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Best Restaurant Plugins for WordPress | 2022 Guide

In this article, we will review the best restaurant plugins for WordPress 2022. These plugins will help you to showcase your restaurant’s menu online easily, without additional coding needed.

So, if you are ready let’s start.


What is WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin?

WordPress Restaurant menu plugins will allow you to manage menus of your restaurants online (on your website) with greater ease. Moreover, those plugins are designed to make the overall experience a lot more straightforward.

What to Look for in a Good Restaurant Plugin?

Furthermore, a good restaurant plugin must be:

  • Feature-rich
  • User-friendly
  • Save your time, and provide better tools for management
  • Does not require technical knowledge or a long learning curve
  • Be affordable

Best Restaurant Plugins for WordPress

So, now let’s finally take a look at the Best Restaurant Plugins for WordPress website. Moreover, I should mention that we tested all of them before making the list.

1. ReDi Restaurant Reservation


So, the first restaurant plugin from our list is ReDi Restaurant Reservation created by Reservation Diary, the main goal of which is to provide website creators with a centralized reservation space. The plugin works on an automated WordPress restaurant reservation system, which means that reservations happen without the participation of a human being. Thus, when a website visitor creates a reservation, they get an instant confirmation. The plugin is rated 4.5 stars, being very useful from users’ point of view.

Main Features 

Let’s have a look at the main features of the plugin:

  • Automatization. The plugin works independently from the website developer, thus reservations are made instantly without a need for manual intervention. 
  • CSS. Using CSS you can create your own restaurant reservation form, which plays greatly for your white-label website
  • Design. The design is responsive, so the plugin looks and functions well on all types of devices.
  • Use. The plugin is a beginner- and user-friendly, therefore it is easy to work within all the stages of work, beginning with installation, and ending with a full-time work on your website
  • Customer. First, you can get quick automated responses from your client; second, you can send automated email confirmations of their reservations. Third, you yourself get notified when a reservation is made.
  • Localization. The plugin supports more than 20 languages.


There is a free version with limited functions, but the one that we described is the basic plan — that’s the one you would want to use as a professional. The price of the basic package is 5€ per month plus value-added tax; you can get the annual discount and pay 4€ a month. 


  • Time. So, since no one is required to manage the plugin after its installation, that is during its work on your website, you or your specialists save a lot of time on automatic reservations.
  • Effort. The plugin is extremely beginner-friendly, therefore it is easy to install and work with.

Appearance. With this plugin your website will look very professional, therefore your website visitors will build up some respect for you and become your restaurant guests.

2. Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor


Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor is an ultimate plugin for restaurant and cafe owners who need a professional-looking website for the services they provide. Furthermore, the number of widgets and functions that this plugin provides will help you design the perfect website for a restaurant or cafe. With constant updates (the last being 3 months ago) and more than 1000 active installations, the plugin has 5 stars on WordPress. 

Main Features

  • Information. Via this plugin, you can add information about yourself (name, profession), your team, the history of your brand, et cetera. 
  • Blog. You can add a blog to your website and customize it to your liking. 
  • Contacts. Add your professional and personal phone number, email, social media links, etc. in a special box for that. 
  • Gallery. You can embed a gallery on your website and customize it as you wish, changing the title, subtitle, links, zoom, etc. There is a function for filtering the photographs in your gallery.
  • Templates. The plugin includes three different templates for your website design that are also customizable.
  • Slider. Add a slider to your restaurant/cafe website and change the images, headings, and animations.
  • Video. You can upload videos to your website and change the title, thumbnail, and popups.
  • And 50 more!

Pro Version 

With the pro version, you can add:

  • A Menu
  • Chefs Recipes
  • Food Items
  • Gift Cards
  • Offers
  • Pricing Tabs
  • Rooms
  • Working Hours
  • Statistics
  • And Other

These are really great and advanced features for the food ordering WordPress plugin.


With a seven-day free trial, the plugin costs $29.99 as a subscription. You can also purchase it for a lifetime for $79.99.


  • Add More Than 50 Restaurant Widgets
  • Easy To Customise
  • Quick Customer Service And Support
  • Detailed Manual And Q&A

3. Easy Restaurant Menu Upload


The next menu plugin is Easy Restaurant Menu Upload created by Nikel Shubert, and it fulfills the exact goal that is described in its name. Moreover, the plugin will help you to upload restaurant menus to your website as any file type, including PDF. Also, the plugin has more than three hundred active installations and is graded a full 5 stars by WordPress users. Let’s have a look at the main features:

Main Features

  • Gutenberg. The plugin supports Gutenberg Blocks.
  • SEO. With stable links, the plugin itself is SEO-friendly. Besides, it adds additional search engine optimization to your website.
  • Use. The plugin is beginner- and user-friendly. 
  • Menus. You can add an unlimited number of menus, adding links to it and putting links to dishes. 
  • Shortcode. You can turn link texts to shortcodes. 
  • Localization. The plugin supports foreign languages.
  • Text. You can add descriptive texts to your uploaded menus.

