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How to Add Social Share Buttons in WordPress

Better Sharing is a plugin that simplifies eCommerce websites’ referral-sharing process on WordPress. In this article, we will look at what this plugin is all about and what makes it unique. 

Why should you consider installing Better Sharing rather than any other WordPress plugin with the same purpose? We’ll answer that question in this article, so let’s get into it without further ado!


Better Sharing for WordPress


So, Better Sharing has been created (by CloudSponge) to help you with referral marketing. As the name might hint, the plugin improves the quality of sharing. More specifically, it provides your website visitors with a better peer-to-peer sharing experience.

With growing numbers of small businesses and eCommerce websites, the niche gets filled in, and it is really hard to find new leads. There are many ways, of course, to find new website visitors that could possibly provide you with profit. But let’s be real, the best advertisement is from your friends. Therefore, enabling the function of a share or referral is super important. People will share links to your products with their friends and create more traffic to your website. That will ultimately lead to more sales.

But, there is another problem. Many websites sometimes have annoying and time-consuming sharing systems. They just repulse customers from sharing the link to the page or product, and you lose your leads. And your website likely has that same manual referring system that takes just so much time.


Thankfully, there is a solution. The Better Sharing plugin is created specifically to provide your website visitors with the most smooth and swift experience. Generally speaking, it integrates with any WordPress website and allows your customers to share using a more beautiful and convenient sharing interface. Most importantly, it seamlessly integrates with the Contact Picker, but more on than later. Now, let us look at the main features in more detail.

Main Features 

  • Beautiful user interface. One of the most important things that people very often forget about in business and find not so influential is appearance. Indeed, the design of the interface changes a lot in how people perceive your website. And this is not only about aesthetics, although the colors and design elements are also essential. This is about convenience. Better Sharing recognizes that, and therefore, it provides your customers with an intuitive sharing interface. It enables sharing via social media or email or copying and pasting the link. Besides being intuitive, the plugin is powerful. That allows your website visitors to refer without having to wait for too much or without your website lagging. 

Let’s take a look at the interface:

  • Improved sharing experience. Now, the Better Sharing plugin provides you with a basic template. It works perfectly, so you can leave it as it is and enjoy your new increased traffic. But you can also add a few more different templates, including templates for email shares and social media messages. Not only that, but you can personalize every single one of these templates. So, as you can see, the plugin allows you to tailor the whole design according to your taste and preferences, as well as the appearance of your website as a whole and its theme.
  • Referral programs for your website. In addition, the plugin allows you to add integrations with third-party referral plugins. Most of the important ones include WooCommerce Wishlist, AutomateWoo, and BuddyPress.
  • Improve performance results. Lastly, we wanted to address the performance outcomes that you will see after installing the plugin on your website because the Better Sharing plugin allows your website visitors to send automated yet personalized emails and messages on social media. This is aimed at helping you to get faster conversions and more shares, which gives you more visibility and increases the number of leads and sales. 

Contact Picker Integration

Contact Picker will enable your users to synchronize their contacts with your website. That will ultimately allow them to copy and paste or generally share your site hyperlinks without going to another window or using a spreadsheet. Convenient, fast, and fully customizable, this integration will be super useful for your users.

Being created by CloudSponge, Contact Picker integrates with Better Sharing seamlessly because one is created around the other.

So, when you install Contact Picker after Better Sharing, you can easily pick needed contacts by just connecting the plugin to your address book. You can display the “Add from address book” button on your website, so the user would select the contacts to share a link without having to search for them manually. By choosing to personalize the text in the email or social share, your users provide you with more successful referral rates. Plus, you can turn to Better Sharing Analytics Dashboard, which will reflect the progress that you are making.

The dashboard will also help you see what does not work and what needs improvement.

WooCommerce Integrations

Apart from generally working flawlessly on WooCommerce-powered websites, Better Sharing also provides you with features specific to referral marketing. So, your users can copy hyperlinks to your website or products, add them to their clipboard, and share them wherever they need them. There is also, of course, an email share with a button special for it.

Your customers can share the email with multiple people at the same time. Regarding buttons, you can add pre-ready buttons for sharing on social media. All those shares are filled with pre-loaded messages, so your user won’t have to spend any time writing a message on that either. The WooCommerce integration includes WooCommerce Wishlist and Coupon Referral Programs.

Pro Version


Lastly, let’s talk about the plugin from a more materialistic point of view: how much will it cost you? And why should you pay?


Generally speaking, the plugin is free. You don’t have to attach your credit card to start using the plugin, and there are no hidden fees. You install the plugin for free, and you get to use it immediately — and it’s free as much as you use it.

However, you are offered to get a CloudSponge subscription. As we have mentioned, CloudSponge is the programming company that provides you with this wonderful plugin. It is also the company that created the Contact Picker installation. When you buy a CloudSponge subscription, you get to use both and more. That includes integration with Zapier and Contacts API.

So, the CloudSponge developers provide you with different types of subscriptions. First, there is the Basic subscription for $50 / month. So, you receive an unlimited number of address books that you can connect to your website and all the functions of the Contact Picker. You can use it on one website. The Branded subscription ($150 / month) offers you additional fonts, custom stylesheets, languages, and labels. It ensures that your website stays white-labeled. Starting with $10k a year, you can use the Custom subscription. It has RESTful Contacts API, invoicing, security audits, and SLAs, and you get to choose the terms on which you use the plugin. 

Wrapping Up The Benefits

Let’s sum everything up. Better Sharing by CloudSponge concentrates on email marketing and shares. Referrals, emails, and social media shares are a big part of spreading information about your business, bringing additional traffic to your website and new leads. On the other hand, these will eventually, in some parts, transform into new sales. For you, that means profit.

But to achieve that manually is very hard and even counterproductive. That’s why you need the assistance of Better Sharing. This plugin will allow you to double your referrals and, therefore, get much more revenue than if you were to get it manually. 

The main features that provide you with such an exponential result concentrate heavily on the interface. The opportunity to personalize the emails and social shares, as well as to keep the branding of your website, allows you to create individualized referrals. They seem more specific, personal, and therefore sincere and reliable. That means more sales for you!



The way that Better Sharing provides you with these functions is tied up to its integrations, most importantly to another plugin created by CloudSponge — Contact Picker. Contact Picker makes referrals much more convenient: it fully automates the process of contact search, access, and import and allows your user to save lots of time.

So, if you struggle with your referrals and shares or want to improve them, consider installing the Better Sharing plugin. And to improve your results even further, download the premium add-on Contact Picker.

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