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WPGlob: WordPress Plugin Marketing Agency

Do you have a WordPress plugin and want to get the best marketing strategy to boost its development?

Then Congratulations! You are in the right place.

WPGlob is the first and only agency that is specialized specifically in WordPress plugin marketing and promotion.

Keep reading, as something interesting is here to come.


Why Marketing is Important for WordPress Plugins?

If you still have some doubts and feel uncertain regarding the importance of marketing for your WordPress plugin, then let’s clarify this question together and arrive at the final answer.

Of course, it is crucially important to firstly develop a well-functioning and user-friendly WordPress plugin to meet the needs of certain target segments. However, the WordPress plugin market is really huge and the competition is high.

Thus, in order to succeed in the competitive market, you need to acquire a relevant marketing strategy.

Both content and video marketing strategies perfectly contribute to the process of attracting new prospects and increasing sales.

Now, let’s move forward to learn more about the WPGlob WordPress plugin marketing agency and see how our warm and professional team can help you boost your plugin with advanced marketing strategies, techniques, and tools.

Introduction to WPGlob


WPGlob is a specialized platform where you can find WordPress tutorials, articles, reviews, and valuable tips.

You can find SEO-friendly, unique and plagiarism-free articles in the WPGlob blog. The following categories are available for articles.

  • Plugin Reviews: This category includes various review articles on different plugins without any limitations. Our specialists conduct a detailed review on a certain plugin and create unique, detailed, and informative review articles.
  • Beginners Guide: As you might have already guessed this category is mostly for those users who make their first moves in the sphere of WordPress. If you need detailed guidelines and primary knowledge on how to use WordPress then hurry up to explore the articles.
  • Holidays: Surely, everyone prefers to get the most up-to-date information on time. Hundreds of people search for a platform where they can get the most recent news on the best seasonal deals. The Holidays category is a perfect platform to get valuable and updated information about special deals, discounts, and trending offers.
  • Plugin Marketing: This section is specifically for those who want to promote their WordPress product among a certain target segment. Here you can find primary tips and recommendations from our specialists on how to develop your plugin marketing to get maximum results.
  • Top Lists: To make your WordPress experience easier and smoother we’ve created the Top Lists category to help you find the best solution for you. We publish plugin listing articles on different topics where we introduce all the important advantages and functionalities that each plugin offers. Thus, if you want to find a plugin that perfectly meets your standards then you’d better visit our Top lists. Believe me, the best solution is waiting for you there.

Free Plugin Consulting

As you know, for productive marketing it is crucially important to build a strong strategy that is specifically designed for YOUR product. Trying various marketing tools and hoping to get positive outcomes is a common mistake that you should avoid. There is absolutely no need to waste your time and resources on testing all the marketing campaigns. As a result, you will end up with wasted resources and get nothing beneficial in return.

Here also, WPGlob never stops surprising its audience!

Besides providing professional articles to the WordPress community, WPGlob provides a chance to get a Free Plugin Consulting. This opportunity is available to absolutely EVERYONE!

Basically, you need to submit the form and the specialists will get in touch with you in a short while. The primary advantage of this opportunity is that each plugin gets an individual approach and consulting. After the first analysis, WPGlob specialists identify the strengths and weaknesses of the plugin and make some notes on how to improve certain aspects. Moreover, at the end of the analysis, they make personalized offers to each of the plugins.

Besides, there is an option to arrange an online meeting and discuss the analysis and the offers in detail. WPGlob specialists are always ready to provide high-quality support and answers to any questions.

Hurry up to get your first plugin consulting without any charge!

Content Marketing from WPGlob


It is highly important to note that WPGlob operates for only 4 months and has a 64 Domain Rating (DR). The monthly visits are 15,000+ from the USA, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, France, and India. Besides, some of the articles already rank the first places of the search.

Now let’s move forward and get acquainted with the unique content marketing services that you can get in collaboration with our WordPress plugin marketing agency.

