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Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress 2024

Nowadays, quizzes are very effective and essential tools for testing the knowledge of students. Additionally, it is possible to design interactive and engaging quizzes that will help to entertain the audience and drive traffic to the website. In this article, you will learn how to create different quiz types with WordPress Quiz Maker plugins. I have selected the best quiz plugins for WordPress that work efficiently and will help to design the most attractive and engaging quizzes in WordPress.

1. Quiz Maker


Today’s first plugin is WordPress Quiz Plugin. It is a very user-friendly and flexible plugin that allows an unlimited number of well-designed quizzes. You can easily add as many questions as you want and create different sections of questions.

Quiz Maker plugin offers a wide range of question types including multiple-choice, dropdown, radio, text, short text, number, date, and so on. This plugin is very user-friendly and allows to categorize quizzes and questions. It provides both free and paid versions to provide the most amazing user experience on WP.

Paid Quizzes

By the way, I would like to inform you that you can also earn money with paid quizzes. Quiz Maker can assist its users to earn passive income. The main thing that you are required to do is to create a particular quiz and connect it to your PayPal or Stripe account. Generally speaking, paid quizzes help to drive traffic to your website and increase visitors’ time spent on your website.

Exams with Certificates

Sometimes users are more motivated to take certificate quizzes. So, I am glad to inform you that this plugin allows the creation of certificate quizzes, too. It generates certificates with any design and sends them to succeeded users via email. You can design fully customizable certificates, add your logo, use message variables, and so on. The positive outcome is that you can generate more leads

Personality Quizzes

Do you want to build strong relationships with your audience? If YES, then personality quizzes can help you. You can design various personality quizzes with Quiz Maker. As a result, you will get more information about them by creating interactive personality quizzes. Moreover, you can motivate your website visitors to pass the personality test and get new exciting information about themselves. A personality quiz is a great lead-generating tool for a website.

Key Functionalities

  • Question Image & Video
  • Quiz styles 
  • Randomized questions and answers
  • Question bank
  • Access only for logged in users option
  • Show correct answers, explanations & hints
  • Interval Messages Based on Quiz Results
  • Weight/Point calculation system
  • Fields for user data collection
  • Make questions required
  • Password protected quiz
  • Copy content protection
  • Question Export & Import
  • Connect your quiz to popular email platforms like MailChimp.
  • Detailed Reports in Charts & Leaderboards


Quiz Maker offers a Free plan and allows to create unlimited quizzes with the primary functions.

The Business plan opens up a huge range of features. You can use upcoming updates and support services for twelve months. The price for the Business plan is  $49.

You can purchase the Developer plan and use PayPal and Stripe integration. This package allows using all the functionalities. receive the latest updates and use the support services. The cost for the Developer plan is $129.

2. HD Quiz


The second best quiz builder plugin is HD Quiz. The plugin’s responsive design helps to create a quiz with as many questions as you want. You can create multiple-choice and open-answer questions. HD Quiz is known as a mobile-friendly plugin that supports all mobile and tablet devices. This opportunity makes users’ experience smoother.


I am happy to inform you that HD Quiz can help you create a quiz in WordPress with any design. It has all the necessary design tools for that. In fact, you can add a featured image to all the questions and answer choices. You can use a tooltip. animated gifs as question featured image, or for any answer, and so on. Creating a specific design for your quiz will make them appear more interactive and attractive.


Another important feature is that you can set a timer for each quiz. HD Quiz plugin has a timer not only for the whole quiz but also for each question. You can have a certain number of questions with different time limits for each.

Customizable pop-up messages

Pop-ups are always engaging! You can include different pop-up messages when a user chooses a right or wrong answer, or basically passes/fails the quiz. By the way, pop-up surveys also work productively and can boost your website traffic. If you haven’t tried it yet, read our article where you will learn step-by-step how to create pop-up surveys in WordPress.

Key Functionalities

  • You can create numerous quizzes. 
  • The mobile-friendly design allows to supports all phone types and tablets
  • You can set a timer.
  • Links can be added to quiz result pages to increase the conversion rate.
  • It allows Social Media Sharing to increase users’ engagement.
  • Images can be used as answers ( size limit of 400×400 pixels).
  • Animated GIFs support the featured image of Quizzes.
  • Question tooltips for hints.


