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Best Form Plugins in WordPress 2024

Do you want to engage and interact with your WordPress website audience? Do you want to create opportunities for your website visitors to sign up for a newsletter or contact you? Maybe you want them to pass a survey?
All these can be easily done with the help of best-form plugins in WordPress.

Forms are essential tools that each website needs no matter in which sphere they do operate. With the help of forms, it is possible to create various engaging surveys for websites including surveys with conditional logic that are similar to live chats. Moreover, forms can be widely used in collecting customer feedback and recommendations.

Now you might ask how to create such forms?

Therefore, I have selected the best form plugins in WordPress that will help you build a long-lasting connection with your website visitors. Now it’s time to go through the best form plugins in WordPress and learn about their must-have functionalities and advantages.

1. Survey Maker


Survey Maker is another well-functioning plugin that you may choose to use. It allows to create various forms and fully customize them the way you wish. Honestly speaking, Survey Maker is distinguishable among other plugins thanks to its advanced customization features and user-friendly interface. This plugin requires no coding skills.

Smart forms are real with Survey Maker! Thanks to the WordPress Survey Maker plugin, you can provide a personalized experience to your audience. Basically said, you can allow users receive different questions based on the answer provided to the previous question. This feature will help you avoid unnecessary questions and make the form similar to a conversation.

By the way, the Survey Maker plugin in WordPress has a separate section for integrations. You are free to integrate your forms and surveys to MailChimp, Zapier, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Google Sheet, and so on. You can choose to collect users’ names and email addresses in order to include them in the integrated software automatically.

Moreover, I strongly recommend you to use the redirect after submission feature and redirect submissions to your preferred website. As a result, you will increase your website traffic and conversion rate.


WordPress Survey Maker plugin has a Free version. However, it also offers the following pricing packages.

  • Business package – $39 one-time payment
  • Developer package – $99 one-time payment

2. Advanced Forms Pro for ACF

the best for creator Advanced Forms Pro

Advanced Forms Pro for ACF is a robust WordPress form builder leveraging the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. It allows the creation of forms that render ACF field groups on the front end of a website. It can be used for standard contact or lead generation forms but can also be used to create and edit users as well as posts of any type. Here are some of its key features:

  • Utilizes ACF’s wide variety of field types including repeaters, date pickers, and galleries.
  • Options to define forms/fields via code or UI.
  • Control of form submissions through provided hooks or automatic saving.
  • Multi-step form creation.
  • Custom email sending features.
  • Slack integration for instant submission notifications.
  • Front-end user post and profile creation/editing.
  • Integrations with Mailchimp and Zapier for enhanced connectivity.


Advanced Forms Pro offers two paid plans, each designed for specific needs and wants. The pro plans come with a 30% license renewal discount, 1 year of updates and premium support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

  • Personal (1 site) – $49
  • Developer (unlimited sites) – $79

3. WPForms


WPForms is one of the powerful form plugins in WordPress. It has a very user-friendly and flexible interface. It is beginner-friendly and requires no coding skills at all. Moreover, you can create professional multi-page forms with advanced functionalities.

Besides, it is possible to fully customize the forms. You can make form submission simple with signatures, user registrations, and form abandonment. Furthermore, WPForms provide its users survey and poll add-ons. So, you can create a variety of forms. In addition, conversational forms are a great option to create interactive and engaging forms for your website visitors.

Do you have some concerns about getting spam?
Don’t worry, because anti-spam honeypots are there to help you get responses only from real people.


WPForms offers the following 5 packages:

  • Lite—Free
  • Basic—$39.50 per year
  • Plus—$99.50 per year
  • Pro—$199.50 per year
  • Elite—$299.50 per year

4. Formidable Form Builder


Formidable Forms allows its users to create both complex and quite simple forms in WordPress. It works best if you’re an advanced developer. In that case, you’ll be able to design professional and appealing forms if you know how to use all of its features. In fact, it’s not as beginner-friendly as other form plugins discussed.

With a wide range of integrations opportunities, including WooCommerce, you’ll definitely benefit, no matter whether you need an easy contact form or a complex survey.
WordPress Formidable Form Builder has a built-in survey feature. That is why you can effectively and quickly create advanced surveys with Net Promoter Scores (NPS), star ratings, image radio buttons, and so on.

Want to add some analysis of data? Cool! Different graphs and reports are present to help you analyze and demonstrate data.


  • Basic—$74 per year
  • Plus—$149 per year
  • Business—$299 per year
  • Elite—$599 per year

5. Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms plugin in WordPress is an easy and trustworthy tool to create different types of advanced tools.

The functionalities include multipage forms, conditional logic, file uploads, and so on. With gravity forms, users get more options compared to a typical single-page form. Moreover, automatic updates and high-quality support provide all the necessary resources that you need to run your forms efficiently.


Even though Gravity Forms does not have a Free version it has a lot of high-quality add-ons that are worth it!

The pricing packages are as follows.

  • Basic—$59 per year
  • Pro—$159 per year
  • Elite—$259 per year

6. RegistrationMagic

The next WordPress User Registration plugin is RegistrationMagic. Due to its vast functionalities, you are able to:

  • Create WordPress User Registration forms
  • Follow the submissions
  • Take payments
  • View the statistics
  • Change the user roles
  • Send Emails, etc.

Moreover, by installing and activating this plugin you will gain total control over the user registration on your website. As well as the customers will enjoy the best user experience by filling out the registration forms easily.


Besides the Free version, the plugin developers offer you a payable Pro version that will give you many more advanced features. Here are the payable version plans:

  • Premium: $89. This license is for a single site. By purchasing this plan you will get updates and quick support for a year. The package contains unlimited forms, 90+ powerful features, and 52 pro extensions.
  • Premium +: $189. This license is for a lifetime and enables you to work with unlimited sites, get updates and caring support. As well as you will earn unlimited forms, 90+ pro features, and 52 extensions.


Congrats! Now you are equipped with the best WordPress tools that will help you engage your website audience with different types of forms. I am sure that you realize the importance of forms on your website.

The above-discussed list consists of the best form builder plugins in WordPress. Hurry up to test them and identify the most successful and suitable one for your website. In case of any further questions feel free to get in touch with us in the comments section. By the way, we are waiting for your suggestions and recommendations, too.

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