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How to Increase Sales with Zotabox | 2023 Review WPGlob

Having a high volume of website traffic does not guarantee high sales performance. So, you need to develop your website and add engaging tools to increase sales with existing visitors. In this article, we will learn about one of the must-have apps for e-commerce websites and explore its main features to help you in this. Zotabox is an all-in-one sales promoting app with 20+ sales promotion tools that will convert your visitors to loyal customers. With its all-inclusiveness, Zotabox will ensure your website works properly, enabling all the tools you need to promote your sales in just one app. 

Who can use Zotabox? Everyone. 

Zotabox supports all websites, so it does not matter whether you are a WordPress, Shopify, or Wix user; you can make use of it. It is also integrated with more than 20 email service providers. Regarding professional background, with its flexible and easy-to-use interface, Zotabox is for everyone with no coding or marketing background. This app is very helpful for small businesses or those with a limited budget that cannot afford an entire marketing team to increase sales.

If you are ready to discover how to improve sales performance, then let’s dive into it!

4 Tools for Increased Sales

Easy Pop-up

Pop-ups are vital for lead generation by ensuring further communication with prospective customers. The latter can be achieved by growing your mailing list and reducing the bounce rate with your engaging content.  

Zotabox’s pop-ups stand out with their flexibility: they can be easily customized according to your preferences. Besides changing the pop-up designs, you can also choose:

  1. whom to show your pop-ups (all users, active users, or leaving users, etc.),
  2. when to display (immediately, after some time, when scrolling down, when leaving the page, etc.)
  3. where to display (on which pages to show), and
  4. the time of activation and deactivation. 

When done right, pop-ups can serve your goals. For this, do not forget to go to “Promo ideas” by Zotabox and make your pop-ups even better. 

Display Options Available on Zotabox
Display options on Zotabox
An example of easy pop up tool done with the Zotabox app
An example of Easy Pop Up

Header bars 

The website header is important because it is usually the first hook your website visitor sees. Whenever you have website visitors, you want to make sure they do something: sign up for your newsletter, purchase your product, download your product’s demo version, etc. You make your visitors interact with your content by calling them to action. Header bars are a great option to do so. 

Zotabox enables you with all the tools to make the catchiest header bar. You can add email capture fields, coupon codes, a countdown timer, and social sharing buttons. Moreover, you can choose the display options, such as “who to show,” “when to display,” “when to hide,” “location,” etc. You can also take a look at their “Promo ideas” section if you are running out of header bar ideas or want to learn some tips on making a nicer one. 

Header bar example to catch customers' attention
The dashboard and the preview of a Header Bar

Tip: Adding a countdown timer will motivate your visitors to fasten their actions up!

Notification box and Slide Box

To make your users’ experience more accessible, use notification and slide boxes. Notification and slide boxes enable you to inform your customers of some important and/or urgent news, specials, discounts, or the highly-demanded product again available in your shop, etc. 

Zotabox enables you to customize the templates, add functions, and, again, choose the display options and make the best use of these tools. 

Zotabox Notification box at the bottom of the website
Notification box preview example

Promo Box and Showcase Slider

To showcase and promote your bestselling products, you can use either promo boxes or showcase sliders. Although these tools serve the same purpose, they are slightly different. Promo boxes show your items one by one, while the showcase slider displays them in a row. 

Promo Box showcasing tool
Showcase Slider tool

Promo boxes and Showcase sliders are great ways to introduce your visitors to your best-selling products without them entering your store page.

From Better Communication to Sales Boost

Facebook Live Chat 

Better communication with your website visitors/customers starts when you answer all their lingering questions that might arise. Zotabox allows you to create a chat box and attach it to your Facebook account. It has a wide range of designs and display modes: whether you want your chat box to appear on all pages of your website or be visible to anyone, etc.

Contact Form 

The “Contact Us” form gives your visitors and customers reliability: they realize that whenever they need your help, they can fill in their names and emails and write their concerns, suggestions, and comments. This way, you ensure that your visitors and customers do not exit your page with dissatisfaction and with failure of communication. With Zotabox, you can add the contact form, which is as flexible as the latter features that it offers you: you can choose a background picture, select its location, and display options.

