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How To Make Perfect Landing Page For WordPress Product

Landing pages are effective components of your site. They help to drive conversions and have boosted sales. That is one of your website pages where the visitors enter by clicking an ad. In some cases, the marketers concentrate on the website’s Home page moving the whole traffic to it. Yet, landing pages are more effective especially when you want to promote your WordPress product sales. However, before expecting the desired outcome you should know how to write perfect landing page for WordPress product. In this article. we will explain the steps to follow.

What Should You Consider Before Writing a Landing Page?

This is the most crucial question before starting a landing page. Firstly, you need to identify its goal. Whether it is for collecting leads, you need to sell directly, or else you want to grow your newsletter subscribers. The list can be confidently continued. But importantly, you need to adopt a certain concept for it. You can find 5 different types of landing pages:

  • Squeeze page – for lead generation
  • Long-form page – informational landing pages focusing on the main features of the product or service
  • Click-through page – provides visitors information to persuade them to enter the transaction page
  • Product details page – these pages carry all the characteristics of the products or services. And by reading them the user may either buy it or contact support to know more about it
  • Video page – includes only sales videos

Then, secondly, you should do market research to reveal your competitors. After that, you should be able to identify your target audience. As well as you need to decide from where the users can get to your landing page.

So, summing up, you should present 1 single offer, 1 single idea to 1 interested audience.

At this point, you will get all the required tips on how to write perfect landing page for WordPress product.

Tip 1: Choose Attractive Headings and Subheadings


As in every content, headings and subheadings have a crucial role. So, attracting users with headers is a key to their further interest. And if headings catch readers’ attention at first glance then the subheadings are the ones that keep them reading and most necessarily, make a conversion on your landing page. Besides, the headings must be relevant to the link that the visitor initially entered. Henry Meds has a great example on their homepage.

Tip 2: Use More Personalized Content

Each of the users entering a certain page expects to get simple and understandable information. Moreover, if it is presented in a personalized way, then the effect might be great. For example, when you refer to the user with “You”, “You can do”, “You are able to obtain”, etc. then it is more likely to impress him/her.

Tip 3: Tell The User How He/She Can Benefit From Your Product


Instead of concentrating on your company’s details and telling a long story about the product or its features inform the users how they can benefit from it. Surely, they will appreciate that approach rather than reading a long list of product or service features and leaving the page without making a conversion.

Tip 3: Include The Client’s Reviews and Testimonials


It is not a secret that each of the users read the previous testimonials and client reviews before obtaining a product or service. That is why you need to include honest testimonials about your WordPress product on your landing page.

Tip 4: Add Clickable Share Buttons

This is also a recommended step. Because some people like to share their new purchases on, for example, Social Media. This is a way to distribute your product information freely completed by the customer based on his/her experience.

Tip 5: Add Promotional Videos


As all we know, people perceive visual content more easily rather than reading a written text for a long time. And taking into account that your landing page serves to increase the conversion rate on your website then the more people understand and like your product the more rapidly you will get your desired outcome. Yet, both the images and video (promotional animated) should be of high quality so as not to spoil your website design.

If you are trying to find promotional animated video creator company then WPGlob Content Marketing Agency can be your great choice. 

Tip 6: Reduce Your Landing Page Loading Time

You will probably agree that one of the most annoying and disappointing facts about a website or a page is that its loading time is too high. Then you need to wait even for several minutes to load the page. In order to keep users’ interest and not bother them, you should take all the needed steps to make your landing page load as faster as possible.

Tip 7: Make an Offer


This is one of the must-have sections on your landing page. Your offer is a component that will lead the visitor to future conversion. So, here you should keep it short but smart.

Tip 8: Put Limitations For The Customer Choices

Your landing page interface should be very easily perceivable and understandable at first glance. So must be your offer part and choices the customers should have. Do not offer them so many things simultaneously. Make their choice as simple as it is possible.

Tip 9: Include Your Product Benefits


Describing your product or service is very important. As the user entered your landing page wants to know what you offer or present to him or her. So, shortly, you need to explain the benefits and main features of it.

Tip 10: Limit the Scroll Length

Basically, each of us gets irritated while scrolling down through the page that does not seem to end. So, limiting the scroll time will keep the visitors interested in your product.

Tip 11: Use Numbers and Be Specific


While representing your product speak with examples. This is more engaging than writing down the facts about your WordPress product. Be specific and speak with numbers. Present the number of satisfied customers or, for instance, the successful websites using your WP product, etc.

Tip 12: Write in a Simple Language

As landing pages serve mostly for lead generation and sales, you should concentrate on keeping them as simple as you can. This includes experienced ghostwriting service in a simple language to be understandable to all of the visitors. Moreover, there will not appear any confusion among the users.

Writing the landing page content is responsible work that should be carried out by specialists. Besides, you need to focus on related, high-volume keywords, as well as optimize the whole content for SEO.

In this case, you may highly benefit from the services presented by WPGlob Content Marketing Agency.


Tip 13: Use Call-To-Actions


Call-To-Action buttons increase the conversion rate on your website. They lead the user to do the action we initially intended to achieve while building a landing page. So, if you are trying to sell WordPress products, then you can surely use “Buy now”, “Purchase not”, “Add to Cart” call-to-action buttons on your landing page.

Tip 14: Use Colors To The Advantage of Users

People can be engaged on your website due to the eye-catching colors, as well. By keeping your brand colors on your landing page, you can customize the colors to provide the best user experience.

Tip 15: Add Short Submission Forms

Based on your landing page purpose (whether it is for sales, local lead generation, newsletter subscribers, downloads, etc.) you can add also short submission forms for those who want to send their requests.

Tip 16: Increase the Trust Toward Your Company


You can also add your partners’ logos on your landing page to demonstrate the number of companies or people who trusted your WordPress product or service. Most of the time customers judge based on social proof. So, this can be a good step to success.

Tip 17: Insert Contact Information

Some of the users may have various questions related to your WordPress product before buying it. So, it will be effective to add some contact information such as phone number, email address, or a contact form to know about the users’ concerns.

Tip 18: Implement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


A well-organized FAQ section is one of the recommended parts of your website. It helps your visitors find the needed answers to your questions rather than asking you about them individually. Besides, the FAQ section with valuable information is good for ranking on the Search Engines.

Tip 19: Submit a Thank You Page


You probably do not want to lose the customer who has just converted on your landing page. On this occasion, you can utilize a Thank you page. This will redirect the customers to another page where they can reveal new products or links to other parts of your website (such as your website blog).

Tip 20: A/B Testing

And probably the last step is testing your landing page in the method of A/B testing. We all learn and change something on our websites by examining the results. Here, you need to test even small details. Because sometimes, even a tiny word in a heading or an image can change the user interaction on your landing page. Almost all the huge companies such as Netflix and Amazon, always run A/B testing to improve the campaign outcomes.

Deepen your knowledge by watching the video tutorial:


So, in this article, we tried to present all the required tips on how to write perfect landing page for your WordPress product. And wrapping up, we need to note that your landing page success is mostly related to good visualization, managed content, killed titles, headings, and catchy call-to-actions.

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