HD Quiz has a Free plan available for everyone that allows the creation of an unlimited number of quizzes and questions.

However, HD Quiz has many add-ons for customization and results-saving features that cost almost  $15 each.

3. Opinion Stage


Opinion Stage is a quiz, survey, and poll maker plugin in WordPress. You can design your items from scratch or use the already prepared and optimized templates. The only thing you have to do is to clearly decide the purpose of the quiz. If you want to generate leads it is better to keep the quiz shorter. However, If you plan to generate engagement among the audience you will prefer to make it longer. Or maybe you want to get shares on Social Media? In that case, focus on designing an outcome that will get shared.

Quizzes for Engagement and Lead Generation

You can create Facebook-style and Buzzfeed-style quizzes that engage users. Integrate a lead form in your quiz to collect qualified leads. The quiz questions can be associated with the contact information that you collect to qualify which leads are valuable for your business.

Brand and customize

Opinion Stage plugin allows changing every aspect of the visual. You can customize the quiz and match it with your brand and website. You are welcome to use all the design features including the font, sizes, and colors of the quiz.

Track and optimize

It is possible to track every aspect of the performance. You can see the number of people who viewed, started, and finished the quiz. Don’t forget to use the drop-off report to find the best questions and identify those that must be removed or improved.


WordPress Opinion Stage plugin offers dozens of integrations with almost all the top email and marketing services. Opinion Stage native integrations include Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zapier, Webhook, and an API.

Key Functionalities

  • Easy and fast to create a viral quiz either from scratch or using one of the hundreds of free templates.
  • Integrate images & videos into the quizzes.
  • Design the look by selecting the color theme, fonts and size.
  • Add your own logo.
  • Integrates with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to promote sharing and viral distribution of quizzes.
  • Notify with email on quiz submission.
  • Use quiz branch logic that lets you determine the sequence of questions based on the answer to the previous question.
  • Popup the items automatically when users enter or exit the page.

4. ProProfs Quiz Maker


ProProfs Quiz maker is one of the best Quiz Maker plugins in WordPress. It has more than 100k quizzes and 50 mln people who took their quizzes. It is an amazing solution to catch users’ attention and engage them with an exciting quiz.


ProProfs is very easy to use due to its good UI. It has a straightforward interface, which makes the process of the creation of the quizzes easier. Furthermore, it is flexible to customize and adapt the quiz to your style because it offers more than 100 settings and configurations. 

Photos and videos

You can add both photos or videos to your questions. ProProfs allows you to create high-quality quizzes, which means you will also need visual elements in them. 

Benefits of ProProfs

ProProfs offers several benefits for your WordPress website. It will help you quickly and efficiently generate high-quality leads, grow website traffic, diversify content and boost customer engagement rates. To make the process even more accessible and more enjoyable for you, ProProfs offers 100+ ready-to-use templates, each of them available for customization, so that it will suit your brand’s style. 

Key Functionalities

  • Integrations
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Lead Generation
  • Multiple Choice Test
  • Test-Maker
  • Assessment Software
  • Exam Software
  • Facebook Quiz
  • Personality Quiz


ProPros has satisfactory pricing rates. It offers three pricing plans, the details of which you can see down below:

  • Essentials $0.50: Billed annually – $600 a year
  • Premium $1: Billed annually – $1,200 a year
  • Business $2: Billed annually – $2,400 a year

All the plans presented above include the following features: Poll Maker, Reports, Quiz Stats & Analytics, Templates, Advanced Features, Custom Scoring and Results, Email Notifications, Branding & Certificate.

If you want to visualize the difference between plans and main features, you can review it on their WordPress website, where you can see a table showcasing every detail. Click on the button down below to see the pricing. 

5. Quiz and Survey Master


WordPress Quiz and Survey Master is a user-friendly quiz and survey-making plugin. It gives a chance to include different types of quizzes or surveys on numerous pages of the website. Quiz and Survey Master allows setting a particular quiz on unlimited pages.

