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Wiremo VS Judge.me – Which Review Plugin is Better?

Product reviews are important components to implement social proof on your website. Some users tend to read the item or service reviews before purchasing it. So, the product rating and testimonials can effectively boost your business sales. And if you run your online shop through WooCommerce then it is high time you chose a plugin for the easy operation. So, in this article, we are about to discuss two famous plugins Wiremo VS Judge.me, and understand which one of these product reviews plugins is better.

Overview of the Wiremo Plugin


Let us start the comparison by reviewing all the essential features of the two plugins starting with Wiremo.

The Wiremo plugin scores more than 1,000+ active installations on WordPress. It offers you a highly beneficial 14-day free trial to test its features before upgrading to one of its available plans.

One of the main benefits of this plugin is that it enables you to display customers’ textual and photo reviews on your WooCommerce store with various unique designs which will lead you to increase social proof on your WooCommerce store. The Wiremo plugin also has a grid view for the review widget which highlights reviews with photos.

The main benefit of this plugin is that it automatically analyzes the reviews and chooses the positive ones to place in the scrolling carousel. And the whole process is completed with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Besides, the plugin has powerful SEO optimization features for user-generated testimonial content.

But the list of advantages is not limited to the above-mentioned necessary options. Instead of only inserting the existing reviews, the plugin promotes the clients’ engagement on your website. Then asks the customers for reviews automatically when they place an order, and completes auto-replying. Moreover, the plugin supports more than 15 languages. So, it is most likely that your customers will receive the answers in their native language. This is also an attractive fact.
The Wiremo plugin is built to provide the best user experience on your website. So, after writing reviews the customers receive an excellently designed pop-up message where they are informed about getting a promo code for upselling the products.

Overview of the Judge.me Plugin


What refers to the Judge.me plugin then it has 7,000 active installations on WordPress offering also both free and pro versions.

This plugin aims to provide textual, photo, and video reviews about your Woocommerce products. This type of testimonials highly increases the social proof as well as boosts the traffic to your online store.

With the Judge.me plugin you are able to automatically ask for the reviews after the customer orders delivery. Besides, you can customize the available 4 different customizable email templates. Moreover, you can design your own email template with the help of an editor. In order not to miss a chance of receiving reviews from this or that customer the plugin enables you to send reminders to the customers who have forgotten to write a review on your website. Moreover, there are 34 languages available for the default translation of emails and widgets, as well.

Like the Wiremo plugin, Judge.me also completes SEO checking.

Wiremo VS Judge.me Similarities

At this point, we are going to look at the similar features of the Wiremo and Judge.me plugins.

Asking for the Reviews

So, the first and one of the most significant similarities between these two plugins is that they both ask the users for reviews. This process is completed automatically when the clients make a purchase on the online shop. Besides the textual content, Wiremo and Judge.me plugins ask for media files about this or that product. But in fact, the Wiremo plugin makes it better by adding an additional final step to ask for photos in reviews. This increases your website’s traffic and implements powerful components to gain social proof even more effectively.

Showcase Design

Collecting reviews from the customers is a great step but displaying them in a good way is also too essential. So, both plugins provide different types of showcase methods to attract visitors more.

For example, Wiremo shows your clients’ reviews in a way of a carousel. You can select your suitable design from 12 carousel pre-made designs. Besides, you can customize and adjust it according to your website needs.

Furthermore, you can create a separate Badge to display the reviews written by the real buyers.

Judge.me also provides some design options like a carousel, review widget, preview badge, etc.

Both plugins are very responsive.

Collecting Product Images

As we have already mentioned above both plugins enable you to collect product images from the customers. This will allow you to build a more trustworthy and real look for testimonials.

Questions and Answers in the Widgets

Both Wiremo and Judge.me plugins provide a Q&A section. This enables you not only to create your own questions and answer them immediately but also allows other users to ask their questions, too. This is a great way to build a unique FAQ section on your website.

Import Reviews

The two plugins offer the “Import Reviews” function, which helps you to import all the existing reviews on your WooCommerce store in just a few clicks. For this, you have two options: either doing this via CSV file (available in both plugins) or importing them manually (available only in Wiremo).

Social Media Integration

Another similarity is that both plugins offer you Social Media integration. In the case of Wiremo, the customers will be allowed to access the Wiremo widget by using their Social Media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Besides, you can share your testimonials on Social Media pages from your website’s corresponding widget. Or else you should ask the customers to share their reviews.

And in the case of Judge.me plugin, you are able to connect your social media account on Facebook. Twitter, and Instagram to share the testimonials there.

