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TextUnited VS Weglot: Which’s The Best?

There is no doubt that English is a world language and lingua franca. But does your audience search for or consume content only in English? Having a monolingual website can considerably lower your chances of increasing leads and sales. However, it can be time-consuming and expensive to create brand-new content for each and every language. For WordPress owners, there is one solution translation plugin. Today we will be comparing WordPress translation plugins TextUnited vs Weglot to see which is the best for creating a multilingual website.

Introductory View On Comparison

First things first, what is a translation plugin for?

Translation plugins enable you to make a website multilingual and accessible to people worldwide directly from your WordPress dashboard. A translation plugin will automatically take on the task of translating your WordPress website. But how to choose the right translation plugin?

TextUnited and Weglot both are effective and highly recommended translation and localization solutions for your website. 

Weglot is one of WordPress’s most popular and high-ranking translation plugins. In fact, its popularity is now at the top. 

However, TextUnited, being not that high-ranking software, does not fall behind. TextUnited offers all the same features and highlights that Weglot. Moreover, in some cases, TextUnited has more features and flexibility to offer, plus more affordable pricing plans. 

The only area where Weglot stands out is advanced translation project management for centralizing website translation projects and handling translations to teammates or translators.

Otherwise, if you are concerned with having quality translations of any content combining powerful machine technology and human expertise, go with TextUnited.

Key Differences between TextUnited and Weglot

  • TextUnited plugin supports not only translations of WordPress websites, but also other content translations, such as Word files, GitHub repository, Figma projects, and more. Meanwhile, Weglot offers more in terms of WordPress and eCommerce website translations.
  • Translations with TextUnited keep a healthy balance between AI-translation engines and experienced translators, whereas translations offered by Weglot are more automation-based.
  • TextUnited comes with a powerful translation memory technology that constantly saves your translations for future reuse. This cuts down the cost of translation and helps to achieve linguistic consistency. So TextUnited translation archive is not a mere heap of translated materials.

Overview: Text United vs Weglot

Both TextUnited and Weglot are equally useful, straightforward, and quick. But which is the best solution for your website? Without comparing the two plugins, it’s hard to find an honest answer. So, let’s examine these two translation options in more detail.

Text United

TextUnited follows one aim: to provide customers with an intelligent, fast, and always-on website translation system.


Your website is the window to your business, and TextUnited allows you to be discovered by customers from any point around the globe. 

TextUnited is a leading cloud-based translation software that combines powerful AI-based machine translation with a network of highly-specialized translators, thus providing accurate and precise translations of the entire website into 170+ languages.

It’s difficult to define the silver bullet of TextUnited, as it has a lot that makes it stand out among other translation solutions in the market. One thing to be said about TextUnited is that it significantly reduces translation complexity, and helps to achieve linguistic consistency due to its trio of powerful AI engine, extensive translation memory functionality, and highly professional translators.

Key Features

It would be nearly impossible to cover all the solutions and highlights offered by TextUnited in one sit, so let’s together review some of the most promising ones.

Varied Content Translation

TextUnited Integrations are what make it powerful and flexible in translating any type of content.

With TextUnited it is possible to translate not only WordPress sites using the plugin but also to translate content kept in GitHub or BitBucket, Adobe Indesign or Word files, support tickets in Zendesk or Salesforce, and many more.

Software Localization

What can be more satisfying than providing your customers with a website, interacting with which is a real pleasure? 

You can provide it by using TextUnited’s software localization solution, ensuring that not only the website content but also the web-app functionality are always adapted to the culture and language of the users. This feature enables the localization of apps and other digital products and provides customers with an excellent and personalized digital experience based on their language, location, culture, and legal needs.

Graphic & Video Localization

One more valuable feature that makes TextUnited so special is video localization. Undoubtedly, video content with multilingual transcriptions and subtitles will generate more leads and views than monolingual videos. TextUnited also solves the problem of video localization. You can enhance your traffic and views by translating the titles, subtitles, and other content of your videos.

CAT tool

The translation is a process that can never be good enough until several parties are involved. Through the web-based CAT tool, TextUnited enables you to interact with qualified translators. You include them in the translation process, and enable them to provide translations directly via a browser.

Translation Memory

As we have already stated, TextUnited is so special as it keeps the balance between human and machine translation.

Via reusing human-translated strings TextUnited automatically creates translation memory. Thanks to this it achieves linguistic accuracy and additionally lowers the cost of translation.

The number of features and solutions TextUnited provides is large, it is literally impossible to cover all of them. Above mentioned was only half of what this amazing software offers. So in our TextUnited vs Weglot comparison, TextUnited has all the chances to be the winner.

More and more features…
  • Translation teams with staff and freelance translators.
  • 30+ file formats that can be translated.
  • Terminology management for your company.
  • Project glossaries with specific terminology for each project.


Next in our TextUnited vs Weglot comparison let’s have a detailed view of the next competitor. Weglot‘s mission is to provide customers with everything they need to translate, display and manage their multilingual website, with full editing control.


It is a simple way to communicate with your customers around the world. Weglot enables you to translate your website into more than 110 languages without a single line of code.

