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How To Promote Your Newly Launched WordPress Plugin

If you develop a marketable WordPress plugin and want to promote it, then you have to follow some instructions. 

So, in this article, we’ll discuss how to advance a newly launched WordPress plugin in the right way, so that you can get target audiences.  

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Start With a Detailed Promotional Plan for your WordPress plugin

Once you have already developed a marketable plugin, firstly you need to prepare a detailed promotional plan and set appropriate aims. 

Before preparing a promotional plan, you must know the main types of promotional techniques, which will help you to organize your task planning. Seamlessly integrate these promotional techniques into your workflow with the assistance of a specialized work planner. This app serves as a central hub for organizing and implementing your strategies, ensuring that each task is meticulously planned and executed.  Additionally, you can use schedule planner templates to optimize your promotional efforts for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

The two leading promotional method types are as follows:

  • On-site promotional methods
  • Off-site promotional methods

Here we’ll especially focus on off-site promotional methods because they are the best way to drive traffic to your plugin. 

On-Site Promotional Methods

Now we can take a look at key promotional methods of on-site and off-site promotions. And, firstly we’ll talk about on-site promotional plans which consist of 5 methods. 

  1. Create a website: A dedicated website helps you to make a brand value for your plugin, as well as enables you to sell them in the marketplaces of premium plugins. 
  2. Create Blog and Video Content: Making articles and video content can help you to get new users to your site. To create more customer trust in your site and product you have to make more information content. 
  3. Start an Affiliate Program: Once starting an affiliate program you can get your customers to guide your plugin to others. If you offer an affiliate bonus for every sale your users will mention your product even more. Yet, to start this program,  you should form a small to medium customer base. 
  4. Utilize Social Media Marketing: Social media is of the leading role in the modern world, where people spend most of their time. Creating on-point and relevant content will help you to reach your target audience. For sure, you’ll get high traction, then you would expect. 
  5. Create an Email List and Send Regular Email Newsletters: Collecting email leads (through pop-ups, opt-in forms, etc) enable you to communicate directly via your users’ inbox. 
on-site promotional methods

Despite the fact, that all of the on-site methods are, of course, must-have strategies, sometimes they don’t have the needed influence on sales and expand a brand value. 

Off-Site Promotional Methods

If you want to develop a plugin that will hold you in the market very long time, then you have to be compatible with off-site promotion. While on-site promotion can provide the basic promotion for your plugin, off-site promotion increases your WordPress product and helps it to get its main goals. 

The principal off-site promotional ways are the followings:

  • Outreach to Other Website Owners 
  • Take the Advantage of Different plugin directories
  • Write Guest Posts
  • Get Your Product Reviewed 

Let’s now thoroughly investigate why and how each of these methods is important. And also find practical tips to promote your newly launched WordPress plugin. 

off-site promotional methods

1. Outreach to Other Website Owners

The main purpose and objective of reaching out to other websites are to get quality backlinks and spread positive info about your plugin out there. Outreaching to various websites brings different opportunities. And now let’s find out the importance of outreaching the two abovementioned reasons.

Outreach to Applicable Website Owners

One of the principal motives for outreaching out to other website owners is to gain backlinks to your website. Backlinks are very important, as they act as a vote of credibility. And also getting enough rate of backlinks will transmit a picture of your site to Google. And here we front one of the major algorithms of Google, which is influenced by how many rate backlinks a page has. 

Outreach to Industry Influencers 

Outreaching popular influencers enables you to expand your business. Influencers’ outreach is useful, as they have large audiences trusting their judgments. When reaching an influencer, you have to:

  • Know what is your purposes 
  • Find right influencers
  • Form a relationship with an influencer
  • Make an influencer curious about your product
  • Evaluate the process 

This is useful, because influencer marketing sends in more targeted audiences, unlike the other marketing channels. 

2. Take Advantage of the Plugin Directories

There are various types of plugin-free and premium directories hosting WordPress plugins.  You can market your product to the premium plugin directories, as well as there are WordPress free hosting directories, like WP Hive

Plugin directories increase the sale possibility of your plugin, as well as help your audience to get developed insights into your plugin. Due to plugin directories, you can gain a highly targeted audience for your website. 

3. Write Guests Blogs

Guests blogs writing is one of the best methods of newly launched WordPress plugin promotion. Publishing the same content written to an outstanding website provides 3 principal benefits:

  • By getting backlinks to your website, you will reach some traffic as well
  • You can boost your plugin in a modest way
  • You’ll make prolonged brand value for your plugin.

4. Get your WordPress Plugin Reviewed 

WordPress today controls over 43% of websites in the world. A large number of customers utilizing WordPress, constantly are looking for new tools to promote their websites.  And therefore if you are able to corporate with the best WordPress blogs to write a review on your WordPress newly launched plugin, it will enable you to reach a thousand customers, even millions.  

And so if you are wondering how to boost your newly launched plugin review articles will help you surely, because 88% of users pay huge attention to reviews.

Boost Your WordPress Plugin Due To WP Hive

WP Hive Chrome extension

WP Hive is a free-to-use platform that has reserved pages for each plugin 

downloaded on the official WordPress.org. It displays thorough insight into a plugin, as well as enables customers to compare plugins to understand which one acts better technically. 

WP Hive helps newly launched plugins acquire thousands of users by posting unbiased and accurate reviews.  Also, they have an affordable pricing plan for reviewing and posting your plugin. 

Final Thoughts

In this article, we tackled the importance of newly launched WordPress plugin promotion. The creation of a plugin is not enough, you also must boost it to sell. 

Already you know the two principal ways of promoting your newly launched plugin, as well as how to utilize both on-site and off-site promotion method types.

Also, WP Hive can help you in this WordPress journey to make your plugin marketable, eye-catching, and highly demanded.

So, already you can make your newly launched WordPress plugin a success. And of course, do not forget to read our article on the best content writing tools to generally improve writing quality on your blogs or guest-posted articles, and thus promote the value of your product.

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