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The 5 Fastest and Cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2021


If you decided to create a WordPress site then you will need to think about selecting a good WP hosting service. Hosting is an essential part of your WP website building. Without it, you will have a website loading slowly and not secured. So this article will help you to choose which hosting service is better. We are going to present to you the 5 fastest and cheapest WordPress hosting services.

What is a Hosting Service?

If you want the visitors to access your website you should obtain a domain and web host. Without having these two your website can not perform online. When building your WP site you will definitely meet the issue to select a good hosting service. But first, it is more important to know what functions the hosting services apply to your website.

As we mentioned above, the WP host will help to reduce your site’s loading time and will protect it from being hacked. The WP web hosting presents a host optimized for running WordPress. And the features of the hosting services can vary. But some basic features are almost the same. So one is a 1-click WP installer. The other one is quick support and automatic updates in WordPress.

Varieties of Web Hosting

You can find 6 hosting types:

Shared hosting. This type of hosting is preferred when your site is at the entry-level. So why is it called shared? It is called shared as your website will share the same server as several other websites. The costs for shared web hosting are lower than for other types.

VPS hosting. VPS or Virtual private server hosting is situated between the dedicated and shared server hosting. This type is the most preferable if you need to get more control but do not want to use a dedicated server. So the system works like your website will be hosted in its own storage but it will share a physical server with other sites.

Dedicated server hosting. This is not a cheap way for your website host. However, it has many benefits. So, you will have total control over the server where your website storage is located. So the server will be rented only by your website. And accordingly, you will have admin access, as well.

Cloud Hosting. This type of hosting will take your site to another level. You utilize as many resources as you wish and accordingly pay for what you really need. So this host works as a network and gives companies the opportunity to use the needed resources.

Managed hosting: With the managed WordPress hosting type you will get up-to-date hardware, operating systems, and standard applications management. So the host will do it instead of you.

Colocation. If you do not want to keep servers in a private office area or your house then you can change the equipment’s location and replace it in a colocation center. You will be provided with the bandwidth, power, IP address, and cooling system.

And now, it is time to discover the 5 best WordPress hosting services.

1. Hostinger


The cheapest monthly packages are offered by the WordPress Hostinger. It can be easily set up and contains all the essential features for your WordPress site. The Hostinger is a very famous web host that is used by over twenty-nine million people. Here is a Hostinger review.

Hostinger offers high-level plans for WP. So the Hostinger plans include “Single WordPress” which costs $1.99 per month. The second plan is “WordPress Starter”. And the monthly fee is $2.99. The next two are “Business WordPress” and “WordPress Pro” with the costs accordingly $5.99 and $11.59 per month. The plans vary due to the offered features for WordPress.

The next important part after the pricing is the availability of a responsive support system. It is too necessary to find 24/7 support in more than twenty languages to get a quick answer to your questions. This is to avoid a long process of discovering the needed answers through the Internet guides.

Along with the above-mentioned characteristics, you will definitely appreciate the server’s performance. It has an almost 99.9% uptime guarantee, which means the server totally functions in 99.9% of cases and its downtime is only 1%. So, it is equal to 45 minutes monthly.

Hostinger reduces your page load time. According to the placement, the load time varies from 0.54-2.49 seconds. This is a quite good result. Hostinger also offers a free domain name and 1-click WP installation.

However, it has its disadvantages, too. You might probably have some performance deviations while using Hostinger on high-traffic websites.

2. Bluehost


The Bluehost WordPress hosting is a unique host designed especially for WordPress. The hosting service offers ManageWP support in its basic plan (for 5 or more websites). Bluehost presents a dashboard adapted for WP users.

The hosting service provides 24/7 support. The support specialists have high-level knowledge and are very responsive.

Your site performance will be fully provided with the options like VPS (Virtual Private Service), NGINX, and KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine hypervisor).

The page average speed is between 1.69-2.01 seconds according to the testing results.

Here are the Bluehost hosting plans:

Bluehost offers three monthly packages. The first one is “Basic” with a cost of $2.95. The next two are “Plus” and “Choice Plus” monthly packages with a cost of $5.45.

