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Customize all WooCommerce Pages with StoreCustomizer

Customizing your Woocommerce store can be puzzling, in the great variety of plugins that offer functionalities sometimes not including everything you need. What we are about to share with you might help you get rid of half of your plugin's directory forever.

Now, all in one pack would be a great solution. What if I say that with the StoreCustomizer plugin, it is not a “would be” anymore
Furthermore, this Woocommerce customizer plugin will help you customize your WHOLE Woccomerce store, and by whole we mean:

  • Product Pages
  • Checkout Page  
  • Cart Page 
  • Account Pages 

Even the StoreCustomizer's free features offer such detailed customization as:

  • Edit / Remove elements that your theme doesn't let you
  • Edit Add to Cart buttons and change the design colors
  • Adjust Products Per Row & Per Page shown on the archive pages
  • Add custom banners and other elements
  • Display product sales statistics for admin users only
  • Add login/logout menu items
  • All are built into the WP Customizer so you can edit any settings live

Let’s go through some of the features StoreCustomizer Pro offers for as little as $49.

  • Turn your online store into Catalogue Mode
  • Add a more advanced Ajax Search to your site
  • Create a custom WooCommerce thank you page
  • Add Product Quick View to the Product archive pages
  • Add custom Product Badges
  • + lots more all included in the price

It would probably take too long to explore all the amazing functionalities offered by this WooCommerce customizer plugin. Visit their website to Learn More. 

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