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How to Use WordPress Quizzes to Boost Engagement Rates?

Even though audience engagement is quite hard to achieve due to multiple factors nowadays, including competition, there is a way that definitely will work. And that way is the – engagement of the audience through quizzes, polls, and surveys. WordPress online quiz is incredibly useful if you want to boost engagement rates and click-through rate ratio. In the “How to Use WordPress Quizzes to Boost Engagement rates ” article, we will review how to do so.

So, if you are ready, let’s start!


How to Use WordPress Quiz to Boost Engagement rates?

There are multiple ways to use a quiz on WordPress to boost engagement. However, let’s take a look at everything in a certain order to avoid confusion. Throughout this article, we will first look at the main types of quizzes, then question types accordingly. Also, we will look through the popular ideas for the quizzes on your website and the benefits of offering them. So, if you are ready, let’s continue.

Types of Quizzes

Of course, many types of quizzes are available; the point is to choose the right one. The main types are:

  • Personality Quiz: Users will be extremely engaged with this Quiz as everyone would love to know a bit more about themselves. It fulfills basic human needs, the need for self-awareness. So in a relevant context, you can provide a personality quiz. You also can provide it as an icebreaker for long-form technical articles. The easiest way to create this type of quiz on WordPress is the personality quiz maker plugin.
  • Scored Quiz: this one is mostly used to test knowledge in something, basically in tests and assignments. However, if the answer is shown in points or percentages you also can use this type to create quizzes such as “How much are you like X or Y character.” A pro tip for you, choose a famous movie character.
  • Multiple-choice Quiz: this is one of the most popular forms of quizzes. It gives you questions and various answers to the same question. You can create an engaging quiz related to marketing or business knowledge. This way, it will also be educational.
  • Trivia Quiz is one of the funniest quiz types available out there. E.g., it can be a quiz “Guess a celebrity from an eye picture.”
  • True or False Quiz, here I think everything is obvious.
  • Polls are also under the quiz category; you can ask an interesting question and then check out the answers in percentages.
  • Surveys are not that much of quizzes. However, those are also questionaries designed to gather feedback.

Types of Questions in the Quizzes

Now, let’s review the main types of questions you can include in the quizzes.

  • Multiple Choice Questions. To create multiple-choice questions, just choose multiple choice question type in any quiz builder that you use, come up with an interesting question, and ad multiple answers to it. You can use these question types for knowledge quizzes or personality quizzes.
  • True or False Questions here, basically, you create a set of questions and answers that are true or false. Then after publishing the Quiz with this set, when users complete the questionary on the results page or throughout the completion, they will see the correct answers.
  • Fill in the blank or boxes for free text. You, of course, can set a word limit for those. However, this type is better only for educational purposes, as engaging quizzes should be easier. Plus, it will take you lots of time to analyze, evaluate and provide quiz takers with personalized results.
  • Multiple answers: For multiple-choice quizzes, you can also add questions that have multiple answers.
  • Questions that require numerical answers e.g. will be good to check the history knowledge or math.

Top Quiz Ideas

To ensure that our readers are also clear on the front of what type of quizzes users find most engaging, we did research and are ready to share with you Top Quiz Ideas.

What Celebrity am I?

Strangely enough, many people are truly interested in this. Of course, in a sense, it depends on your audience, so make sure to check it out before adding this Quiz. It is no secret that some people worship celebrities or take them as icons, which is completely alright, plus it gives you the opportunity to engage them in something they are interested in. Here is an example of the quiz “Which celebrity am I?“.

What Cartoon/Movie Character am I?

Also, we all grew up in movies and cartoons, so you can create a quiz that, in a sense, will take people back to childhood. Plus, it will equip them with lots of positive emotions.

What Superhero or Super Villain am I?

Same as with cartoons, superheroes or villains were with us throughout our teenage years, so many of us still have a special connection and understanding of some of our emotions. For example, a superhero may inspire you, a villain may motivate you to stand up for yourself, and usually, those are specific characters. So, by offering your viewers the incredible opportunity of such kinds of tests, they get not only engagement but, in a sense, a personal insight, maybe even satisfaction.


Benefits of Quizzes

So, what is the point of adding a quiz besides increasing engagement rates? What are they useful for? Well, let’s take a look at the list of benefits Quizzes provide you with.

  • Engagement. First, the obvious purpose alongside the benefit of the Quiz is the audience’s engagement. And it is proven that online quizzes perform well at fulfilling this point.
  • Insights on the audience. If you provide your audience with quizzes that also have “informative for you” questions in them, then with the results tracking, you will also gain insights into an audience of yours.
  • Gather feedback. If you provide your audience with the surveys, you will have an incredible opportunity to gather really useful feedback and use it for further improvement and growth.
  • Knowledge check automation. If you have an online educational business, then quizzes will help you automatically check out your students’ progress.

How to Create a Quiz?

So, how to create a Quiz? Well, first of all, the answer varies depending on what type of Quiz you want to create.

  • Find a platform. You can use online tools such as Zonka Feedback, Survey Monkey or install a WordPress Quiz plugin, such as Quiz Maker or Interact Quiz Maker.
  • Decide on the type of the Quiz and the purpose it is going to fulfill. Basically, set up the goals. Is it just for engagement purposes or to gain audience insights? Maybe it is used as an icebreaker for long-term articles.
  • Choose a pre-made template or make a template from scratch. I will recommend you choose a pre-made template in order to save yourselves some time and nerves.
  • Write down a list of logical questions that will show the user a certain result after they are done. If it is a true or false quiz, just mark by default what answers are right and what is wrong, so users can check it out on the results page. However, for most quizzes, you will just need to use multiple choice questions and a point-based system to bring up the final result.
  • Check Quiz again to make sure that everything looks good and edit the visuals.

Afterward, just add the Quiz to any page or post for your website you would like it to appear. A good WP Quiz plugin allows you to do so by copying and pasting the shortcode at the end.



So, to summarize the “How to Use WordPress Quizzes to Boost Engagement rates?” article, I can say that quizzes are quite useful to enhance the overall user experience and increase engagement rates on your website. We reviewed quiz types, question types, and even the most popular ideas for the quizzes. However, it is vital to comprehend that there are different types of quizzes for various situations and occasions. Therefore, make sure to use the right one. Also, we presented to you a WordPress plugin Quiz Maker which is one of the best tools to create amazing quizzes and save your time.

Create amazing WordPress quizzes, engage your audience and increase the overall website engagement rates by creating quizzes that work.

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