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Youtube Influencer Marketing for Plugin growth 

Youtube Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular with the sudden automation of all types of Content Creation via AI. I wouldn’t start my post preaching about how bad AI is for future Influencers and marketing specialists. That is a huge bummer. On the contrary, we all love watching each other, exploring, and learning from one another.

For WordPress plugin marketing, visualization plays a huge role. The potential customer is looking for ways of finding others who are using your product just as they want to. Through Youtube influencer marketing you can be the one who guides your clients through the journey of using your product for a worthy outcome. 

Why is Youtube the most popular video platform for digital products?

Let’s answer this question once and for all. If not on Youtube then where are the majority of people searching for visual demonstrations to their questions concerning digital products? 

To move forward I would like to bring forward a quick statistic from a survey conducted by Think with Google

Top 5 Infographics on Youtube Reach and Engagement.

  • Users: YouTube monthly users overpass 2 billion
  • Diversity: Youtube has users from over 150 countries
  • Audience Age: There is a common stereotype that youtube is only popular among millennials, in 2022 continuing in 2023 Youtube watch time demographics grow among older audiences, in other words, decision-makers when it comes to finances. 
  • Exploring: According to “Think with Google” over 90% of people discover new products and companies on Youtube
  • Impact: As of 2023 video became 82% of global traffic.  

How can Youtube Marketing influence your plugin’s overall engagement  

Youtube influencer marketing for wordpress plugins

While making a decision on whether or not to buy your product, your potential clients are looking into the features that will help them to reach their goals.
Let’s bring an example if you have let’s say a quiz-making plugin, your potential client is probably looking for a tool with features such as unlimited questions and answers, flexible question types, image questions, etc. What better way of showcasing your customers all these features combined than a video review

Social proving your plugin with customer success stories could play a great role in decision-making, as real cases and customer testimonials build trust around your product. 

Step by Step tutorial is something that you probably can not win over your competitors without. Guiding and educating your customers about your plugin is the best way for maintaining long-term relationships. Also, this can help a great deal with your support queries as you can create video series of the most popular questions around your plugin. 

What is a Good Youtube Marketing Strategy

After all, where to start, it can’t be that easy right?
And you are absolutely right, even though Youtube marketing has the most instant impact compared to SEO where to see real results of your strategy you have to wait up to 12 months, it’s still hard to rise on youtube when you are just starting.

Here are some tips I advise you to do before going on with your own Youtube Channel.

Raise awareness around your company and product.

Engage in influencer Marketing, it will help to bring awareness and point interest towards your product and among the Youtube community. 

Before starting your own channel you need to:

  1. Define your goal: As a plugin-developing company, there are several ways that you can engage customers. The first is by sharing general tips on your niche. Let’s say you developed a CRM plugin, your channel can either give overall tips on customer management or be product orientated meaning. It means you can make videos on your plugin and its use cases. 
  2. Have a basic set-up: If you are just getting started you shouldn’t invest in YouTube geek at once. It is better to start with what you have, in many cases even your phone camera will do. 

Another way is to outsource your YouTube marketing efforts for some time. Hiring an external influencers team or utilizing an influencer search tool can be great as you will invest in a team of professionals, and will not have to worry about missing out on anything as a beginner. Also with an outsourcing team, you will not have to worry about the video setup but also the first setup of your channel. There are many outsourced YouTube marketing companies that have different plans for beginners. 

Promoting your channel: To grow your channel you must actively share your videos on different platforms. Youtube is based on viewer retention and at first, it can be difficult to convince YouTube to recommend your videos. 

How to optimize Youtube Videos for Youtube and Video SEO 

There are two ways of reaching potential viewers. The first is Youtube SEO, which makes your videos appear on search results on Youtube. The second is Video SEO which is the Video Content that popups up while searching on Google. 

1. How to do basic Youtube SEO 

  • Main Keywords: Identify one main keyword for your videos
  • Competitor Overview: If you are just starting, competing with community leaders is not a good idea. Your products can have the same performance, but your videos will not if they have a long-lasting and strong presence on Youtube.
  • Identifying niche: I recommend you narrow down your niche and not choose the general subject. Instead, try to break down those general subjects into pieces. While choosing a main keyword and topic always evaluate your chances to appear on the search result in compersion with the view count, subscribers, and niche of those on the first page. 
  • Optimizing the Video: Use the keyword as your video file name. Include it in the Title and description, and tags, as well. 
  • Thumbnails: Do not miss out to create stunning YouTube thumbnails, always use clear text. 

2. How to do Video SEO 

Video SEO is for ranking your video on search engines. While creating one use bright and bold colors, and high-contrast images, clear and readable text, faces. 

  • Everything mentioned for Youtube SEO stays for Video SEO, with several additions.
  • Timestamps: Adding chapters to your videos helps google break down your content into logical parts, making it easier to access. 
  • Captions: Closed captions and transcripts not only make your video accessible to a wider audience but also provide search engines with additional text to index. 
  • Keyword Optimized description: Stuffing your description with keywords is no option. However, one that is optimized to view search intent will increase the video’s discoverability.
  • Keywords in speech: You do not have to worry about this one if your actual video content matches your topic. But it’s good to know that both youtube and Google use speech detection and can understand the topic through the videos. 
  • AI Text-to-Speech: Utilizing AI text-to-speech technology can be an effective way to create engaging and diverse video content. 
  • Audio and Video Quality: Youtube and Google pay a lot of attention to user experience as both are user-based platforms. Audio and Video qualities are key points for user experience. 

You have to keep in mind the content itself plays the greatest role in success. So always present valuable content to your audience. 

Based on my experience, people who display Promotional Videos or Plugin Reviews on their wp.org product page, create step-by-step tutorials on Youtube for a better user experience and educate their clients, increasing their sales by 54%. This number is pretty impressive given the fact that you can simply outsource those YouTube Marketing efforts, trusting professionals who are not only spokespersons but experts in WordPress. 

And if you decide to move forward as an influencer on YouTube, always keep in mind to stay multichannel and promote your videos on other platforms, you might even go as far as placing a QR taking to your channel page on your profile using a dynamic qr code generator.

So you might as well get started with WPGlob! 

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