Different question types are present in the Quiz and Survey Master plugin such as multiple-choice, true and false, drop down, fill the blanks, number, text, and so on.

Emails after Quiz

After the user passes a quiz or survey, you can have the plugin email the results to you and the users. The text of the email is also customizable.


The quiz and Survey Master plugin is very flexible to use. To prove that, let’s note that your quiz or survey can be graded either with an incorrect/correct system or a points-based system. Or not at all. Contact information can be asked either at the beginning or at the end. It is possible to make one or more contact fields required.
Most importantly, you can randomize the questions and answer choices. Another flexibility indicator is that you can set a certain number of questions per page.

Photos and videos

You can add either photos or videos to your questions. For example, you may want the participants to watch a particular tutorial before answering the question, but some quiz plugins limit this important feature.

Comment Boxes

You can provide users with separate comment boxes after each question. The purpose of this functionality is to give a chance for self-expression. As a result, you may get additional feedback from your customers.

Restore Tool

The idea of the restore tool is to recover previously created quizzes. Thus, you can be sure that your quizzes are safe and will never disappear.

Key Functionalities

  • Timer
  • Certificates
  • Leaderboard
  • Hint Boxes
  • Animation Effects
  • Export results
  • Connect your quiz to popular email platforms like MailChimp.
  • Restore tool


You can create your quizzes with the  Free version and have access to a few core features.

The basic package includes reporting and analysis, export and import, google analytics tracking and URL parameters, and costs  $79 per year.

Plus package contains more advanced features. Those include conditional logic, Mailchimp Integration, summary emails, extra shortcodes, user dashboard, etc. You can purchase this version for  $149 per year.

Finally, the Pro package offers more than 30 addons and a well-designed timer. Additionally, it also offers Zapier integration, email marketing Integrations, and so on. Besides, all the features included in the Plus package are also available. This version costs $199  per year.

6. Riddle


Riddle is an extremely powerful online quiz maker. It is remarkably easy to use to embed quizzes, polls, and personality quizzes on your site. Many quizzes created with Riddle can be found on BBC, CNN, and other top global publishers. Clearly, we will give this quiz creator and lead generation platform an in-depth look.

Why Riddle? You will be impressed with this 100% GDPR-compliant tool. Riddle is EU-based and does not use cloud software or track or store any WP quiz takers’ personal data. It all goes directly to your marketing software – making data privacy much easier to ensure.

Unlike most other quiz maker tools, all of Riddle’s quiz maker plans include unlimited usage. You can create unlimited quizzes, collect unlimited leads, and have unlimited quiz takers even with their entry-level Basic plan.

And you also get fast access to any questions. Riddle claims to answer any customer questions in under two minutes – so they are put to the test. All three of the questions were answered in under 90 seconds which is very impressive.

Main Features:

  • 15 types of interactive formats – including personality test, quiz, survey, and more
  • Integrated lead generation – create quiz marketing funnels with their drag and drop form builder
  • Leaderboards – great for contests and audience engagement
  • Send all leads and quiz results to your marketing software, including MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, and 3,000 other tools
  • 100% white-labeled – add your logo for a completely branded experience
  • Extensive customization – change colors, fonts, styles to match your site
  • Detailed analytics – measure quiz starts, completes, leads, and more
  • Advanced marketing – supports Webhooks, Google Tag Manager, or Facebook Pixels
  • Free 14-day trial – all features unlocked and no credit card required.

And here are the Riddle’s pricing plans:

  • Basic – $29 per month
  • Pro – $49 per month
  • Team – $249 per month

The Best Quiz Plugins in WordPress Compared

PluginsActive InstallationsRatesPricing
Quiz Maker 10,000 +4.9 / 5Free +
$29 – $89
HD Quiz 7,000 +5 / 5Free +
$15 per add-on
Quiz and Survey Master40,000 +4.8 / 5Free +
$79 – $199
ProProfs Quiz maker200+Free +
$600 – $2400 yearly
Riddle 10,000+5 / 5Free +
$29 – $249

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