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5 Best Shopify SMS Marketing Apps for 2023

In this ever-changing framework of e-commerce, the only way stores can ensure sustainability is the consistent communication with their customers. One of the ways of engaging with customers and understanding their behavior and needs better, thus increasing revenue and getting higher Return on Investment (ROI), is short message service (SMS) marketing, or as commonly referred to, text marketing. 

Study shows that customers open short text messages more often than any other communicative messages, such as emails or Instagram and Facebook texts. With its higher open and response rates, SMS marketing messages are considered one of the best tools to leverage to improve two-way communication with your customers and grow your store’s revenue. 

In this article, we are going to explore 5 best SMS marketing platforms for your Shopify store to boost its text marketing and overall functioning.
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1. Postscript

the website of postscript shopify sms marketing app

Postscript is a highly-rated Shopify SMS marketing app with a 4.9-star rating used by 9000+ stores on Shopify. It helps in generating and optimizing high conversion and sales rates. With its diverse set of tools, it enables you to develop highly-targeted campaigns and improve the store’s customer service.  

With Postscript, you can grow your SMS subscriber list with desktop and mobile pop ups. You can also target the right person with the right text messages at the right time with Postscript’s narrowed segments and engage in two-way messaging with automated responses. 

Key Features –

  1. Personalized messages; narrowed subscriber and customer segments with 40 segmentation filters (Shopify data, SMS activity, etc.),
  2. 80+ triggers and 40 user filters,
  3. Visual flow builder,
  4. Quick message delivery, even in high traffic times,
  5. Automated replies (welcome series, post-purchase, abandoned cart, back-in-stock notifications, shipping updates, etc.),
  6. In-app automation templates,
  7. Opt-in keywords,
  8. Analytics and reports,
  9. Integrations and API.

Pricing Plans – Postscripts offers 3 plans of use: Free, Growth, and Professional. The free trial and free plan allow its users to do campaigns with automation, create up to 40 segments, and subscriber list growing tools (+2 opt-in keywords). At this point, the Growth plan’s monthly price is $100, and the Professional’s is $500. Note that carrier fees are not included, and they might vary depending on your number of contacts and messages. 

2. Firepush

the website of firepush sms and email marketing shopify app

Firepush is one of the best all-in-one marketing platforms designed for SMS, push notifications, and email marketing used by more than 20000 Shopify stores in 130+ countries. In this article, we will concentrate only on SMS marketing for Shopify stores. 

Leveraging the robust set of tools that Firepush enables, you can raise your conversion rates and engage with your existing and/or potential customers using text messages and web notifications. With Firepush, you can create SMS for marketing campaigns, set SMS automation, and segmentation to get to your targeted customers with targeted text messages. Firepush strives to provide handy tools for a better user experience. You can create SMS campaigns in seconds, thus making interaction with each customer even faster and better.

Key Features –

  1. Quick campaigns set-ups for time-sensitive campaigns,
  2. Easy-to-apply automation with templates (abandoned cart, win-back customer, new customer welcome, order confirmation, etc.),
  3. Diverse segmentation for personalized offers and better targeting,
  4. Detailed analytics > optimized campaigns,
  5. SMS list-building tools (pop ups, embedded signup boxes, integrations, etc.)
  6. Sender ID (Brand name) for high open rates.

Pricing Plans – Firepush has three plans – Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Firepush has also a free trial of up to 250 contacts, 500 emails, 500 web pushes, and 60 SMS. If your number exceeds the limitations, then the fees might vary depending on your contact and message numbers. You can go here and adjust your numbers and get the corresponding prices.

3. Omnisend

the website of omnisend shopify sms and email marketing app

Omnisend provides a full suite of tools for email and SMS marketing, preventing your Shopify website from being overloaded by tons of apps. With Omnisdend, you can develop two-way communication making your user engagement seamless and increasing retention rates

Omnisend provides its users with SMS channel reports consistently, making sure that users keep track of their performance, spot failures, and make data-driven adjustments and improvements.

