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5 Proven Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging for Users

None of the business owners can overlook the factor of user engagement. It is the customer experience and conversion that decide whether the business will find its place in the fast-changing market or not. As per statistics, most of the online sales are achieved through the company’s website. So, having a fascinating and engaging design and content for users is your key to success. In addition to this, there are other essential aspects, as well. In order to have user engagement increased on your site it is first required to reveal what are the weakest points on your website and which are the latest trends in terms of content and other website stuff. Thus, this article is dedicated to giving you 5 proven ways to make your website more engaging for users.

What is the Website Engagement?

Before going to a tip part, it is important to understand what we exactly mean by saying website engagement. To clarify, website engagement is an identifier of the brand’s ability to please, attract, and retain even a part of converted customers or visitors. Engagement rate shows up whether users find your website interesting or appealing. This is perceived through downloads, user activities, shares, or clicks. So, the higher the rate of engagement the more it is possible to get loyal customers and thus, grow the company’s revenue. As a brand, you can display a live hashtag feed on your website to build connections with your visitors and boost your dwell time.

Why Should You Care For Website Engagement Growth?

Having a good understanding of how much time users spend on your website, what pages they navigate, the number of clicks on the determined call-to-action button, and a bunch of other metrics shows how user engagement benefits your brand awareness and website activity. If you take into account the most important website statistics you will also have a good base to measure the user experience on it.

So, there are credible reasons why you should care for website engagement growth. One of them is promoting sales. Any online business leans on sales and revenue growth. And any user action leading to a website engagement in terms of increased sales is very important for a company.

A key indicator of excellent website engagement is user satisfaction, which is closely tied to providing a good user experience. This user satisfaction not only enhances customer retention but also plays an integral role in the sales funnel.

And, of course, the average duration that users spend on your website and the pages they browse while on your site shows how much it is engaging or interesting to your target audience. Analytical tools like session replay further provide insights into user behavior by visually replaying their interactions with the website, aiding in understanding user engagement and identifying areas for improvement.

5 Proven Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging for Users

In order to reach higher brand awareness, keep vital customer retention, and boost engagement on your website, you have to know some trendy and proven ways to make your website more engaging for users.

From now on, we suggest you implement these strategies to get the desired results:

  1. Sharing downloadable files.
  2. Have a great Staff Directory.
  3. Publish more quizzes and viral content.
  4. Implement a live-chat solution.
  5. Enable user-generated content on your website.

But first, let’s dive into any strategy separately.

1. Share Downloadable Files Through Your Website

If you think that the only way to grow your business through a website is by having good visual and written content, a well-organized home page and logically conducted subpages then it is time to know about the downloadable files on WordPress.

Such content like ebooks, infographics, digital guides, instructions, CGI Product photography,etc. helps to engage more visitors to your website. They are good motivation for lead generation. People will be pleased to download a helpful free guide or ebook to deepen their knowledge of a certain sphere. In its turn, this will raise your business’ online visibility as people will most likely enter your website and spend there a long time by raising your website’s Bounce Rate.

In any case, good ideas for downloadable content are a perfect start to the business-to-customer relationship.

Unfortunately, WordPress CMS does not allow you to share downloadable files by default. However, you can enhance this functionality using a wide variety of file manager plugins. We have searched and found a great option for you. And it is the download manager Shared Files Pro plugin.

Shared Files Pro Plugin - Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging for Users

This WordPress file sharing plugin is a multipurpose tool enabling the users:

  • Share files on WordPress that are stored separately from the default media Library
  • Create downloadable files
  • Upload files with the file management option or directly from the front-end

So, if you decide to follow our advice on adding downloadable content then the Shared files plugin’s free and pro versions can be your best choice.

2. Have a Great Staff Directory

With the increasing digitalization, a company’s humanization is the best way to make your business unique. Along with the internal communication benefits and socialization, staff directories help your customers to find the specialists they really need. Besides, it is always easy to speak to a certain employee both on the website and through Social Networks.

All of the needed information including contact information, Social Media URLs, short informational stories, etc. raise employee awareness inside the company especially the remotely working ones and external communication. So, perfectly made staff directories are a source of good traffic to your website and can highly raise user engagement.

