins it is important to do detailed research. You should understand whether it will be actual, solve the users’ problems, what unique features it will have that other plugins do not provide, etc.

To have a successful marketing campaign for the WordPress product it is important to have the excellent, feature-rich, well-coded plugin, first. As sometimes good product markets itself better. Yet, we should not underestimate the role of marketing in boosting sales. So, moving forward, we will present helpful tips to get familiar with the on-site and off-site promotional methods. You will acknowledge different tricks to get your expected outcomes.

How to Market a WordPress Plugin


There are plenty of strategies you can utilize to boost WordPress plugin sales. So, the two general types are:

  • On-site Promotional Methods
  • Off-site Promotional Methods

The first one refers to making a website, creating blogs, videos, and written content, starting an email marketing campaign, etc.
Here the most important thing is to not forget that your website’s memory has limitations. So either increase the memory limit of your website or just don’t overload it.

And what about the off-site promotional methods? So they include cooperation with other website owners, guest posting, uploading the products in other directories, etc.

So, let us review each of the methods in simple tips leading to increase plugin sales.

Tip 1: Provide Free Trial Or Discount

If you have developed a plugin with great features and set a certain price to sell it then you need to be ready to provide a free trial period or some discount for the first-time users. Without trying a product or having certain imagination about it the user will hesitate while purchasing the product. So, this is one of the effective methods to sell them.

Tip 2: Submit the Plugin’s Free Version In the WordPress Repository


This is a good trick to engage more users in your plugin’s paid version. You may add the free version to the WordPress Repository including some unique features in it. When the user likes the version presented on WordPress then he/she is more likely to upgrade to your plugin’s Pro version.

Tip 3: Submit The Plugin in Other Directories

Some directories like Codecanyon and generally Envato Market are great places to upload your plugin. They are somehow very beneficial. By uploading your product there you will not need to do a great marketing campaign to sell it.

Tip 4: Make Video and Written Content on Your Blog

For this, first of all, you need to acknowledge the importance of having a blog. It will definitely help you not only to sell WordPress plugins but also to keep your site active. So, you may write different articles periodically to raise product awareness. Adding a video to your blog can make your blog more engaging. You can easily create a video with the help of an online video editor using the blog text and images in just 5 minutes.

Besides, you can upload video tutorials on your channel. Some people prefer to watch video content more than read articles. And they might also be more understandable. So, the videos can lead to WordPress plugin promotion.

Who Can Help You With Content Marketing?

To request plugin reviews both in a video and in articles is a great way to market the product. Yet, in this big deal, you would better trust professional specialists and especially content marketing agencies. We recommend you cooperate with WPGlob. The agency is mainly specialized in the WordPress industry. Here you will meet SEO and link-building specialists, content and copywriters, web and graphic designers, professional bloggers, etc.

WPGlob enables you to obtain “Free Marketing Consulting”. By registering your product’s details you will get some tips on how to improve marketing strategies for its awareness. And what is more significant it is absolutely free of charge.

Besides, the specialists can provide you both with articles, guest posts, and video content including plugin’s short/long reviews, best listings, promotional animated videos, etc. And all this you can acquire at a highly affordable price.


Tip 5: Build Landing Pages

If you want to know where to promote WordPress plugin then it is high time you focused on landing pages. They are basically foreseen for this purpose. A correctly built landing page can tell more about your product and call the visitors to purchase it.

Tip 6: Outreach Professional Vlogger To Review WordPress Plugin

This is so far the most widely spread method to promote a newly launched WordPress plugin. You can find many WordPress channels where different plugins are reviewed. You are also able to contact the vloggers to request a review on their channel. This is a great way to boost WordPress plugin by using the fame of that bloggers and your product’s best features.

Contact WPGlob

To request a professional WordPress plugin review you can contact WPGlob Content Marketing Agency.

Tip 7: Be Included In the “Best Plugins” or “Top Plugins” Listings

You will probably wonder what are these “Best” and “Top” listings. Actually, these are articles including plugins with the best features for a certain purpose. For this, you can contact the blog admins to be involved in those articles. This can be either for certain money or for the backlink exchange.

Book Your Placement

WPGlob periodically publishes “Best” and “Top” listing articles. You can book your placement in both published and upcoming articles.

Tip 8: Influencer Marketing

If you have newly launched your product you can highly benefit from Influencer Marketing Platforms. But firstly, you should choose the right influencer with a targeted audience and related field to present and advertise your plugin. This can be highly effective for especially new plugins to increase brand awareness.

Tip 9: Do Social Sharing


Social Media has a tremendous role in our everyday life. So, it can be a great tool to spread your product and promote new WordPress plugins. Sharing the published articles or product descriptions on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. can be highly effective.

Tip 10: Use Email Signature

You can prepare a signature for your emails including there a link to your product. This will probably lead the individuals receiving your messages to click and view the product.

Tip 11: Send the Plugin Updates via Newsletter

This is one of the most widespread methods to boost WordPress plugins. Yet, for this, you should have some users subscribed to your Newsletter. In this case, you will send information, and updates about your product very easily. And this will most likely lead to user conversion.

Tip 14: Submit for the WordPress Plugin Affiliate Program

Before launching the affiliate program you need to gather even a small customer base and pass the product selling on to your customers. By communicating with your affiliates and paying them a bonus for the plugin sale, the existing clients will most likely want to mention it more. In this case, you must inform your customers about your plugin’s constant updates.

Tip 15: Publish Guest Posts

Guest post publishing is the first step for effective link building as well as backlink exchange. For this, you need to find relevant websites to qualify your linking even more. Guest posts can be both free and paid. But before choosing one of them it is recommended to take into account two identifiers for the websites- Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR).

  • Domain Authority is a ranking score by the Search Engines and was developed by Moz.
  • Domain Rating identifies the site’s backlink profile strength and was developed by Ahrefs.

Based on these identifiers you can determine whether the website qualifies for the guest posts or not.

Tip 16: Plugin Support As a Marketing Tool

Plugin support plays a great role in Marketing. Good support leads to satisfied customers. Exactly that customers are the keys to your increased sales.

Besides, the support agents can collect good testimonials about the product to encourage others for buying your plugin.


Coming to the end of the article, we would like to mention that there are so many factors leading to the plugin’s increasing sales. First of all, as in all aspects of the WordPress industry quality matters for sure. To explain, your plugin should be for a demanded purpose. As well as it should be bug-free to attract clients.

Along with its structural features and advantages, you as a marketer must promote it in the correct way by choosing a corresponding campaign strategy. This can be completed not only on your own blog or website but also on others. Campaigns can include both chargeable and free, organic components. The strategies are as different as your products are. It is more important to choose which one is more suitable for your newly launched plugin. On this condition, you can efficiently cooperate with agencies. So, we have told you about the beneficial cooperation with WPGlob Content Marketing Agency. And if you are not that professional who can conduct the whole marketing process then it is high time you trusted your plugin promotion to them.

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