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Weglot VS WPML | Best Translation Plugin in 2023

The World Wide Web has provided IT engineers and website developers with a global reach and influence. Many people in the sphere and also web visitors, of course, know English. But some of them don’t. And some website creators find it a little too complicated and time-consuming to create websites in English. So, for WP users, there are translation plugins. But which one is the best for your translation project? Let’s figure that out in the Weglot VS WPML article. 

What are Weglot and WPML About? 

For WordPress users, the decision is easier than you’d think: translation and localization plugins. By just installing a plugin, you can save a lot of time or money on manual translation and gather all the benefits of a multilingual version of your website.

Naturally, the question arises: How do I know what plugin to choose? Most likely, you do not speak the languages you want to translate your website to, so it’s likely there are several criteria you’ll be looking for in a WordPress translation plugin. And that is why in today’s article, we are going to compare two of the most popular WordPress plugins that offer you website translation: Weglot and WPML. 

First things first, let’s figure out what these plugins are about to have a logical Weglot Vs. WPML comparison.


Weglot translate is one of the most popular and trusted plugins in the sphere of website translation. It allows you to translate your site into more than 110 languages across the world without the need for coding knowledge. The plugin provides you with fully optimized translations for SEO, boosting your search engine visibility, and is compatible with all WordPress plugins and themes. The plugin itself is regularly updated and has 4.8 stars out of 5 on the WordPress plugin catalog. 


WPML is a classic in the market of multilingual plugins for WordPress. It is a powerful and reliable tool for translating your website to different languages, whether you run a small blog or a gigantic corporate website. Its main advantage is that it is compatible with most of the other plugins that you may simultaneously use for your website. And, of course, it provides you with multilingual search engine optimization.

Now, both of these plugins are equally respected and widely used.  But which one is right for your WordPress website? It’s hard to answer that question without comparing the plugins. So, let’s break down these two plugins.

Main Features 

Next part of the Weglot Vs. WPML comparison is all about the main features.

Technically, both of them offer you the same main feature: website translation. But to our thinking, it is crucial to break down these two plugins to see all the layers for a more successful comparison. Yes, they offer you website translation. But how do they do it? It’s important for a website creator: you don’t want to waste your time on tedious tasks and rush actual important things. So, let’s have a look:


  • Fully compatible. First of all, Weglot is fully compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins, including WooCommerce. It works with editors like Elementor and Gutenberg and supports third-party integrations and translations of 100% of your site’s content, no matter where it’s coming from.
  • SEO. The translated multilingual variants are optimized for search engines automatically, including automatic hreflang tag implementation, translated metadata, and language subdirectories.
  • Automatic. Speaking of automation, Weglot detects and translates the content of your website without the need for manual work, and that is in real-time.
  • Quality and quantity translation. Weglot provides you with translations to 110+ languages, including custom languages. But, most importantly, it provides you with quality translations by allowing you full editing control. Firstly, Weglot translates your site with machine translation, then you can edit each translation manually, with teammates, add translators or order professional translators within the Weglot Dashboard.
  • User experience. The user gets automatically redirected to the localized version of your website based on their browser settings. The plugin translates every bit of information to the target language and includes media localization.
  • Editing. Through an easy-to-use interface, you can step in and edit the translations.
  • Collaboration. Your teammates and experts at Weglot can collaborate to create a perfect translation directly from the plugin’s interface.
  • In-context translation. The plugin recognizes whether a symbol combination is a word that is a part of your content or whether it is a link, and it translates accordingly. 
  • Language switcher. Weglot automatically adds a language switcher on your website and gives you the option to customize its design to fit your site. 
  • Migrate. If you are already using a different translator plugin, you can easily migrate from that to Weglot.


  • 40+ languages. WPML provides you with more than 40 pre-ready languages. Not only that, but you can also add language variants yourself through the language variants.
  • Content. The translator does not apply only to your WP posts. The plugin allows you to translate custom post types, fields, widgets, menus, media, and more.
  • Quality translations. The automatic translator is provided by Google, DeepL, and Microsoft plus. It allows you to review the process for a perfect translation.
  • Translation control. With translation management, you can monitor the translation process and choose how to translate it: the whole site or specific parts of your content. 
  • Professional human translation. Not satisfied with robotic translation? WPML has professional translator services that you are more than welcome to use.
  • WooCommerce. The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce and WooCommerce Multilingual. 
  • String translation. Using WPML’s String translation interface, you can directly assess and translate texts on your Admin Dashboard or in other plugins. 
  • SEO. With the help of the plugin, you can choose to optimize the localized version of the website for search engines.

Main Differences Between Weglot and WPML

Now, let’s address how these two platforms provide you with the technically same function: how similar and how different they work.

  • Method. The way Weglot works is it replaces all the content on your website with chosen translations. The plugin analyzes the page, detects what must be translated, and sends it to the Translation API. WPML, on the other hand, duplicates the content for every chosen language and saves it as a normal WP page/post in your WordPress website’s backend.
  • Installation. When you install Weglot, your website gets translated instantly. You even get a language switcher added to the front end of your website automatically. With WPML, you have to download four translation components and then go on to enable it.
  • Automatization. The automatic translation function on WPML is available only from the Multilingual Agency license (see below for the pricing), plus it translates only what is inside of your WordPress editor. Anything other than that cannot be translated. With Weglot, you can automatically translate the entirety of your website as soon as the plugin is installed.
  • Management. Weglot allows you to access all translation management features with any type of subscription, including the Free version of the plugin. Using the intuitive dashboard, you can easily edit the translations, assess SEO metadata, etc. For WPML, you will have to purchase a higher plan. 
  • Languages. WPML offers you 40+ languages. Weglot allows you to choose from 110+ languages for translation.
  • Trial. WPML offers a 30-day money return guarantee but not a free trial. Weglot provides you with a 10-day free trial.


Apart from the features in the “Weglot Vs. WPML” comparison, we find it important also to compare the pricing. Very often, it is the price that is determinative. So, let’s have a quick look.


Weglot offers you a few types of subscriptions. The free version provides you with 2000 words to one language and Starter ($9.99/mo or $99/ year) with 10,000 words to one language also. Business ($19/mo or $190/year) will allow you to translate 50,000 words to 3 languages, Pro ($49/mo or $490/year) 200,000 to 5 languages and Advanced ($199/mo or $1990/year) 1,000,000 to 10 languages. 


WPML creators offer you products based on the type of your website. A multilingual blog license is created for individual WP bloggers and costs $39. CMS costs $99, and Agency license $199. All three types provide you with one year of support and update.


Which One is Better?

So, what do we see in the “Weglot Vs. WPML” comparison? Both plugins allow you to translate your WordPress website. Which one you choose depends on the size of your WordPress website, the ease of installing it, the level of automation you’re looking for, and which language you want to add. 

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