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CM Business Directory vs Business Directory – Comparison

Are you scrolling through your website and seeing only a mess? Well, to make your WordPress website look more structured and organized, you will need to create directories. These comprehensive directories will help your website visitors navigate through your website more easily. Make well-informed decisions based on the info that you provide within the sections.

Oops! There are so many of them…

And however, with so many business directory plugins available on the market. We understand that choosing the right one might be a bit of a challenge for you. After our thorough research, we have come up with two high-quality plugins that might become your future assistants.
So we are introducing CM Business Directory and Business Directory. The best business directory plugins for WordPress. But one of them is even better than the other. So stay with us till the end to discover the best one based on the features and customization options, custom fields, advanced search options, payment integrations, ease of use, and pricing policies.

Features & Customization Options – CM Business Directory vs Business Directory

When choosing a directory plugin, it is a priority that the plugin has versatile features and customization options. It will ensure that you are free to build directories according to your preferences. And also include as much information as you need.

CM Business Directory

In terms of the number of features, the CM Business Plugin has got you covered. Some of its core features are:

Multiple Business Listings – the plugin allows you to create up to 10.000 listings for your multiple directories․
Business Directory Templates – you are free to make design customizations for your directories, choosing either the default theme or one of the 2 additional themes available․
Multiple File Types Attachment – you can upload any type (pdf, jpg, and zip) and number of attachments․
Special Tags and Categories – group your similar listings and give them tags so that your customers can find them more easily․
Multiple Custom Fields – you can add the following fields for each of your business listings:

1. Business description in forms of text, image, video
2. Logo
3. Google Maps location
4. Forms
5. Links (social media platforms)

  • Additional Custom Fields – add fields to the business listings of your preferences․
  • Business Owner Editing Permission – each business owner can update their business profile details according to their preferences․
  • CSV Import and Export – with CSV options you can move your business data across multiple sites․
  • Advanced Search Options – multiple filtering options by tags, categories, or free text․
  • Rating/Review Display – with this optional feature you can let your website visitors rate your business listings
  • Business Directory User Submission – the plugin enables the option of visitor posting, this way growing and enriching your directory.
    Moreover with these optional features comes the other feature of notification, which will notify you each time a new business is added․

Business Directory

  • Customizable Form Fields – with DirectoryPass you can fully customize the custom fields when submitting listings․
  • Built-in CSV Import and Export
  • Frontend Editing Availability – the ones who post can make changes directly from the frontend without the necessity to access the WP dashboard․
  • Sorting Options – this feature will allow website visitors to search more quickly and easily․
  • Multiple Premium Directory Themes
  • Geo Directory – the plugin allows to display the location using Google Maps․

Winner – CM Business Directory vs Business Directory

While both plugins offer relatively versatile features and customization options, CM Business Directory is the winner here for a reason. CM Business Directory’s features overrun those of Business Directory. On the other hand, Business Directory has got more themes to choose from.

Integrations & Compatibility – CM Business Directory vs Business Directory

Integration and compatibility are the first factors that one should pay attention to, before choosing any plugin. The plugin must be fully compatible with your WordPress or any CMS so that no further issues occur during or after the installation. Similarly, the plugin should have various integrations with other 3rd party plugins or -platforms.

CM Business Directory

The plugin has got many integration options. Here are some of them:

  • Whatsapp Integrations – the plugin allows each business in your listings to add their Whatsapp account and moreover receive direct messages to the app․
  • CM Appointments Booking – this integration allows business owners to set a calendar and allow their visitors to schedule a meeting with them․
  • Google Maps Integration – to make the listings even more appealing, CM Business Directory allows creators to add their geolocation via Google Maps․
  • Product Directory Integration – this integration allows you to display a product on listing pages which then will direct them to a page with the gallery of that specific product․
  • Easy Digital Download Integration – the integration with this cart system plugin opens up to 50 payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and many more․

Business Directory

  • NavXT Breadcrumbs and WP-PageNavi Integration – the help of the plugin for easy use and navigation․
  • 4 Payment Gateways – Stripe, PayPal, PayFast, and Authorize.net
  • Google Maps Integration – both for easy and enjoyable navigation, the Business Directory plugin also has the feature of displaying the Google Maps location of each business listing․

Winner – CM Business Directory vs Business Directory

With no comments, the CM Business Directory is the winner for this factor. It not only smoothly integrates with WordPress, but also has 5 additional integrations with 3rd party plugins. First, it offers up to 50 payment gateways which are almost 10x more than those of the Business Directory.