Besides the mentioned points, Bluehost offers a high-security level for your site.

3. DreamHost


DreamHost hosting offers a large variety of WP options. This hosting service is officially recommended by WordPress as it highly optimizes the platform.

The DreamHost WordPress hosting service provides shared WP plans, dedicated WooCommerce hosting.

WordPress users may appreciate special features such as the pre-installation option. You can freely subscribe to the Jetpack pro version. There are automatic updates. For the highest security, you can enjoy dual WP-optimized WAF (Web Application Firewalls).

DreamHost provides a responsive support service via LiveChat. Besides, it provides caching functionality, SSD storage, Content Delivery Network. The page speed is between 0.21- 1.66 seconds according to the testing.

The monthly packages include “WordPress Basic” ($2.59), “DreamPress” ($12), and “VPS WordPress” ($27.50) choices. So it is not considered a cheap selection.

4. HostGator


The HostGator WordPress hosting service presents managed WP hosting. The host includes many essential features such as WP free migration, access to the MOJO marketplace WP themes. It also includes “auto-backup” and “sign-click site restore” options and provides SSL certificates.

Hostgator’s users can lean on the dedicated 24/7 support team assistance.

The HG WP cloud hosting scores 2.5 times faster speed due to its low-density servers and CDN. The average page speed is 0.75-1.72 seconds.

It offers 3 plans:

  • Hatchling Plan” with $2.75 per month.
  • Baby Plan” with a $3.50 monthly fee. The “Baby Plan” is the most recommended package if you decide to use the HostGator hosting service.
  • Business Plan” costs $5.25 per month.

Along with all these advantages, HostGator can be a little bit weak for the advanced WP features.

5. A2 Hosting


The A2 hosting service is one of the 5 best WordPress hosting services that introduces optimized WP installations. This enables you to improve your website speed and security. It provides faster loading sites.

A2 host has a good support system with knowledgeable assistants. They respond to you within seconds via Live chat. The host gives you SSDs and a turbo feature to decrease the page loading time.

Page speed scores from 480 milliseconds to 2.24 seconds.

The host presents also a migration service (free).

The A2 hosting service offers these 3-year packages to save money:

  • Startup“- $2.99 per month.
  • Drive“- $5.99 per month.
  • Turbo boost“- $6.99 per month. This is considered the most recommended package.
  • Turbo Max“- $12.99 per month.

Though you may suppose the prices to be so high. But you can avoid paying a high price if you select one of the 3-year packages.

Sometimes these last two plugins are compared. So, if you are interested in their comparison you can read about them in A2 hosting versus Hostgator article.

Hosting Services Compared

So, now it is time to compare the mentioned hosting services according to the page speed and prices. Each of the website owners is interested in these two factors while choosing a hosting service. So, the comparison is presented below:

Hosting ServicesPage SpeedPrices
Hostinger 0.54-2.49 seconds$1.99- $11.59/month
Bluehost 1.69-2.01 seconds$2.95- $5.45/month
DreamHost 0.21- 1.66 seconds$2.59- $27.50/month
HostGator 0.75-1.72 seconds$2.75- $5.25/month
A2 Hosting0.48-2.24 seconds$10.99- $22.09/month


To sum up, you have already known, that the WP site will not perform online without web hosting. After creating your site, you need to add a domain and hosting. Choosing the right hosting that will also be affordable is a step you should pay attention to.

Web hosting is a general idea that contains 6 types of hosts. Each type differs according to its aim and pricing. The cheapest type is shared hosting. As it is supposed for beginners and newly-created websites. And the other types will present much more features to make your websites work well. So, depending on your business aim, they can also ease your work.

Due to its easy usage, you can get any hosting service for your WP site. But choosing one of the hosting services you must consider the most important features such as pricing strategy, page speed, and some other options adapted for WordPress. We’ve discussed the 5 best WordPress hosting services: Hostinger, Bluehost, DreamHost, HostGator, A2 hosting. Each one presents its unique features. So it is up to you to choose one of the most popular and helpful hosting services for your website use.

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