Pro Version

When the free version only permits uploading two types of menu (food and drink), this WP food menu plugin Pro version is unlimited in that instance, providing flexibility for menu designers. Besides, it allows you to use the updates of the plugin as they come,  including the addition of drink menu templates.


The Standard plan is free, and it works for one domain. Furthermore, the Premium subscription costs 8€ and can be used for 10 domains, the other one is 24€ for an unlimited number of domains.


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Time and effort-saving
  • Relatively Cheap
  • Many useful functions
  • SEO-friendly

4. Restaurant Reservation – Table Booking with Seat Reservation for WooCommerce


The next restaurant reservation WordPress plugin is created by Smart CMS, a team that provides WP users with professional communication management system tools. Also, the Restaurant Reservation plugin provides a booking system for the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress and allows you to put a simple restaurant table booking form on your website. 

Main Features

Main features include:

  • Room Managing
  • Table Type Managing
  • Seat And Table Mapping
  • Order Price Calculations
  • Price Management
  • Integrated With WordPress Post, Wp 5, and Woocommerce 6
  • Templates


Moreover, this WordPress restaurant ordering plugin costs $34: you buy it once, but get future updates and 6-month support from the provider. Moreover, for an additional $25.38, you can extend the support to 12 months — right now, there is a discount, so you can extend the support for $10.88.


  • High-Quality Customer Support. So, the included customer support from the provider is high-quality and very fast.
  • Cheap. The plugin is quite affordable, besides it is not subscription-based. Rather, you buy it and can use it for as long as your website exists. 
  • Beginner- And User-Friendly. Subsequently, it is easy to install and use for both people who are complete beginners and those who have a bit of experience. And, your website visitors can easily book tables via this plugin.
  • Responsive Design. Also, the complete table booking system looks good on any kind of device.
  • SEO-Friendly. Not only is this plugin SEO-friendly itself, but it also further optimizes your website for search engines.

Furthermore, it has regular updates, because this plugin improves and updates often, and you have lifetime access to those updates.

5. Restaurant Menu – Food Ordering System – Table Reservation


The Restaurant Menu plugin created by GloriaFood is a plugin that allows you to create a simple and attractive WordPress food menu for your website, offering a variety of menu templates to suit different culinary styles and aesthetics. It is a great WordPress food ordering plugin for turning your website into another source of income. Also, having more than ten thousand active installations, this plugin is rated 4.5 stars on WordPress.

Main Features

  • Restaurant Menu
    • Drag & Drop Based Visual Editor
    • Upload Images
    • Highly Customisable Everything
    • Eligible With Complex Menus
  • Restaurant Booking System
    • Simple Reservations
    • Food Order Ahead
    • Restaurant App

Moreover, it is a full-functioned online ordering WordPress plugin with these available features:

  • Customer-Friendly Interface
  • Responsive Design
  • Complex Delivery System Inclusion
  • Different Options For Opening Hours, Types Of Payment, and Delivery Prices
  • Suitable With Tip System
  • Notifications 


This restaurant menu WordPress plugin is absolutely free!


  • Completely free
  • Customer- and user-friendly
  • Support for all types of menus and deliveries

6. Restaurant for WooCommerce

Restaurant for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to offer your restaurant, bar, or cafe menu on
your WordPress website in a completely natural way. It is exceptionally intuitive to use, as it detects
what users are looking for and offers them the best solutions.
Restaurant for WooCommerce was created to combine the functions of a WordPress plugin and a
WooCommerce extension. With the ease of use, innovative functionality, and responsive design, there’s no
wonder why this integration is growing in popularity.

Main Features

● Simple and clean menu design
● Mobile friendly
● Add unlimited delivery options
● Multiple menus can be created
● Display daily closing and opening time

Pricing Plan

Currently, Restaurant for WooCommerce is offered for $149 per year for one website. 30-day money-
back guarantee is also provided if buyers are unhappy with the product or service.


● Easy to install & set up: No need to learn to code. With the help of this fantastic restaurant
plugin, you can easily take your restaurant online and start getting orders in no time.
● Responsive design for mobile devices: One of the best things about this plugin is that it
supports all screen sizes.
● Switch between list view and grid view: Two different views are available for your food menu:
List view and Grid view.

Apart from that, Restaurant for WooCommerce is regularly updated to offer a better experience to both
users and online restaurant owners.



So, to wrap things up in the Best Restaurant Plugins for WordPress 2022, I can say that no matter which plugin you choose to use, you can be confident in your choice. Because, after hours of research and testing, we included only the best ones in this listing. Moreover, we made sure these plugins have a free version or are affordable.

Also, do not forget to check out the article about the best booking plugins on WordPress.

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