Show Reviews on Google

Due to the Wiremo plugin’s SEO features, you are able to add rich snippets (JSON-LD) to the selected product page to display the star rating also in the Google Search Results. This will definitely promote your website traffic and will increase the number of unique links on it.

The WordPress Judge.me plugin uses automatic Google Shopping XML feed, JSON LD, and automatic SEO rich snippets. So, your reviews will be shown on Google Shopping.

Wiremo VS Judge.me Differences

As we noticed below the similarities between the plugins are on a basic level. And this mostly refers to the main purpose of the plugins. That is collecting and displaying reviews from the customers. Yet, there are so many aspects in which the two plugins are totally different. So, at this point, we are going to review exactly those features.



The Wiremo plugin is built to provide the best user experience on your website. So, after writing reviews the customers receive an excellently designed pop-up message where they are informed about getting a promo code for upselling the products. Besides this type of promotional popup, you can simply write them a heart-warming “Thank you” message to make the client feel how much his/her feedback is important to you. Or else you may redirect them to another page of your website to increase the traffic to other pages. And all these functions are due to the “Pop-up Trigger” feature available in the Wiremo plugin.

Always promoting the active interaction with the WooCommerce store customers the plugin presents the “Conversation Trigger” feature. This is a beneficial function, especially when they send a negative review. This gives you an opportunity to automatically contact them and ask about the possible issues they face. Simultaneously, you may use this function for all ratings to boost your business sales.

The next customer-oriented feature the Wiremo plugin provides is that it helps you to show your absolute support and care for each and every client on your WoooCommerce store. So, due to the “Reply to Reviewers” features, you can reply to the clients publicly. Besides, supporting and answering the clients in public you can bring the conversation to the Wiremo plugin’s dashboard to learn more about the customer’s issues, share the prepared coupons, as well as thank them for writing their sincere reviews.

To ease the user experience of finding a corresponding product by reading the reviews the Wiremo plugin shows review keywords. Besides, the plugin enables you to search for the needed phrase in a certain review.

Other Features

The Wiremo plugin is doing better with automation. This is thanks to the auto approve reviews with tools like:

  • AI sentiment analyzer
  • Auto-reply
  • Automated review carousels
  • Pop-up triggers
  • Conversation triggers

Besides these key features, the Wiremo plugin offers you some show/hide options regarding reviews in the custom Tab or Footer, high-rated products, stars, and testimonials quantity on the product or category pages, rating details for the individual products, etc.

The Wiremo plugin outstands with its integrations to:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • BigCommerce
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Tumblr
  • Drupal
  • Custom website, etc.

So, besides WooCommerce, you can automate the product reviews also for Squarespace and Shopify.



Unlike the Wiremo plugin, the Judge.me plugin does not provide this many tools to interact with the customers after they leave their reviews.

Apart from the similarities with the Wiremo plugin, the Judge.me plugin offers review import features from Shopify, Loox, Yotpo, Rivyo, Stamped.io, Ryviu.

Besides, the plugin suggests some integrations to different tools for:

  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Marketing & Upselling
  • Mobile App Builders
  • Page Builders
  • SEO
  • Rewards
  • Workflow Automation, etc.

Wiremo VS Judge.me Plugins’ Pricing

So, we have approached one of the most crucial parts while purchasing or activating a certain plugin. And that is the plugin pricing. So, in this case, Judge.me’s pricing is more affordable than the Wiremo’s one.

So, here is the Wiremo’s pricing strategy:

  • Essential – $16.99 per month (billed annually)
  • Professional – $42.49 per month (billed annually)
  • Premium – $170 per month (billed annually)

Before purchasing the Wiremo plugin’s Pro version you may highly benefit from the 14-day free trial period with all the features available.

And the only plan offered by the Judge.me plugin is the “Awesome” package which costs $15 per month.

Which One Is The Winner?

And at this point, we are going to reveal which one of these plugins is the winner.

So, if we look back at the features listed below we would definitely spot many similarities between the two plugins. But there is a whole group of features that are very essential yet lacking in the Judge.me plugin. So, that is a customer-oriented approach while boosting your product sales. That is to say, you as a website owner can collect so many important reviews by caring for your customers in a messaging conversation, or answering them publicly. Or else easing their searching process by enabling them to find the needed product with an appropriate keyword, etc. As well as the usage of Artificial Intelligence in the review filtering process.

This is a must-have feature if you intended to grow the customer’s interest and trust in your WooCommerce store. So, we recommend you use the feature-rich Wiremo plugin to approve the best client experience on your website.

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