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WordPress 3CX Live Chat Plugin Overview in 2023

LiveChat will be an amazing addition to your website, which will enhance the user experience, help your support team save time, and provide high-quality support. Well, where to find a free yet still feature-rich and trustworthy live chat plugin for a WordPress website? Congratulations! You are at the right place. In today’s article, we will review one of the most amazing and functional live chat plugins for WordPress (that is available absolutely for free) – the 3CX WordPressLive Chat Plugin. 

3CX Live Chat is way more than a simple communication tool; together with 3CX StartUP it gives way to an all-in-one business communication solution that includes live chat, voice, and video. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start!


What is 3CX?

Well, as we have mentioned above, 3CX is an all-in-one business communication software that provides incredibly up-to-date and reliable communication solutions. It includes voice, chat, video conferencing, advanced call center features, cold calling software services, and collaboration tools. 3CX Live Chat is offered as part of their package. 3CX StartUP is available free forever for up to 10 users and can be easily integrated with the 3CX WordPress LiveChat plugin.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at some of these free live chat plugins for WordPress. This plugin gets regular updates and has over 30.000+ active installations and 4.5 out of the 5-star ratings. These numbers definitely indicate high quality and reliability. 

Main Features

  • Elevating live chat to a live call or video call for better assistance
  • Assigning agents to group chats
  • Customizable live chat bubble
  • SMS and Facebook integration accessible through 3CX Web Client
  • CRM integrations are available to centralize and keep records of customer communication
  • Video conferences – this feature will allow you to set up video conferences easily and manage the workforce productively.
  • Queue-based group handling of chats that will help you in not missing any queries from customers or visitors of your website
  • IOS and Android applications available to improve mobility
  • Chat and call reports available to oversee the success of dealing with customer requests


  • The free plan is available forever, which gives you an opportunity to use the live chat for up to 10 users for $0 per annum before you decide if you need to upgrade to a more advanced package.
  • Hosted and Self Managed options are available, and both come with various pricing plans. 
  • A good user interface to save time and improve the user experience 
  • Various guides and tutorials are available 
  • Good customer reviews – trusted product
  • All communication is stored on the 3CX Web Client therefore the plugin does not affect the website’s speed which is extremely important as even a one-second delay in speed can decrease conversion rates and result in loss of potential sales.
  • Feature-rich – the plugin offers a wide range of functionality, and every single feature is useful. With this plugin and the 3CX platform, you will get an astonishing opportunity to level up business communication and enhance customer experience. 

So, as you could have noticed, this simple Live Chat plugin is a lot more than a plugin. Indeed, it will help your website fully realize its potential. 

Why Would You Need the 3CX LiveChat Plugin? 

There are many reasons why you would need this platform, especially live chat. First of all, 3CX’s all-in-one business communication tool offers free live chat on your website, which can also be fully customized. This will help you to better manage customer relationships and provide better quality support that will also result in:

  • Increased sales due to better support and public image of the brand 
  • Quick resolutions of any quandaries customers may be facing, therefore enhanced user experience 
  • Free voice and video call options are available 


The pricing plans offered by 3CX are a great value for money. There are multiple pricing options available for both Hosted and Self Managed versions. However, the plugin itself is free to download on WordPress and you will always have the option to activate it together with the 3CX StartUP Free edition for no extra cost.


StartUp Free

StartUp Free (€0) – this plan will allow you to have up to 10 users for free and is hosted on the Cloud. With StartUP Free, in addition, to live chat you will also get one inbound number, one ring group, one auto-attendant, 3CX Talk and Meet Links, Team Messaging, apps, and video conferencing for up to 25 participants. 

This is a great option for those who are just getting started. With this option, you won’t spend any money, will be able to add a live chat, and further evaluate whether or not you need an upgrade to a PRO version. 

StartUp Pro

StartUp Pro (€150/€250) – this plan includes all the features that the free one does plus, lots of advanced ones to elevate your experience. For instance, it also includes your own SIP Trunk, Multi-level IVR, Call Queues, BLF, Voicemail-to-text, business hour routing, Fax Server, and Facebook messaging Integration. This option is available for up to 10 users or up to 20 users. 

With this, you will get everything you need for more professional management of the business workforce and efficiency; I would recommend upgrading to this option. 

Dedicated Enterprise & Pro

Dedicated Pro (€235) – this includes everything in both plans plus a dedicated hosted instance, CRM integration, MS 365 integration, Call recording, hot desking, SMS and MMS, and video conferencing with up to 100 participants. 

Also, it is one of the best plans for efficient communication management for big companies. 

Dedicated Enterprise (€270) – this plan includes MS Teams integration, skill-based routing, start/stop call routing, custom IP, and video conferencing for up to 250 participants. 

This plan will work great for big enterprises. 

The self-managed plans are Dedicated Standard, Dedicated Pro, and Dedicated Enterprise. The prices are lower than in hosted plans. You can review full price lists in more detail on the 3CX website.



How to Get Started with 3CX StartUP

Let’s take a look at the whole process. 

  • Visit the 3CX page, then sign up with your Email Address or Google Account; a video instruction is also available. 
  • Fill out all the details.
  • Click on Agree to the license agreement > next. 
  • Choose from the Hosted or DIY options. Because we are reviewing the StartUP, click on the “3CX Hosted” > next “Up to 10 users 3CX StartUP” 
  • Add users (up to 10) by filling out their First, Last names, and emails and choosing a role for each user > next > Set up a SIP Trunk or skip the step for later > Next. 
  • On the tab “Connect through Live Chat,” choose “yes” for the first two options, and paste the URL of your website you would like to add a Live Chat to.
  • Afterward, you will be provided with the 3CX Talk Link that you need to add to your WP website (the plugin installation and connection is presented in the next paragraph).

Your next steps to finish the setup of the 3CX StartUP are:

  • Click on Next and Get the Credentials for the Web Client dashboard 
  • Login with the credentials provided 
  • Go to Office Settings > Voice and Chat 

Customize the LiveChat

Now, I believe it is time to customize the live chat. You can edit the one we have already created or add a new one by clicking on the “+ Add LiveChat” button.

  • You can see the website URL, Destination fields that you can edit or leave as it is. 
  • Under the Chat Options tab, choose what information you want to require from visitors – Name and Email, Name, Email, or None. 
  • Also, choose whether you want to allow “Chat Only,” “Phone and Chat,” or “Video, Phone, and Chat.” 
  • Choose whether or not you want to have a call button on your chat. 
  • Under the Style, options tab choose the color scheme (you will be able to review all your visual customizations right away in a quick preview)
  • The last step is to click on “Save.” 

How to Add 3CX Live Chat to Your WP

Now, as far as you are set with the account, it is time to connect it to your WordPress website. Follow the steps mentioned down below to do so: 

  • Go to WP back-end > Plugins > Add New 
  • On the search line, type “3CX Free LiveChat” 
  • Click on Install > Activate 

After getting done with the first few points, complete the following:

  • Click on the 3CX Live Chat on the left-side menu of your website’s back-end 
  • Paste the 3CX Talk URL given while setting up the account 
  • Copy-paste the code to the website pages where you want the live chat to appear 

The last step would be to test. 



So, to wrap things up with 3CX, we can say that this is one of the most astonishing live chat solutions available out there on the net. 3CX is simple to use, offers enough functionality, and also comes with a free forever plan for a business communication system, helping you centralize all of your business communication in one place. 

Indeed, if this will be your final choice, then you can be confident in it, as this plugin is highly reliable and has amazing support. 

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