And if you wonder which plugin to choose for building the most unique staff directories on your website then you can confidently choose a contact manager tool called Contact List Pro.

Contact List Pro Plugin - Ways to Make Your Website More Engaging for Users

The plugin can be used to build:

  • Online address book
  • Member directory
  • Staff list
  • “Meet the Team” page
  • Business Listing
  • Phonebook
  • Contact directory, etc.

The process of building a staff directory is very simple through the Contact List plugin’s built-in features. This plugin can be beneficial both for those who seek highly professional results and for those who are not going to invest in buying a staff directory-builder tool. So, most of the important features of the plugin are presented in the free version, as well.

3. Publish More Quizzes and Viral Content

If you want more organic traffic and engagement on your website then you should consider top seo tricks like publishing some interactive and viral quizzes. Today user engagement through quizzes is very high as they not only feature questions and answers but also include fun and entertainment elements to be widely shared even on Social Media platforms.

Quizzes benefit your online business in the aspect of website engagement and by collecting the needed data that can be always useful for future Marketing campaigns.

If you are convinced to add quizzes and do not know how to do this on WordPress then we are here to answer you. In fact, you do not have to be a tech person for this. You should just activate the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin or any other top WordPress gamification plugin.

WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin

Next, the plugin will do the work for you based on your entered data.

You can generate almost all types of quizzes with this plugin. Besides, it gives you precise statistics through charts. Moreover, the Quiz Maker plugin has major payment gateways and marketing automation integrations, as well as the newly added feature – ChatGPT which works with Artificial Intelligence.

4. Implement Live Chat For Easy Communication

Live Chat as a Source of Website Engagement

One of the ways to make your website more engaging for users is by adding a live-chat solution. This is a big factor in improved user experience. Indeed, waiting for an online assistant’s response for a long time is one of the reasons for bad feedback from customers. But just think about how many sales you miss only because of the late reply. Here is where the live chat’s real-time assistance comes in handy.

Since live chat implementation can manifold not just leads and sales you are getting from your site but also the overall customer satisfaction. That’s why you must have live chat activated on your site. One common hurdle faced by business owners like you is that there is not enough staff to take care of live chat queries. Well, in the modern business environment, now you can automate live chat using a chatbot or hire live chat outsourcing companies who take care of all chats on your behalf.

For example, you could use a live chat solution to help students and their parents learn more about private student loans and how to apply for them. You could also use live chat to answer questions about your student loan lender and the different types of private student loans you offer on your website. By providing real-time assistance to students and their parents, you can make it easier for them to get the information they need and make informed decisions about their education financing.

Live chat implementation will cut your costs and will be much more effective than keeping an in-house team of customer support specialists. It is faster than any manual service and reduces the queue time on your website.

If you utilize the WordPress CMS then you can definitely find a great Live Chat plugin that best matches your expectations.

5. Enable User-Generated Content on Your Site

User-generated content is among the most efficient methods to boost traffic and engagement on business sites. Starting from Social Media shared content and customer reviews to website proposed content, it takes the digital platforms by storm. User-generated content is displayed on a social wall, increasingly getting a huge role in business growth. So, companies that do not recognize its undeniable impact are more likely to stay behind. It is something closely related to Social Proof. This is the process of user engagement by getting others’ opinions as a source of influence.

User-generated content is a short path to increased brand loyalty and user engagement on WordPress business sites. This can be achieved easily by adding a social media widget on the website that will display social media feeds from different platforms on the website.

To Wrap Things Up…

One effective way to boost website engagement is by optimizing your website’s performance through a dedicated server. A dedicated server offers exclusive access to resources, ensuring faster loading times and smoother user experiences.

Having rising user engagement on your website is the number one identifier of your business growth. In fact, there is a wide variety of methods to change the flow of visitors to your website. However, in this article, we have chosen 5 proven ways to make your website more engaging for users.

These methods are easy to conduct yet they are extremely helpful for businesses. So, keep using them in your marketing campaigns and the results will not make you hang in there for a long time.

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