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GTranslate – WordPress Translation Plugin Overview

In this article, we are going to review one of the best translation plugins for WordPress GTranslate. I believe it is time to figure out if it is truly worth the hype around.

We will take a look at the main features, the platforms it works with, then separately how it works with WordPress, what features it offers, and the pricing plans. All of these will help us to understand whether or not this is the translation plugin that is right for you

So, if you are ready, let’s start!


Why Do You Need Translation Plugin For Your Website?

Before we start the revision of the main features, pricing, and other aspects of the GTranslate  – WordPress plugin, first of all, let’s understand whether or not you even need a translation plugin.

Translation plugins are proven to be necessary to reach key markets faster. Even though the English language is one of the most prominent ones users use for search, more than 41% still search using other languages. Imagine how huge a portion of potential markets you are losing if you have a monolingual website. 

So, having a multilingual website increases:

  • Your chances of matching users’ search intent – as users can search in their native language and find your website’s translated version
  • Grows sales – more visitors resulting in more sales and more generated leads will help you build up your email list.

Helps to reach wider markets

What is GTranslate?


Now, let’s dive deeper into the GTranslate  – WordPress plugin. So what is it?

GTranslate is one of the best WordPress translation plugins, according to multiple reviews. This plugin is meant to help you automate, ease up, and of course, speed-up website translation processes.

It offers both automatic and professional translations, which you can request by a quote. And we will get to this point in a bit. 

Besides being so popular on the market, it also has multiple reviews, ratings, and installations. It has over 10.000.000 million downloads and a 4.9-star rating out of 5. These impressive numbers indicate the high quality, reliability, and build trust around the plugin. Real statistics and numbers back up its well-deserved reputation. 

Now, let’s take a look at the main platforms that GTranlsate works with.

Which Platforms GTranlsate Works With?

One of the main advantages of GTranslate is that it works not only with WordPress but also with Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, and Squarespace. So, you can use this plugin and easily translate your website even if WordPress does not host it. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that besides CMSes like WordPress, Shopify, and others, GTranslate can be used for any HTML website created without using any CMS platforms. 

In Joomla, the GTranslate comes in the form of an extension. It scored 5 out of 5-star ratings. 

Your Drupal website also can be translated by GTranslate, which utilizes the power of Google. 

If you have a store on Shopify, then a multilingual store is necessary to drive in more sales and make sure that all the users can understand the descriptions of the products. Plus, it will improve the overall user experience, resulting in a positive public image. 

In Squarespace, you also will be able to create a multilingual site by using GTranslate. 

Once again, the translations will be available in an automatic version and in a request form where native speakers will translate your website.

Main Services & Features

GTranslate offers lots of features that are enough for a potent and truly high-quality translation of your website. However, we wanted to outline the few main services that GTranlsate comes in handy with, and those are:

  • Machine/Automatic Translations – basically, when you install it on your website, you will be able to use an automatic translation tool and translate your website or store to multiple languages. 
  • Translation by a native speaker ensures that the translation sounds good & professional to native speakers who visit your website. To utilize this service, you can easily request a translation quote

So, these were the main features & services that GTranslate offers; now it is time to take a closer look at the GTranslate for WordPress.

GTranslate on WordPress


Also, you can install the GTranlsate plugin from WordPress. 

GTranslate  – WordPress plugin is an AI solution for WP website translations. It has over 400.000+ active installations in the WP repository, 5 out of 5-star ratings, and it gets regular seamless updates. 

The plugin does not affect your website’s speed and works quite fast.

Main Features 

So, the main features that you will gain with this WordPress multilingual plugin installed on your WordPress website are:

  • Machine Translation that is automatic and completely free 
  • Hides the top frame that pops out in Google after translation
  • Multilingual interface and language names in native alphabet 
  • Translation of every website page and post 
  • Translates plugins and widgets – so basically offers WordPress plugin translation
  • Switches languages automatically based on the default language of the browser. 
  • Language bar with flags in the menu 
  • WooCommerce Shop translation

Pro Version

Let’s not forget to check out the main features of the Paid Plans. So, with the Pro Version of this WordPress multilingual plugin, you will gain additional features, such as:

  • Search engine indexing for multilingual website support means that you have a higher chance to rank good in search-engines result pages
  • Dashboard with analytics & reports 
  • Live Chat support 
  • Statistical Machine Translation for the free plan 
  • Neural machine translation for the paid plans, which is an AI solution offering human language quality for the translations 
  • SEO-friendly URLs 
  • Offers metadata fields, including meta keywords and descriptions 
  • Translations in JSON format
  • Language hosting


It is time to take a look at the main benefits that you will gain with the GTranlsate plugin:

  • The translated website pages are search engine indexed – in normal human language. This means that people who search in their native language will find your website through search engines 
  • SEO-friendly that will contribute to your website ranking high in SERPs
  • Seamless updates that do not anyhow affect your website’s speed 
  • Live Chat support 
  • Free Configuration and technical support 

Therefore GTransalte remains one of the best WordPress multilingual plugins. Plus, it is a free translation plugin for WordPress.


Of course, there is a Free Version that gives you a Language Selector Widget which supports machine translation & unlimited words. But what about the Paid plans? Well, GTranslate is extremely affordable and offers multiple pricing plans in order to ensure that everyone finds the suitable one for themselves. 

  • Start-up ($19.99/month) – that supports neutral translations, all languages, search engine indexing, and manual translation editing, plus everything that the free plan offers. You can also purchase a Custom ($9.99/month) tab which can be the bilingual version of the Start-up, Business, or Enterprise Plans or create one suitable for your needs. 
  • Business ($29.99/month) – Comes in handy with every feature from the Start-up Plan, plus URL translations.
  • Enterprise ($39.99/month) – Offers everything the Business plan does, plus language hosting (allows you to use custom domains on translated pages)

It is worth mentioning that all of the plans support all languages. Another vital thing to stress is that, unlike its competitors, GTraslate doesn’t pressure its customers to spend more; there is no limit for the number of translated words or page-views in GTranlsate, so you do not have to pay more to add more pages. 

The plans can be purchased based on a monthly or yearly basis. If you decide to go with yearly plans, you will have to pay only for ten months. Both Monthly and Yearly  Plans of the GTranslate allow you to get a 15-day risk-free trial-run period:


Yearly Plans of Gtranslate WordPress plugin:


How to Get Started with GTranslate WordPress Plugin?

In order to get started with this plugin on your WordPress website, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

#1 Go to the WP dashboard from the back-end 

#2 Go to Plugins > Add New or Plugins > Upload a Zip 

#3 Click on Install > ActivateAfter the installation, you can find the GTranslate WordPress plugin in the Settings tab of your WP Dashboard. Then you can finally set everything up, including widget options, flags for languages, and even edit widget codes if you wish to.



So, to summarize the GTranslate – Top Translation Plugin For WordPress | 2022 Review article, we can say that GTranslate is truly worth the hype around. It is an incredibly amazing plugin that works fast and offers good support services. 

It will provide you with free configuration and technical support, alongside fast support through Live Chat. If you were looking for a good and fast translation plugin, GTranslate would meet all of your expectations.

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