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Maps Marker Pro – Best Mapping Plugin, or No Big Deal?

What is WordPress mapping? And why does everyone keeps telling you to install the Maps Marker Pro plugin? In this article, we are going to review the WordPress Maps Maker Pro plugin very carefully, including its main features, pros, and cons, and we will try to comprehend whether it is truly worth the hype.

If you are ready, let’s just start.


What are Plugins?

Because the format of this article – is beginner-friendly, let’s make sure everyone understands what we are talking about. So, plugins are add-ons, pieces of extra coding that add extra functionality to our website without the actual need to code. There are lots of different plugins available, such as SEO plugins, Discount plugins, Menu plugins, etc. Menus of those are available for free download in WordPress Plugin Directory. Some of the best you can check out in our “Top lists” category articles on our blog.

What are WordPress Map Plugins?

Say you have a physical shop that your customer may want to visit, and you’d like to visualize it. Here, of course, you would need a map, and preferably, a dynamic one. And here’s a solution for you. Using mapping WordPress plugins, you can add Google map to WordPress post or page, for example, or any other digital map on your WordPress website. This will increase the SEO of your site and, of course, make it more convenient for your consumers.


Maps Marker Pro Plugin

Maps Marker Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows pinning different map types to your website, not just maps, but the specific location you would like to choose. There are, of course, numerous plugins for embedding map types to your website, but we advise using Maps Marker Pro specifically, and there are reasons for that.

First, Maps Marker Pro is one of the most popular plugins, which sounds more like a consequence rather than a reason. But what does popularity mean? Double R, reliability, and reputation. A popular plugin should be reliable and cannot afford to let down its users since it is under the guidance of lots of people. Support Service of Maps Marker Pro is crazy fast, so if you need help – they will provide it. If, of course, their long list of Q&A won’t help you in the first place.

Second, safety. The information that you and your customers will share is secure and private. Maps Marker Pro does not use cookies, track your location, or sell your information to corporations, etc. Your privacy is guaranteed.

And third, progress. Maps Marker Pro is constantly updating, fusing with the constant changing of the Web and the demands of users.


The easiest step is going to be the installation of Maps Marker Pro. To install this plugin, just go to the back-end of your WordPress website, basically the admin’s dashboard. Afterward, click on “plugins,” then “add new,” and finally, on the search line, type “Maps Marker Pro.” Here you will be able to see it on the first line, click on download, then activate. Done, now you have this plugin, and it is ready to be customized and used.


Main Features

Now, let’s get to the main features in a more detailed fashion and see what makes Map Marker Pro so alluring to many WordPress website developers:

  • Filters: That helps users to omit irrelevant information and visualize only the things they need, so they can, for example, search for your shops in a certain area specifically.
  • Custom WordPress map with Markers: It is possible to mark different locations on the map; what is more, one can do that on separate layers – by creating animated markers through this WordPress map marker plugin.
  • Routs: Using Maps Marker Pro, one can create routes directly on the website where the map is embedded, and different kinds of routes, too: for pedestrians, cars, public transport users, etc. You can even enter the speed numbers to get the time results.
  • Figures: Maps Marker Pro supports polyline. Therefore, you can draw different geometrical forms on the maps directly.
  • Languages: Maps Marker Pro provides translation to 46 languages, making the maps even more convenient.
  • Geolocation: The plugin allows you to track your location. Therefore, it is easier for you to navigate and reach your destination.
  • Security: As we already mentioned, Maps Marker Pro is very careful with your information, and its moral code does not let them do anything with it. Suffice it to say; you can sleep calmly knowing that no one will compromise your data.
  • SEO: Having a plugged-in map increases your SEO levels, especially since this specific plugin is very much optimized.
  • Customization Options: You can change the appearance of your maps on your website however you want, starting with the size and finishing with the number of layers: Create a map with the most convenient design for you, or maybe the one that looks nice in integration with your website.
  • Share: Share your locations, routes, and favorite places on social media directly from the embedded maps! You can do that by sending a map to your phone (if you searched it on your computer) and get to the location without carrying a whole PC along with you.


Now I suggest that we take a look at the Maps Marker Pro plugin’s pricing of this plugin. So, this pro maps plugin offers three pricing plans:

  • Professional: all features mentioned, unexpired license key, valid for 25 WP websites, priority plus support, regular updates
  • Plus: every feature mentioned, license key (doesn’t expire), valid for 5 WP websites, priority support, regular updates
  • Personal: all featured mentioned, license key which does not expire, valid for 1 WordPress website, standard support, regular updates 

Those plans accordingly cost Personal – 39 €, Plus – 99 €, and Professional – 249 €, which can be quite pricey for small and medium-sized businesses, especially taking into consideration costs of other plugins, hosting services, etc. 


Pros & Cons

Nothing is perfect (and it is completely fine!) We recommend using Maps Marker Pro, but we do understand that there are some flaws. And it is our duty to warn you about the bad sides. So here are the cons of the plugin:

  • Pricey: There is no free version available for this plugin. There are three subscriptions Professional, Plus, and Personal: and the pro version is quite pricey (starting with 39 euros). Though there is no free version, the pro is worth it.
  • Speed: To be fair, it really concerns any other plugin, not just Maps Marker Pro – even plugins that have nothing to do with maps. Generally, the more plugins you use, the more they will slow down your website’s loading time a bit.

But let’s look at the positive side. Introducing pros:

  • Convenient. Since Map Marker Pro is constantly updating, it becomes more and more refined, and helpful. s
  • Intuitive. This plugin is user-friendly – more than that – it is beginner-friendly. The general structure of the plugin is really intuitive, so you don’t need to prepare yourself. But, if you don’t understand something, the developers of Maps Marker Pro have instructions, Q&A, and a Support Service, so you are fully backed up.
  • Highly Customizable: Maps Marker Pro allows you to customize your maps function, which is a rare thing for map plugins. Usually, you see really beautiful websites with ugly maps, but this won’t be a problem for you if you use Maps Marker Pro.

Is it Worth the Hype?

We discussed nearly everything related to this plugin, including main features, pros & cons, pricing, ease of use, and finally are ready to draw some conclusions. Maps Marker Pro is a nice plugin that can be considered one of the best on the market. It is straightforward in use and subsequently saves a great amount of your time. This plugin perfectly performs for what it is created, makes the process of embedding maps easier, and gives us lots of customization options. Therefore, it is definitely worth the hype around, and positive reviews are correct. Maps Marker Pro is what you need if you are looking for a simple interface and potent features.



To sum up the Maps Marker Pro article, I can say that the final choice is surely yours. Indeed this plugin offers lots of features and pros; however, there are many others that are compatible with it, and some of them are even available for completely free. You can take a look at our “Best Map Plugins” article and compare it with some others.

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