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WordPress Spreadsheet Plugin | CF7 Google Sheets Connector

Businesses increasingly rely on web forms to collect information from customers and website visitors. Managing and analyzing the data can be a real challenge. Google sheets is a popular software application for organizing and analyzing form data. However, manually copying and pasting WordPress form to Google Sheets can be time-consuming and full of mistakes. That is where CF7 Google Sheet Connector by GSheetConnector, the ultimate WordPress spreadsheet plugin comes in. This plugin provides an automated solution for streamlining the data management. CF7 Google Sheet Connector allows WordPress website owners to connect the web forms to Google Sheets. Moreover, it allows its users to immediately see new form submissions the moment they are received. This way, the data collected will be error-free and you will not miss out on anything.

In this article, we will explore CF7 Google Sheet Connector and learn about its features and benefits. Moreover, we will explore in greater detail how you can use this plugin and boost your data management.

Why Do You Need the CF7 Google Sheet Connector?

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Having things organized properly and in one place can help data managers use the data more efficiently. Reflecting the data on Google Sheets will also open up some new tools for arranging the data based on the segments. On the other hand, displaying the data from the website to the Google Sheets might result in data entry errors. Thus, having a WordPress spreadsheet plugin that will do these time-consuming tasks automatically, precisely and fast is a must.  

Free VS PRO Versions of CF7 Google Sheet Connector

The CF7 Google Sheet Connector is a powerful WordPress spreadsheet plugin that will help you with your data collection. CF7 Google Sheet Connector offers both free and pro features, each meeting different needs. While the free version offers important spreadsheet functions, the pro version stands out with its automation option. Here are some of the free features:

Free Features of CF7 Google Sheet Connector 

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  1. One-click Authentication. This feature allows you to quickly and easily authenticate your Google with the CF7 Google Sheet Connector plugin. With just a single click, you can access your spreadsheet and worksheet list directly from the plugin’s settings. There is no need of any additional setup or configuration. 
  2. Up-to-date Google Sheets API. This plugin is built on top of Google Sheets API which is regularly updated with new features. It ensures that you have access to the latest tools when formatting content in your Google Sheets. 
  3. Manual Sheet Name & Tab Name. With the free version of the plugin, you can specify the name of your Google Sheets and tabs manually, making it easier for you to navigate and analyze your data. 
  4. Manual Fields Setting. With CF7 Google Sheet Connector’s free version you can manually choose and select fields in your contact form that should be sent to your Google Sheets. This allows you to focus on the most important data points and avoid stuffing your spreadsheet with unnecessary information.
  5. Multiple Forms to Sheets. The plugin supports multiple contact forms and allows you to send them to multiple Google Sheets. This feature is particularly useful if you have multiple contact forms on your website or if you are collecting data from different sources. It will make it easier for you to navigate through and keep track of your data. 

Premium Features of CF7 Google Sheet Connector

gallery of pro features of cf7 wordpress spreadsheet plugin

While the free version already enables many tools to use, the pro version of the WordPress spreadsheet plugin CF7 Google Sheet Connector provides even more advanced features for managing your data. With the pro version everything can be automated that will save you a lot of time. Here are some of the pro version features.

  1. Click & Fetch Sheets Automated. With this feature you can automate the process of fetching the sheets from your authenticated Google account with a single click, making it easier and faster to access your sheets. 
  2. Automated Sheet Name & Tab Name. In the free version you can name your sheets and tabs manually. With the pro version you can automate the process of naming your sheets and tabs based on your form submissions to organize and analyze your data easily.
  3. Automated Fields List with toggle. In the PRO version, it will show all the used fields list used in contact form with the show/hide option to easily enable and show on sheet, whereas in the free version, it requires to define manually. This makes it easier to customize the data based on your needs and only display the necessary data. 
the display of field list feature of cf7 connector
  1. Image/ PDF Attachment Link. With the pro version you can add a link to your Google Sheets that leads to an image or PDF file attached to your form submission.
  2. Add Special Mail Tags. Sometimes, it is necessary to collect more information than what is entered in the contact form fields. With this feature you can add special mail tags of CF7 to your contact forms to collect additional information, such as the date, time, submitter’s IP and a lot more for security purposes.
special mail tags feature of cf7 gsheet connector
  1. Custom Ordering. With this feature you can customize the order of your form fields when exported to Google Sheets with simple drag and drop options.
custom ordering feature of cf7 gsheet connector spreadsheet plugin

