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Best WooCommerce Wholesale Solution 2023: B2BKing

If you are in the world of B2B (business-to-business), you know how important it is to find the right WooCommerce Wholesale solution for your business. Introducing our in-depth B2BKing Plugin, your ultimate guide to one of the most powerful B2B and wholesale solutions for WooCommerce. Whether you are a WooCommerce Store owner, looking to optimize your B2B operations. Exploring options for a new venture, this review is your key to unlocking the potential of BB2BKing Plugin2BKing.

If you have been wondering whether B2BKing is right for your business, you are in the right place. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how this plugin can revolutionize your B2B and B2B+B2C WooCommerce store. From dynamic pricing and order rules to wholesale order forms, purchase lists, and more. We will explore every aspect of B2B King’s offerings.

By the end of this review, you will have a solid grasp of what B2BKing can do and whether it is the right choice for your WooCommerce B2B needs. Let’s get started!

What is B2B King?

The B2BKing Plugin is a powerful tool designed to transform the functionality of WooCommerce stores, specifically catering to the needs of business-to-business (B2B) and WooCommerce wholesale operations. It achieves this by introducing a range of features and customization options. That enhances the overall user experience for both sellers and buyers. 

When you use the WooCommerce B2B King plugin, you can change how your online store behaves to fit the needs of their businesses. It’s like customizing your store for them. For example, you can give them special prices, for buying a lot of products, or offer different prices based on what kind of customers they are.

Upon installation and activation of the WooCommerce B2B plugin, users gain access to an array of configuration settings that allow them to tailor their WooCommerce store to suit their B2B requirements. The plugin has two versions: Free and Pro. Let’s now learn how you can install and activate the plugin. 

Set Up and Installation

To get started, you need to install and activate the B2BKing plugin on your WordPress website. For that, you need to go to the “Plugin” Section and click on the “Add New” Button. 

Set up and Installation of B2BKing

After clicking on “Add New” you need to click on the “Upload Plugin” button, and upload it from your files. 

Uploading Proccess of B2BKing

After uploading the plugin you need to activate it. Once it is activated you can access the plugin features

B2BKing Dashboard

Note: The plugin has two versions: Free and Pro. If you activated the premium version you need to install the core version of the plugin as well, otherwise it will not work properly. 

B2BKing Settings

Plugin Status

Plugin status

The “Plugin Status” feature in the B2BKing wholesale plugin allows you to control and fine-tune the plugin’s functionality to meet your specific needs. It essentially lets you decide when the plugin should be active and for whom. There are two primary options: “B2B & B2C Hybrid” and “B2B Shop”.

When you select  “B2B & B2C Hybrid,” the plugin is active exclusively for your B2B users, offering tailored B2B features while allowing other users to access your store normally. On the other hand, choosing “B2B Shop” activates the plugin for all users making B2B features available to everyone.

Access Restriction

Access Restriction

The B2BKing  WooCommerce wholesale plugin offers a powerful “Access Restriction” feature, granting you precise control over what your customers, especially guest users, can see and access on your WooCommerce store. With options ranging from “None” to “Replace prices with ‘request a quote”. You can tailor the level of access restriction to suit your business needs.

Visibility Settings

Visibility Settings

The B2BKing wholesale plugin offers robust control over products and category visibility, ensuring that you can tailor your online store to suit your specific needs. By default, all products are visible to all users, but you have the option to disable these settings if you prefer to manage product and category visibility manually. 

The plugin provides advanced visibility settings, such as the “Hidden Has Priority” feature. With this setting enabled, products are automatically hidden if they belong to at least one hidden category. This capability is especially valuable for businesses that want to ensure that certain products remain hidden from view based on category classifications, providing a more customized shopping experience for their customers.

Registration & Advanced Registration

Registration & Advanced Registration

The B2B King wholesale plugin offers extensive control over user registration, allowing you to customize the process with shortcodes and custom fields. It enables a clear separation between WooCommerce B2B and B2C registrations, streamlining the user experience.

Bulk Order Forms 

Bulk Order Forms

The B2BKing wholesale plugin offers a versatile Bulk Order Form feature, giving you control over the order form settings. The shortcodes and themes provide flexibility to the order form, you can tailor the form to match your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic theme or something more modern, the choice is yours. 