Individual Plugin/Theme Review Articles

The content writing department of WPGlob creates SEO-friendly, unique and plagiarism-free articles. It’s a great marketing strategy to attract more potential users.

First of all, the development team of WPGlob researches the product and identifies the key functionalities. Afterward, the content writing department conducts professional keyword research before starting the writing process. Moreover, they add do-follow links which are lifetime.

Feel free to read examples of review articles for The Event Calendar plugin, WPCalorie Calculator plugin, and the others on our blog.

Plugin/Theme Listing Articles

What do customers like to do most? Surely, they prefer to compare different products that belong in a certain sphere to identify the best choice for themselves.

This is a common practice in almost every sphere. Usually, potential customers conduct their own research or ask other people for feedback.

WPGlob suggests an alternative solution to make the process of identifying the right choice easier for our everyone!

Each week we update our blog with a new plugin or theme listing articles. Now, you might wonder how it works?

Basically, our specialists conduct deep research and identify the best plugins/themes in a certain narrow field. For example, our specialists have chosen the best delivery and shipping plugins which we find the most user-friendly and functional. Then, the content writing department conducted keyword research. Finally, the article is ready.

A more surprising fact is that all the processes are done in a week!

Visit our blog to read more listing articles.

WP.ORG Texts with F.A.Qs

As I have mentioned before WPGlob is specialized particularly in plugin marketing development. A professional, long, and informative WordPress.org text may be the first impression about your plugin.

Imagine yourself choosing a product. Would you prefer the one that has a short and general description? Of course, No!

So, you need to make your product appealing from first sight.

How can the WPGlob team help you?

Again, WPGlob specialists conduct advanced keyword research first. Then, create a long, detailed, and informative text for your WP.org page where all the functionalities are included.

Moreover, including Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs) is greatly important. The reason is that sometimes visitors don’t want to spend their time contacting the product developer to ask questions. Instead, they try to get answers to the general questions in your WP.org text. So, the best solution is to select some questions which may be asked frequently and provide detailed answers in advance!

With WP.org text our specialists also provide 10+ F.A.Qs regarding the plugin.

Feel free to read the WP.org text of the Quiz Maker plugin which is in the first place in the search among quiz plugins.


Video Marketing from WPGlob

Now, it’s time to move to the importance of Video Marketing.

According to our experience in the field of WordPress visual content provides highly productive outcomes.

How can WPGlob specialists help you with visual content?

  • Animated Promotional Videos
    An animated Promotional Video is an innovative solution to provide an introduction to a certain product. A similar video created by the WPGlob team is for the AutoScroll Plugin. You can also embed the promotional video on your page on WP.org.
  • Long, detailed video reviews (10 min. +)
    Long and detailed videos are popular as the users can get all the answers to their questions while watching just a single video. An example of a long and detailed video review is the one created for the Quiz Maker plugin which became very popular in a short period of time.

    First of all, our development team researches the products and passes the materials to a native-English speaking specialist that describes all the key points, functionalities, and advantages in a very detailed manner.

    The video gets ready in a week.
  • Quick video reviews (~5 min.)
    A short and quick video review similar to the one created for the WPStream and the EngageBay boost the plugin marketing as well.
    Again, the video is created in cooperation with our development team and got ready in a week.
  • Tutorials
    Feel free to watch a video tutorial created for WooCommerce Subscriptions and Stripe payments . The structure of a tutorial video depends on your individual needs and preferences which are discussed beforehand.

You are more than welcome to visit our YouTube channel to see more examples of all the video types.




We have reached the end and now you are acquainted with the first and only WordPress plugin marketing agency.

Our mission is to create a real long-term value for your development.

WPGlob is a warm team that looks forward to collaborating with you and fully contributing to your product development.

If you like the article, do not hesitate to find us on Facebook and Twitter. For interesting WP tutorials, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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