Other Features

  1. Sorting Feature. With this enhanced sorting feature, CF7 Google Sheet Connector allows you to sort form entries in ascending or descending order. 
  2. Role Management: This CF7 GSheet feature allows you to manage user roles and permissions for accessing your Google spreadsheets. You can distribute the roles and assign capabilities to each of them. This way, you will be able to control your data who can view or/and edit your sheet, ensuring that your data is secure and accessible for authorized users only. 
  3. CF7 Database. This feature also helps to save the data in the database, and send the missed entries to the google sheet with a single click.
  4. Freeze Header. This feature allows to make the header row freeze, if the list of submissions are more than it would be easy to identify.
  5. Color Settings for Odd/Even Rows: You can set the colors of the sheet with this option to look more professional.

As you can see, the Pro version of CF7 Google Sheet Connector exceeds the advantages that the free version allows its users. The automation features that the pro version enables will help you automate repetitive tasks and save time for the others.

CF7 Google Sheet Connector PRO Licenses Pricing

This WordPress spreadsheet plugin offers a number of pricing plans to fit different needs and budgets – from small businesses, enterprises to developers. The pricing plans offer various features and benefits, the number of site licenses, the duration of support and the frequency of updates. 

  1. Single Site License. This plan is an entry-level option, offering a single site license, one-year updates, one-year support, and a yearly renewal. It is ideal for those who intend to use the plugin on one website. 
  2. Business (3 Site License). For businesses who need to use the plan on a few number of websites this plan might be the best choice. It comes with three site licenses, one-year updates, one-year support, and a yearly renewal.
  3. Business Plus (10 Site License). This plan is perfect for large companies, agencies and enterprises that want to use the plugin on up to ten websites. This option gives access to ten site licenses, one-year updates, one-year support, and a yearly renewal.
  4. Developer (Unlimited Site License). This Developer plan is the perfect match for developers who can use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites. Besides the unlimited site licenses, teh plan offers one-year updates, one-year support, and a yearly renewal.
  5. Lifetime License (Single Site License). For those who do not need many website licenses and want to make a one-time payment and save money this plan is the way to go. It offers a single site license, lifetime updates, one-year support, and no renewal. 

FAQ about the WordPress Spreadsheet Plugin – GSheetConnector

Q1: How does the CF7 Google Sheet Connector work?

A1: CF7 Google Sheet Connector can be easily integrated with WordPress Contact Form 7. Once installed and activated, the plugin allows you to connect it to Contact Form 7 in just a few clicks. Whenever a new submission is received, the plugin automatically sends the data to the authenticated Google Sheets with no manual data entry needed. 

Q2: How to get the Google Access Code?

A2: To get the Google access code follow these steps:

  1. Go to WordPress > Admin Dashboard > Contact Form 7
  2. Click on the Google Sheets tab
  3. Click on the “Get Code” button
  4. Authorize the plugin to connect to your Google account
  5. Sign in to your Google account
  6. Code will be shown, and simply hit and save into the Admin Dashboard > Contact Form 7 > Google Sheets screen

Q3: Why do submitted values not show up on Google Sheets?

A3: Sometimes, it can take a while for the form submissions to show up on your Google Sheets. However, if that is not the case and the submissions never show up, here some reasons why it might not work:

  1. Permission is not allowed: Double-check if the access to Google Drive and Sheets is given, it requires to tick manually both the permissions and hit save
  2. Incorrect sheet or tab name: Make sure you have selected the correct Google Sheet and tab name where you want to store the data, if using manual method then make sure sheet id and tab id is entered correctly.
  3. Incorrect column name mapping: Make sure the column names do not have special characters like underscore, double inverted code or slashes.

Concluding Words

CF7 Google Sheet Connector is a must-have WordPress spreadsheet plugin. It will help its WordPress users streamline and manage their contact forms and data more efficiently. With its rich set of tools CF7 Google Sheet Connector will take your data handling to the next level. Whether you use the free version or upgrade to the pro version you can make great use of its features with no coding skills required.

CF7 Google Sheet Connector stands out with its user-friendly interface and flexible configuration options, this way becoming a powerful tool for anyone who wants to optimize their contact forms and simplify data management. 

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