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PeachPay VS Rally։ Best WooCommerce Checkout Plugin

WooCommerce is a very powerful plugin to convert your WordPress site into a good-looking and well-functioned eCommerce platform. And after setting up your WooCommerce store, it automatically makes and assigns a checkout page. So, this is a very needed component to maximally reduce the shopping cart abandonment, and promote website conversions. Therefore, it is important to pay additional attention to the WooCommerce checkout page. There are certain plugins to help you style, change, or optimize it. So, we have picked up two of them to present to your attention. Meet the PeachPay VS Rally plugins’ comparison to understand which one is better for your WooCommerce Checkout page.

PeachPay – Main Features


The first and one of the most important things to know about the PeachPay plugin is that it is funded and backed officially by WooCommerce. And if you worry about your WooCommerce store cart abandonment or payment failures then it is high time you activated exactly this plugin.

The PeachPay is absolutely free and has 900+ active installations and 8 5-stars on WordPress. You will not encounter any monthly or yearly fees.


PeachPay’s installation is quite easy. You download and activate the plugin from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Afterward, you need to choose your preferred payment method(s) and connect it to PeachPay. Lastly, you can customize the interface to your heart’s content. That’s it. So, only three steps are needed to start using this highly-functioned plugin.

It is well-optimized for conversions, stable, and quite flexible for WooCommerce checkouts and payments.


Through this plugin, your customers will be able to check out directly from the product, cart pages, and sidebar cart. The process is quite easy. And all they should do to enter that section is enter the button and access the checkout window. Here they can choose one of their preferred payment methods. The customers must enter the payment, shipping, and other details only if they click the button for the first time. The next time, the whole order information will be saved and they can process with checkout with just one click.

So, the payment process can be completed in a couple of minutes without any hustles.

PeachPay is focused only on WooCommerce. Therefore, it provides simpler and advanced functionalities for WooCommerce store checkout. But if you use another platform for your online store, then you can contact them to understand the further steps.

Other Functions

Working with this plugin is very secure. As it provides 3D Secure with Strong Customer Authentication support.

Furthermore, it is very customizable. The checkout button will appear on the product, cart, and checkout page, as well as a sidebar/mini cart. Not only can the button be customized but also the checkout window including its fields, product recommendations, etc. That means that PeachPay comes with a built-in field editor, upsell funnel builder, and currency switcher – free of charge! This is one bit of premium functionality after another provided for free. 

On top of that, you can add your logo or white label on PeachPay with the help of its support specialists. Additionally, PeachPay does not limit your activities to only one shop. You may confidently use it for multiple stores. In addition, you can collect subscriptions through the plugin as it is fully compatible with WooCommerce subscriptions.

The plugin’s developers ease your work by creating a shortcode for inserting the button even on your home page without having programming skills. And if you deal with different currencies and your clients are from different countries then you will highly benefit from the plugin’s currency switcher (including all the currencies supporting Stripe and PayPal payment methods) and multilanguage features.

The demo version will help you to see the plugin in action.

Payment Options

Along with all the features, there are many payment options available. The list includes:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Klarna
  • Afterpay
  • Affirm
  • Purchase Orders

Besides, you may use the following options in the near future:

  • Square
  • Sezzle
  • Authorize.Net
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Bank Transfer

Many other options will be added soon.

Also, the plugin offers a 0-fraud guarantee for Stripe and PayPal payment methods. And the checkout process is instant through both methods.

You can view the existing orders from your shop dashboard. And there is a one-click checkout for returning customers. This refers to also the clients who have prior PeachPay purchases.

To make a smooth checkout process you will have testing advantages, too. This is to display the whole changes on your live site before your customers see this.

So, the plugin is an all-in-one solution for your WooCommerce store which utilizes Stripe and PayPal payment gateways to provide smooth and easy checkout for your customers. As for refunds, then you may definitely issue them both partially and fully. There are no fees related to this action. But you need to consider a fee from the original charge. But this does not refer to customers. They never pay any transaction fees during the refund process.

Rally – Main Features


Rally also provides checkout solutions. It combines a 1-click checkout with post-purchase options. The post-purchase offers enable you to make offers after the checkout page.

But Rally’s installation is a little bit complicated. So, the first step is an onboarding call. During it, the admins help you receive additional knowledge about the platform. Then you need to sign up for your account or create one through the admin’s provided link. After this, you will pass through Rally’s installation and configuration steps. Then you should decide the further action with the Rally support team whether you want them to help you go live in another onboarding call, or you prefer to add it yourself. And after this, you will enable Rally checkout.

As you see, this is a quite long process that should be done with the help of support agents and admins. In this case, PeachPay beats Rally with its simpler installation.

But unlike the PeachPay plugin, Rally does not provide a button to enter the checkout window immediately. Instead, it requires entering a checkout page, post-purchase offer pages, and finally the confirmation page.

One of the key features of Rally is that it implemented Rally Pay to make the shoppers’ working process easier. Just like PeachPay, it does not require account creation. And only asks the clients whether they want the info to be remembered or not.

After that, when the shopper goes to Rally checkout, Rally Pay makes the whole process through a single click moving forward to All Rally Checkouts. Like the PeachPay plugin, it also requires the shoppers to insert some necessary information. And after that, the checkout process will be in 1-click.

Besides, during the payment process, Rally guides the customers to insert all the necessary data. It works with storefront, backend, and many payment processors.

It provides also a headless commerce service that is very flexible and enables some modern payment methods. As well as aims to boost the conversion, like it does PeachPay.

Pricing PeachPay VS Rally

Pricing is one of the most important features to take into account when choosing a checkout plugin.

So, the good news is that PeachPay is completely free. There are no hidden monthly or annual fees. As well as it does not raise the transaction fees. So, PeachPay only takes its percentage from payment providers, not from the merchants or shoppers.

As for Rally, then it does not provide a free version. It provides only a 90-days free trial. So, here are the pricing plans:

  • Growth – $0.5% (for businesses doing less than $2.5mln annually)
  • Scale – a custom price for businesses earning over $2.5mln annually.

Which One is The Winner?

So, above we have discussed the two unique payment checkout tools. Each of them provides many essential features. And now it is time to understand which one of them is a good choice for WooCommerce.

So, taking into account the fact that PeachPay is mainly focused on WooCommerce it provides more features to provide a smooth checkout process. It is a good plugin with great functionalities to implement in your WooCommerce shop. Working with PeachPay is very simple starting with the installation to the main process. For returning clients, the checkout process is just a matter of one click. Furthermore, the checkout button is highly customizable based on your needs. Through this plugin, you will be able to proceed with your payments anywhere you prefer using Stripe or PayPal. So, the checkout process is not only smooth but also highly secure. And the most important fact about this plugin is that it is absolutely chargeless for both the customers and merchants.

When it comes to Rally, it also provides some unique features for WooCommerce payment checkouts. But unlike the PeachPay plugin, its installation is a little bit more complicated. It does not provide an eye-catching checkout button to insert in any part of your shop. Instead, it provides checkout, post-purchase, and confirmation pages. That can be a little bit confusing.

Like the PeachPay plugin Rally also provides one-click checkout for returning customers. But its features are not free as in the case of PeachPay. Rally charges at least 0.5% for the process. Meaning that working with it may not be affordable for all the businesses, especially for those who do their first steps in this field.

Lastly, PeachPay comes with a built-in field editor, upsell funnel builder, and currency switcher. It is far more flexible and feature-packed than Rally. 

Bringing all these thoughts together, we conclude that the PeachPay plugin is your best choice if you have decided to add a powerful checkout & payment solution to your WooCommerce store.

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