Additionally, it allows inserting product images and galleries and WhatsApp integration. While both CM Business Directory and Business Directory have important core integrations, CM Business Directory has some additional ones that make the listings even more functional and visually appealing.

Ease of Use – CM Business Directory vs Business Directory

an animation of business directory plugin

The plugin is user-friendly. The CM Directory plugin is known for its user-friendly interface with differentiated sections and additionally, it’s easy to use for several reasons.

  • Simple Installation and Set Up – The CM Directory plugin can be easily installed on your WordPress website with just a few clicks. You don’t need any other coding skills.
  • Intuitive Dashboard – The plugin has a user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard is designed to be easily navigated with organized sections.
  • User-friendly Backend – The backend of the plugin is designed to be user-friendly. You can easily add business listings, categories, you can control the settings on your own, etc.
  • Extensive Documentations and Support – CM Business Directory plugin provides comprehensive documentation and support resources. So You can access tutorials and FAQS to find the answers to your questions and troubleshoot any issue you can encounter.
  • Customization options – CM Business Directory Plugin provides various customization options to match the look and feel of your website. Moreover, You can customize the layout, colors, fonts, and other visual elements to create a directory that aligns with your brand.
  • User Guide – The plugin offers its users a user guide that will guide them during the whole process.

Business Directory

an animation ofcm business directory plugin

Business Directory plugin is created to simplify the process of creating a business directory on your website. Here are some reasons why.

  • Simple Installation – Most of the Business Directory plugins provide an easy installation and step-by-step guide thanks to which you don’t need any coding skills to install and set up them.
  • User-Friendly Interface – Business Directory plugins often come with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. They provide clear labels, intuitive menus, and organized sections, making it simple for users to understand and utilize the plugin’s features.
  • Filtering Capabilities – The plugin provides filtering capabilities, user reviews, ratings, and payment integration options.
  • Support and Documentation – The plugin provides comprehensive documentation and support resources. So if you have any issue or any question you can easily reach out to the support team.

Winner – CM Business Directory vs Business Directory

While both plugins provide an easy-to-use interface and simple installation CM Directory plugin here is the winner with no doubt. The reasons why the plugin is easy to use overruns those of the Business Directory.

Pricing – CM Business Directory vs Business Directory

CM Business Directory

However, along with these comprehensive features and advantages, the CM Business Directory plugin offers a very affordable price for its functionalities.

  • For Essential (Pro) Business Directory you need to pay only 39$ for 1 website. Isn’t it great?
  • For Advanced ( Pro Community) Business Directory + 1 Add On, you will need to pay only 59$ for 3 websites.
  • For Ultimate Business Directory + 5 Add Ons, you will need to pay only 119$ for 10 websites.

In addition after purchasing you will have 1 year support and updates and also 30 days money-back guarantee.

Business Directory

  • For the Basic version, it offers about 99$ a year for 1 website.
  • For the Pro version (The Most Popular) it offers 149$ a year for 3 websites.
  • For the Elite version, it offers 249$ a year for 25 websites.

In addition, the plugin provides you a 100% No-Risk and also a Money back guarantee. Over the 14 days if you will find out that the plugin is not the best solution for you, reach out to them! Additionally, they will provide a 100% monetary refund.

Winner – CM Business Directory vs Business Directory

Looking at their pricing we can see that here with no comments the winner is the CM Business Directory plugin. Along with its features, it provides affordable prices though for the Pro and Ultimate versions. Moreover, it provides 1-year support and a 30-day money-back guarantee which is more convenient than those of the Business Directory.

Bonus to a Winner

There is no doubt that the winner is CM Business Directory. Additionally, let’s see what their community does.

Their Community…

  • Started listing manager services for providers like counselors, plumbers, electricians, house cleaning, locksmiths, therapists, wedding vendors, veterinarians, consultants, photographers, artists, authors, etc.
  • Usually help people to find resources for cities or small communities like sporting club listings, a church directory, local farms with produce, and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Advertise businesses & sell listings to the owners.
  • Offer listings as a membership feature.
  • Help students make connections to study groups and an academic staff directory.
  • Make a Yelp clone with reviews to connect travelers to hotels, tours, local businesses, and other visitor attractions.

To Sum Up

By summarizing all the key features of the plugins you already know which one you’re gonna choose. The CM Business Directory plugin, with the help of which you can make your WordPress website look more structured and organized. In conclusion, it provides various customization options, a user-friendly interface and backend, a user guide, and finally very affordable pricing. Create an online directory to become the “go-to” source of your niche. Download Business Directory Plugin for WordPress now. However, It’s fast, easy, and flexible.

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