Tiered Pricing & Table

Tiered Pricing & Table

The B2BKing wholesale plugin offers a comprehensive Tiered Pricing and Table feature, allowing you to configure tiered price settings with ease. You have the option to display the discount percentage in a table format, making it transparent for your customers to see the price savings they can enjoy. Moreover, Customization options also include color-coding the price ranges for better visual clarity and making the table clickable for a more interactive experience.

Key Features of B2B King: WooCommrce Wholesale Plugin

The B2B King WooCommerce wholesale plugin provides powerful features that will elevate your B2B e-commerce experience. Here is a closer look at some of its key features: 

Wholesale Order Form

The wholesale order form simplifies the buying process of B2B customers. It handles bulk orders efficiently, making it a crucial tool for businesses that need to purchase larger quantities of products. Moreover, This feature streamlines the ordering process, saving time and effort for both buyers and sellers. 

Request a Quote

The ability to request a quote is essential for B2B transactions. It allows businesses to communicate their specific needs and negotiate prices with sellers. This feature boosts better collaboration.

Customer Groups

Organizing customers into groups is a fundamental feature for B2B sellers. It allows for customized pricing, rules, and access levels for different customer segments. For example, you can offer different prices and discounts to wholesale customers compared to regular retail buyers, enhancing your ability to serve various types of clients effectively. 

B2B Shopping Lists

Shopping lists are a game-changer for B2B buyers who regularly order the same set of products. They can create and manage lists of frequently purchased items, streamlining the reordering process. 

Tax Exemptions

The ability to grant tax exemptions to specific users or groups is crucial for compliance and cost savings. Businesses often have unique tax requirements, and this feature simplifies the process of applying tax exemptions for eligible customers, reducing administrative headaches.

Business Approval

Reviewing and approving business registrations before granting access to your store ensures that you are dealing with legitimate B2B customers. It adds an extra layer of security and helps prevent unqualified users from accessing your wholesale offerings. 

Price Display Incl. / Excl. Tax

Providing flexibility in how prices are displayed is valuable. Some B2B customers may need to see prices with taxes included, while others prefer prices without tax. Giving users the option to choose their preferred price display can enhance their shopping experience and prevent confusion.

Advanced Email Notifications

Automated email notifications for registrations, messages, and quotes are essential for communication with B2B customers. These notifications keep users informed and engaged throughout the purchasing process, ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction. 


For businesses with multiple buyers, subaccounts are necessary. They allow different individuals within the same company to have their access and permissions within the account. Moreover, this feature promotes teamwork and helps businesses manage their purchases more efficiently.

Dynamic Caching & Usage Detection

Performance optimization is critical for an efficient online store. Dynamic rule caching and usage detection enhance the speed and responsiveness of your B2B e-commerce store/site, providing a better shopping experience for customers.

These key features collectively empower businesses to offer a tailored and efficient B2B shopping experience. So Ensuring that they can effectively serve the unique needs of their business customers, streamline operations, and build stronger relationships. 

B2B King Wholesale Plugin Pricing Plans 

B2BKing offers a range of pricing plans to serve the diverse needs of businesses and developers looking to control its powerful features. Here is a breakdown of the available pricing options: 

  1. Startup Plan: This plan, originally priced at $199.50, provides cost-effective access to the B2B King plugin. It includes plugin updates and premium support for one website a year. Ideal for those just starting with B2B e-commerce, it offers essential features and reliable support to get you up and running. 
  2. Pro Plan: The Pro Plan typically priced at $299.50, offers excellent value with a 40% discount. With this plan, you receive plugin updates and premium support for up to three websites for a year, resulting in significant savings.
  3. Developer Plan: The Developer plan, originally priced at $399.50, is designed for those with more extensive requirements. It provides plugin updates and premium support for an unlimited number of websites for a year. With this plan, developers and businesses with multiple online stores can leverage B2BKing’s full potential without limitations.

B2BKing offers a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee for all plans, backed by premium support.

To Wrap Things Up…

Running a WooCommerce B2B store can be challenging. So you need the right plugin to make a difference in your sphere. Here is the overall review of the B2BKing WooCommerce wholesale plugin. Throughout this review, we delved deep into the installation process of the plugin and explored the settings one by one. We hope this review has given you a good idea of what it can do. Whether it’s right for you. It’s now up to you to explore how B2BKing can benefit your business. 

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