Key Features –

  1. Pre-built SMS automation workflows(card abandonment birthday, order, shipping notifications, etc.),
  2. SMS and MMS messages,
  3. Precisely targeted SMS campaigns,
  4. SMS list-building tools (integrated forms),
  5. TCPA compliance,
  6. Two-way messaging (available with Gorgias integration),
  7. Regular SMS channel reports and analytics
  8. Global audience reach.

Pricing Plans – Omnisend offers three pricing plans – Free, Standard, and Pro. The free plan allows users to reach up to 250 contacts and send 500 emails a month, up to 60 SMS, and 500 web pushes. If your numbers are above these limitations, you can go here, insert your desired number and adjust the prices.

4. Privy

the website of privy shopify sms marketing app

In order to ensure their Shopify stores’ high-quality SMS and email marketing, increased conversion rates, and profit margin improvement, many business owners prefer Privy. Privy stands out with its ease of use, being the right for everyone, even for those with no special expertise in designing email newsletters, launching pop-ups, and automating money-making texts.

Privy is a high-ranking Shopify app used by more than 24000 Shopify users. You can start by generating and growing your SMS and contact list with the tools and templates that Privy enables – popups, forms, and newsletters. You can then go on writing your text messages on sales, new arrivals, limited coupons, abandoned carts, etc. For the latter, you can also trigger the settings on minimum and maximum cart values for them to be sent. With Privy’s dozens of segmentation settings, you can also get to your targeted contact with the right text message!

Key Features –

  1. Over 60 free SMS marketing templates (welcome texts, announcements and offers broadcast texts, and abandoned cart texts),
  2. SMS list-growing tools (pop ups, forms, newsletters),
  3. Trigger settings on the message-sending process,
  4. Dozens of personalization settings,
  5. Automation (paid plans).

Pricing – Privy has three plans – Free plan, Starter plan, and Growth plan. Unfortunately, the first two plans do not offer SMS marketing. Nevertheless, with the free plan, you can grow a list of 100 mailable contacts, access all popup types, and sync with email service providers. The Starter plan starts at $30/ month and includes everything in the Free plan plus full access to email marketing, advanced targeting, and up to 1500 mailable contacts with unlimited emails. Finally, the Growth plan, which starts at $45/ month, enables everything available in the Starter plan plus full access to SMS marketing, advanced SMS marketing and automation, and up to 2000 email and 75 textable contacts.

5. Plexins

the website of plexins shopify sms marketing app

Running a successful Shopify store is no small feat. With so much competition and ever-evolving consumer behavior, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Fortunately, Plexins is here to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce and drive your store’s success.

Plexins provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features that enable Shopify sellers to optimize their store’s performance and drive revenue growth. Its user collection section allows you to collect customer information through customizable pop ups, exit intent campaigns, and keyword triggers. You can also use these features to build targeted lead-generation campaigns that help you grow your email list and drive more traffic to your store. 

With Plexins, you can create highly personalized marketing campaigns for your segmented audience. With AI-powered segmentation tools, you can easily categorize your customers based on their preferences, interest, age, buying histories, etc. This way, you will reach your target with the right SMS at the right time.

Key features –

  1. Diverse tools to grow the SMS subscriber list (Opt-in pop ups and personalized keywords, QR codes, etc.),
  2. Top-performing SMS, Email, and campaign templates,
  3. Visual flow builder,
  4. Built-in compliance and deliverability,
  5. 1000+ segment solutions to filter targeted subscribers (interest, age, buying history, etc.),
  6. Automation trigger.

Pricing –  At this point, all features on Plexins are FREE, and it has the lowest prices for both emails and SMS, $0.0008 and $0.11, accordingly. 

Tip: Plexins has prepared a $10 bonus for new users!

In closing

With its higher open rates, SMS marketing is widely used by marketers to reach the desired results of making more profitable sales. If done right, SMS marketing can serve to boost your brand awareness and increase your sales while enabling you to reach your targeted audience. 

Most of the apps presented above offer combined marketing options, such as SMS and email marketing. Study shows that one can get better results by combining these two and reaching wider audiences. 

Your best SMS marketing strategy starts with the best SMS marketing app that you apply. So, go and check out all the 5 best Shopify SMS marketing apps we have prepared for you. And, do not forget to write your favorite one in the comments!

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