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Text United VS WPML WordPress Translation Plugin

English is the primary language for most websites. But in fact, only 25% of internet users are native English speakers, so it’s crucial to cater to the needs of the other 75%. Translating your website into more than one language can be an excellent asset for your website. This is where WordPress translation plugins come into help. Using translation plugins you can complete translation and localization tasks quickly and efficiently. Today let’s compare TextUnited VS WPML plugins to see which is the best in which sense.

Preliminary View on TextUnited VS WPML

 Today, let’s look at the duel of TextUnited vs WPML.

Both TextUnited and WPML are equally feature-rich, powerful, and highly optimized. But which is the best solution for your website? Without comparing the two plugins, it’s hard to find an honest answer. So, let’s get down to comparing these two in more detail.

Price Per ValueTextUnited requires a monthly or yearly payment to keep running. The pricing plans include automation and translation memory.WPML requires a yearly license and if you need automatic translation, you must buy extra credits.
Ease of UseTextUnited automatically does almost all the translation work and it has a friendly user interface.WPML translation manager makes translation work easier.
SpeedTextUnited translates content instantly once you install it.WPML automatic translation still needs some manual work before translating the content. This takes additional time.
Website SpeedTextUnited has a minimal effect on the website’s speed.WPML slightly adds weight to WordPress due to its code and database.
Word Count LimitTextUnited has a word-count limit. To increase the number of translated words, you need a bigger plan. Thankfully, it only counts new words.WPML doesn’t have a word count limit.
Available languages 170+ 100+
Pricing €60 $39

Let’s further break down our TextUnited vs WPML comparison to see which is the best in which sense.

How do they work?

The way the translation plugin approaches the translation process matters a lot; it defines the effectiveness and speed of translation the tool offers. TextUnited and WPML follow different strategies to translate a website content. Let’s review each of them:

WPML creates a duplicate of a post or page for every translated language. The copy is saved as a standard WordPress post before being linked to the original. The next step is to translate that content, either manually, automatically, or with the help of a third-party service.

TextUnited, on the other hand, is a WordPress-integrated translation solution. It spots your page content and submits it to a translation API, after which the translated version replaces the original one if a user selects another language via a language selector. Once API sends the automated translation, you or your translators can manually check the correctness of the translation and fix it if necessary. There are no other further actions WordPress back end requires.


WPML and TextUnited installation processes differ as well. WPML installation is merely the first step in the procedure – there are more steps before you get the website translated. 

On the other hand, as soon as you install TextUnited, your website is automatically translated into the language you selected.


Translation Procedure

The core difference found in TextUnited vs WPML comparison is the translation capacity the tools offer. 

While translating a website with WPML, there are factors to pay attention to:

  • WPML doesn’t automatically translate all of the information on your WordPress website. Any content that has to be translated outside of your WordPress editor will require the WPML addon plugin.
  • When you want the automated translation, you can’t go on with the simple plan; you need to upgrade to Multilingual Agency or Multilingual CMS plans.
  • You must send commands from the WPML Interface to manually translate your content and repeat it for each post.

TextUnited takes the website translation with another path:

  • TextUnited automatically translates your entire site. It also includes any information from your plugins or themes that can contain content for translation.
  • The automatic translation will begin as soon as the plugin is installed.

Third-Party Content Translation

When starting a multilingual website, it’s natural to start with translating pages and posts. But to provide the best experience to the visitors, one shouldn’t forget about translating and localizing other content, including sidebars, menu items, WooCommerce, active plugins, and more.

This is where WPML falls behind TextUnited. With WPML you can’t translate any content that isn’t in the WordPress editor. With WPML, you’ll need to buy the Multilingual CMS package (or higher) to manage this content through the additional plugin interface. You will have to translate all of those elements manually.

In contrast, TextUnited follows the following translation procedure:

  • Advanced AI translation tool automatically translates all of the website’s third-party content. They will then be highlighted with flags so that you can verify that everything is okay.
  • No additional manual translations are required. Take WooCommerce as an example, and imagine that you are setting up an online store. Your checkout page, shop pages, and product pages will all be translated automatically by TextUnited.
  • All translation management for each part of your website uses the same interface.

Language Selector

Typically, a language selector is visible on the front end of a website (menu, sidebar, etc.). This feature allows users to switch between various languages on a website with a single click.

Regarding language selectors, WPML and TextUnited are almost on the same wavelength. 

WPML, though, has a little more to offer than TextUnited. WPML allows you to select the order of the languages, determine where the language switcher will be shown, customize it, background and border color, etc.


Text United offers less than WPML, though it offers the essentials. You can choose the language selector’s content and style and use the shortcode to display it on the website.


Available Languages

The number of languages that a WordPress translation plugin supports is another crucial factor. It depends on the languages you want your site to be translated into and the languages that TextUnited and WPML currently support.

WPML offers translation services in 100 different languages. In contrast, more than 170 languages can be translated by TextUnited.

SEO Management

For search engine optimization (SEO) in multiple languages, TextUnited follows Google’s best practices guidelines:

  • Every translated version of your web page will have its own automatically created URL.
  • Google can know about the different variations of your page because hreflang tags are added automatically.
  • Meta descriptions and other relevant SEO tags will be translated.

WPML also follows Google’s best practices rules and has the following features for SEO optimization:

  • Every translated version of your web page gets its own URL. You have to choose the kind of URL that you want to use during the setup process.
  • Hreflang is also added. You need to specify the location in your HTML code where it should be added.
  • Any meta descriptions or other SEO tags that you may have will also be translated.

Pricing Text United vs WPML

Free Version

You may want to test a product before making a purchasing decision. TextUnited gives you a 14-day trial to use all of their features free of charge. 

If you choose to go on with TextUnited’s free plan you can translate up to 1,000 words on your website This refers to new words, it doesn’t include the words translated previously, as they are kept in the translation memory.

WPML, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a free trial, but if you’re not completely satisfied with what they have to offer, you can return the plugin within 30 days to get a full refund.

Premium Version

Premium features of TextUnited can be tested for 14 days for free. This should give you plenty of time to decide whether or not this tool is ideal for you.

Premium pricing plans for each plan are based on the following factors:

  • The number of words that you want to translate
  • How many users do you support?

There are monthly or annual plans. Of course, a yearly plan is a better deal because you will only pay for ten months, whereas you’d be paying for twelve months of service under the monthly billing option. 

TextUnited pricing goes from 60 EUR per year to 250 EUR. It makes TextUnited an affordable all-in-one translation solution.

Furthermore, TextUnited offers a custom plan that can be tailored according to your personal needs and budget.


WPML doesn’t have a free version. However, it does have several pricing options. The plugin comes in the following paid plans:

Multilingual Blog – This plan is available for $39/per year. You can use this plan on a single site. Navigation content, eCommerce, custom fields, theme strings, and widgets can’t be translated with this plan.

Multilingual CMS – You can purchase this option for $99 per year. This plan can be used on up to three websites. You can translate all of your site content with this plan.

Multilingual Agency – The agency plan can be purchased for $199 a year. It includes all of the features found in the Multilingual CMS and Multilingual Blog plans. You can use this version on as many sites as you want.


A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided for each of the above-paid subscription plans. If you’re not fully satisfied, you can get a complete refund.

TextUnited vs WPML Conclusion

Summing up TextUnited vs WPML comparison, both are great multilingual site translation plugins. Both tools can help make your site more accessible to customers from various countries.

At the end of the day, you need to choose which option will best meet your needs. Translation needs can vary from one website to another. Take a look at what each tool provides before making your decision. Hopefully, this TextUnited vs WMPL comparison has given you enough information to make your selection easier.

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