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2022’s Top List of WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

When running an eCommerce business you need to consider adding one of the most important aspects for a better user experience on your website. And that is an available shipping option. In fact, this is one of the most challenging factors for online store owners. But the shipping process can be completed without any hustles if you use WooCommerce. There are many plugins to make this process as smooth as you might ever imagine. So, in this article, we are going to review the top list of WooCommerce shipping plugins.

Stay tuned and read the article to discover more about each plugin’s features and functionalities.

1. Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce


The first plugin from our list is Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce. It has over 10.000+ active installations on WordPress, moreover 4.5 out of 5-star ratings. The numbers definitely indicate the high quality and reliability of the plugin. 

One of the most noticeable features of it is that it allows you to restrict shipping based on certain conditions. However, this is not all; let’s take a look at the list of main features that make it quite outstanding on the market.

Main Features

Before taking a look at the main features, let’s also note that this plugin comes in handy with both Free and Pro Versions. The Free Version’s features include: 

  • Works with existing shipping methods and zones
  • Allows setting restrictions based on various conditions (products, weight, length, height, width, volume, subtotal)
  • It is supported by USPS & DHL.
  • Offers Debug mode to make troubleshooting easier than ever 

Pro Version 

Now the Pro Features: 

  • Allows to set conditional shipping costs as well as set shipping class conditions
  • Category, coupon, product measurements conditions settings available
  • User role condition


Pricing options are kept simple & affordable:

  • 1 site: $49
  • 3 sites: $79
  • 5 sites: $119 


  • Does not affect the website’s loading speed
  • Works incredibly well & fast 
  • GIves wide variety of conditioning options 
  • Has good ratings & reviews 
  • Affordable pricing 

2. WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping


So, the first plugin from our list is WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping. It has 60,000+ active installs and 61 5-stars on WordPress.

This is a very flexible but simple method for implementing shipping options in your WooCommerce store. The plugin helps to calculate shipping costs according to the ordered items’ weight.

The plugin outstands with its various features, such as:

  • Various shipping rules creation for order weight, destination, or subtotal range
  • Setting Flat rate or progressive costs according to the order weight
  • Free shipping opportunity starting from a certain price
  • Determining price calculation mode based on the shipping classes

The WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping plugin also provides the pro version for $19. Also, you have the right to demand a refund within 14 days after making the purchase.

3. Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce


The third plugin from our list is Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce developed by WPFactory. It has more than 3,000 active installs and a 5/5-star rating on WordPress. 

Through this plugin, you are allowed to see the free shipping left amount on your WooCommerce store. By the way, this amount can be shown on different parts of your website, such as on the cart page. Or else, you may display it anywhere on your site using different widgets, provided shortcodes, or PHP knowledge. 

You may find not only a free but also a Pro version. The free versions’ features include:

  • Hiding various shipping methods in the case of free shipping availability
  • Setting the minimum order amount for free shipping according to the user role, location, and currency
  • Showing a custom message when the customer gets a free shipping opportunity
  • Discount including system while calculating the total cart amount, etc. 

As you see, basically all the essential features are presented in the free version. Honestly, this is a great advantage for the plugin to give such a great opportunity to use the plugin’s basic features in its free installation.

Pro Version

But, besides the basic function, the plugin provides more professional and advanced settings to use on your WooCommerce store. You will find some of them in the list below:

  • Left amount text positioning and its update through AJAX
  • Hiding the left amount for some categories or users
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher compatibility
  • Excluding virtual products placed in the cart while getting a free shipping overall amount, etc.

These and many other features are available at a good price on the plugin’s official website:

  • Single site – $39.99 (1 year of updates), $69.99 (lifetime access)
  • Unlimited sites – $99.99 (1 year of updates), $199.99 (lifetime access)

Besides, you will obtain a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the plugin’s features.

4. Lastmal Shipping for WooCommerce


The next plugin from our top list is Lastmal Shipping for WooCommerce. You need to complete just a single integration to ship your eCommerce products in the territory of West Africa.

The plugin’s setup process is quite simple. At this point, you will get some knowledge about its main functions:

  • Live rates to calculate shipping costs automatically
  • Delivery service functions customization
  • Decreasing the number of cart abandonment
  • Digital payment opportunity
  • Lower human- participation in shipping processes, etc.

One of the plugin’s great advantages is that it is totally free.

5. WooCommerce Free Shipping Per Product


The last but not least product from our top list is WooCommerce Free Shipping Per Product plugin developed by WPRuby. It scores more than 2,000+ active installations and 15 5-stars on WordPress.

This is a custom shipping method for WooCommerce enabling to setup free shipping for each of the products to different directions and zones.

Also, you may hide other shipping methods during the checkout if there is free shipping available.

In order to create items with free shipping available, you should first set a shipping class with a corresponding name and assign it the items you want.

The plugin’s free version can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory. But to access more advanced features such as product shipping per certain rules such as country, quantity, state, its variations, etc., as well as priority sorting, line and item cost you should activate one of the Pro licenses. Here you may check the available plans:

  • Single site – $19
  • 5 sites – $39
  • 25 sites – $69

Additionally, you will get a 14-day money-back guarantee to demand a refund if needed.

6. The Courier Guy Shipping for WooCommerce


The Courier Guy plugin is one of the WooCommerce shipping plugins that scores 2,000+ active installs and 8 5-stars on WordPress based on satisfied customer reviews.

The plugin enables to complete shipping processes through the Courier Guy company which is very famous mostly in the territory of South Africa.

You may decide the parcel size according to your package structure. The cart total is calculated based on the parcel sizes that are divided into “Flyer”, “Medium” and “Large” types.

By using these dimensions the Courier Guy will calculate the overall result.

7. WooCommerce Shipping Services

WooCommerce Shipping Services by PluginHive

So, the last but not least tool from our best list is the WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin developed by PluginHive. The plugin ranks 4.9 out of 5-stars based on the satisfied clients’ reviews.

This is a great solution for WooCommerce shop owners. Here are the benefits you get while using this plugin:

  • Automated shipping process with Live Rates
  • One-click label printing
  • Tracking orders with such carriers as Blue Dart, FedEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex, etc.

Moreover, the WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce multi-vendor solution. This is beneficial for vendors to conduct the shipping processes.

Below, you may find the existing pricing plans for the plugin:

  • Starter – $9 per month
  • Popular – $29 per month
  • Premium – $49 per month
  • Enterprise – $99 per month

Besides, you will get a 14-day free trial period to view the most essential features of the WooCommerce Shipping Services plugin.

Comparison Table

To show the basic features of the best WooCommerce shipping plugins, we decided to insert them into a comparison table. Here you may check it:

Plugin NameActive InstallationsRatingPricing
Conditional Shipping for WooCommerce10,000+13 5-stars$49 – $119
WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping60,000+61 5-stars$19
Amount Left for Free Shipping for WooCommerce3,000+18 5-stars$39.99 – $199.99
Lastmal Shipping for WooCommerce10+Free
WooCommerce Free Shipping Per Product
2,000+15 5-stars
$19 – $69
The Courier Guy2,000+8 5-starsFree
WooCommerce Shipping Services500+ satisfied customers’ reviews4.9 out of 5-stars$9 – $99


As we have already approached the end of the top list of WooCommerce shipping plugins we would like to summarize our thoughts about them. These shipping articles will make the customer experience on your website much better than expected. They will help you to complete safe and fast shipping. Meanwhile, working with these plugins is not difficult for business owners and does not require any programming skills. Moreover, the users will also be excited about the fast and easy shipping options available on your website. So, in this case, you will reach more sales and conversions on your website.

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