Extra Tools from Zotabox

The abovementioned tools were the main features you could leverage to boost your sales and communication with your visitors/customers. Alongside those tools, you can use Zotabox’s extra tools to get even better results. Here are the tools:

  1. Review/Testimonial 
  2. Social Buttons
  3. Cookies
  4. Store Locator

Online shopping can make your potential customers hesitate to buy your products, especially when you lack reviews and testimonials. Reviews and testimonials are essential to assuring your customers of your high-quality products and services. With Zotabox, you can introduce your reviews from Facebook and other platforms to your website. You can also choose how many reviews to show, the speed of transitions, the order, and the limit of reviews. 

Remember: A 4.9-star rating works better than a 5-star rating. So, if you think about bringing the 5-start reviews only, remember that customers realize that not everything can be perfect, and they like authenticity. 

Social buttons are a great way to increase your visibility on other social platforms. People might be more active and comfortable on Instagram or Facebook, so make sure to keep your accounts active so that you can reach out to your potential customers even faster. This way, you can raise awareness about your brand and bring traffic to your website.

With Zotabox, you can connect your website to over 20 social accounts. Apart from that, you can choose messaging buttons that will directly lead to contacting you with their preferred platform. 

By the way, Facebook still remains the most popular social media platform, with almost 2.9 billion active users, so make sure you have a Facebook account!


Zotabox has three pricing plans, “Starter,” “Express,” and “Platinum,” for 5000, 25000, and 150000 visits, respectively. Alongside its paid plans, Zotabox allows its users a 30-day free trial. This way, you can better understand if the app fits you and your needs. 

Zotabox has two billing periods – monthly and yearly. The prices for monthly subscriptions are the following:

  1. Starter – $12.99,9/ a month
  2. Express – $29.99 / a month
  3. Platinum – $79.99 / a month

Using the annual subscriptions, you can save up to 30%, and the costs will be the following:

  1. Starter – $9.09 / a month
  2. Express – $20.99 / a month
  3. Platinum – $55.99 / a month

Considering the tools that Zotabox provides its users with, both billing periods prove them to be affordable and worth the price. 

How to Add Zotabox to Your WP Website

To add Zotabox plugin to your WP you need to the following:

  1. Admin’s Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  2. Type “Zotabox”
  3. Install and Activate

Useful: If you are a newbie to WordPress, or just want to know how to install plugins, read this detailed step-by-step guide

Final Thoughts

If you do not want to overload your website with tons of apps and/or plugins for each of the features we have discussed before and harm its speed, then try Zotabox – a handy promotional app. You can now go and try your free trial, test its various tools and features, and share your experience with us.

Do not forget to follow Zotabox’s “Promo Ideas” page, where you can improve your website’s sales performance in more thoughtful, innovative, and creative ways. 

If you have any questions left, read our FAQ section below.

FAQ about Zotabox

Q1: Will Zotabox slow down my site speed?

A1: No. Zotabox will not damage your website’s speed. Note that the loading time can also depend on the Internet, location, and other third-party tools. So, consider deleting unnecessary or unused apps. 

Q2: Does Zotabox offer a Free plan?

A2: At this point, there is no free plan for Zotabox. On the other hand, it offers free trials of 14 and 30 days on all its tools with a money-back guarantee if you do not increase sales within your website. 

Q3: What happens if I reach my monthly customer visit limit?

A3: The Zotabox tools will automatically turn off if your website traffic surpasses 120% of your monthly visits. However, you will be notified when reaching 95% and 120% visits.

Q4: Do Zotabox tools display on mobile devices?

A4: Some Zotabox tools do not appear on phone devices because they look bad there. You can manage those that can be displayed on smaller screens in the “Display Options” section for each tool. 

Q5: Can I create several Zotabox tools for the same website?

A5: Yes, you can. Using the multiple tool feature you can make several examples of the same tool.


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