With Weglot, you are able to add multiple languages to your website. The tool is super simple as allows users to switch them with a simple click of the mouse.

Though it is machine translation, Weglot allows reviewing and manually editing every single string of the translated text.

In short, Weglot is the simplest translation option for your website. It will make your website accessible in any language in any part of the world.

Key Features

Weglot is a powerful website translation solution that offers a bunch of features to its customers. 

Availability of Multiple platforms

Weglot has integrations with numerous significant platforms, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Jimdo, Shopify, and WordPress. Various websites may easily translate their content thanks to these integrations. Most of the integrations offered by Weglot are connected with eCommerce, so Weglot is an ideal solution for online store translation.

Website Localization

Weglot instantly switches the entire website to the user’s desired language. This procedure is quite quick and doesn’t take long for the website to load. The users can access the website in a preferred language in a matter of seconds.

Automated Machine translation

Weglot makes use of a machine translation engine that automatically translates every website content into other languages. Additionally, if necessary, you can also make manual modifications.

Professional Translators 

Once you sign up for the Weglot premium plan, you can also request translations from a team of qualified translators to ensure that the translated text on your website is clear and even grammatically sound. Compared to machine-automated translation, it takes a little longer, but the outcome is worthwhile.

More and more features…
  • Every piece of information is automatically translated, and localized, including media localization.
  • An easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to step in and edit the translations.
  • The plugin allows the collaboration of teammates and experts at Weglot directly from the plugin’s interface. This ensures the best value of the translation.
  • In-context translation tool determines whether a symbol combination is a word that is a part of your text or a link.

Pricing Battle: TextUnited vs Weglot

While comparing TextUnited vs Weglot we need not concentrate on features and highlights but also on the value the tools provide in terms of affordability.


Text United offers a free plan subscription and WordPress plugin with limited functionalities and highlights. It supports only 1.000-word translations and is an ideal solution for those website owners who need to translate their WP website for some reason. But it’s not appropriate for WordPress website owners whose main target is the international market.

Alongside the free version, TextUnited offers 3 pricing plans to leverage translation efforts.

  1. The Basic Plan is perfect for teams with low translation volumes who are doing their first steps into the international market. It includes 5.000 words for translations and allows 5 users. The basic plan starts at €60 per month.
  2. Essential Plan already comes with more extended features for bigger teams with high translation volumes who are working in the international market. This plan starts at €210, includes 50.000 words for translation, and empowers translations for various platforms, such as GitHub, Bitbucket, Zendesk, WordPress, SharePoint, FTP, Figma, Outlook, and more.
  3. Custom: TextUnited also offers fully personalized plans for customers, so that users can manage their translation experience and adjust it to their budgets.

Important: the numbers of words mentioned above are new words that you want to translate. It means that the words translated before and kept in the translation memory are not counted and do not reduce your allowance!


Weglot’s free plan allows users to translate about 2000 words into only one language. 

It offers the following five payment tiers to access all languages.

  1. The starter plan: The monthly fee for the starter plan, which permits 10.000 words to be translated at once into a single language, is approximately $15. 
  2. The business plan:  The monthly cost for the business plan is roughly $29, and it allows for the translation of 50.000 words at once into three distinct languages.
  3. The pro plan: The pro package, which costs roughly $79 per month, enables the translation of up to 200 000 words at once into five distinct languages available.
  4. The advanced plan: One million words can be translated at once with the advanced plan, which costs roughly $299 per month. It supports translations into ten different languages.
  5. The enterprise plan: Five million words can be translated into any language you choose with the enterprise plan, which costs $699. 

Weglot’s premium plans offer extra functions and plugins that simplify website use for all users across the world.

TextUnited VS Weglot: Head to Head

At the end of the day, both TextUnited and Weglot are undoubtedly good solutions for having a multilingual website, as both have a lot to offer.

Weglot is a solution that is constantly gaining hype, and that’s why it very often overshadows other translation and localization solutions. Particularly, with this idea in mind, we decided to compare it with software that is not that popular. 

What we saw is that the actual popularity of Weglot doesn’t mean that its features in any way overweight other translation tools’ features. And that’s the case with TextUnited.

TextUnited goes the same way as Weglot, it offers most of the features and in some aspects even more.

  • While TextUnited enables website translation of any content, including video, audio, and image, web apps, various software, and platforms. Weglot in its turn is more concentrated on website translation, particularly eCommerce.
  • TextUnited’s translation memory and glossary are worth mentioning hundreds and hundreds of times. This does not just simply pile together translations, but it makes the most out of every translated string, and content.
  • The pricing plans offered by TextUnited are more affordable if compared to Weglot. Though Weglot offers more pricing plans with more options to choose from. TextUnited in its turn offers a custom plan, which we guess is the best solution in any case, as you pay the money for the exact things you need, no more, no less.

Summing up TextUnited vs Weglot comparison, surely both software is a good choice for a multilingual website, but your final verdict already depends on your website, the method of translation you prefer, the level of automation you’re looking for, which language you want to add, and of course your budget. 

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