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Must-Have Features of a Quiz Plugin – 2023’s Guide

Have you ever noticed how the websites like BuzzFeed engage visitors and keep them enthusiastic about their news? You might probably wonder what is their success secret. Answering the question we can note that it is something people call leisure interest. Some Internet users enter diverse websites for education, work, etc. On the other hand, there are millions of people using the Internet to have fun or rest after a long day. So, to engage both types of users you can highly lean on such web hacks as quizzes. A bright side of adding quizzes to your WordPress site is that it does not require programming skills. Anyone can create it with the help of a comprehensive quiz plugin. Thus, in this article, we are going to get you familiar with the must-have features of a quiz plugin.

Why Use Quiz Plugins in WordPress?

Why Use Quiz Plugin

Before using a quiz, survey, or poll on WordPress many website owners think thoroughly what is the main purpose of this type of content. Whether it is for gaining new orders, generating leads, keeping customers engaged with your site, or creating funny free time activity. So, all of them are the correct answers!!

So, why use quiz plugins in WordPress? Here are a few thoughts to collect up!

  1. Quizzes help you to get an increased one-page session duration called bounce rate on your website. The more people enter to complete a quiz till the end the longer period of time they pass on your website. This greatly impacts your site’s SEO scores. So, the first thing to spot about the quiz advantages is a higher SEO rank on your WordPress site.
  2. This type of website content helps you raise conversion with your products or services. People start learning about your company through quizzes. This, after all, can end up with a purchase that will bring your company a good income. So, the second advantage is a quiz-increased company revenue connection.
  3. Quizzes are most likely to get more Social shares on various platforms. This will bring forth your website to an international community. Thus, quizzes are meant to raise awareness.
  4. If you want to run a customer-centric company then you need to be aware of your client needs periodically. So, quizzes can collect essential data by asking well-prepared targeted questions to your customers. This will make your business or website look more comfortable and the user experience more impressive.

Now, as you know the main benefits of quizzes it is time to understand what are the must-have features of a quiz plugin.

8 Must-Have Features of a Quiz Plugin

Must-Have Features of Quiz Plugin

Nowadays as we step into a large competition among businesses it is more than recommended to make your website attractive for a large audience. For this, quizzes come up to be very handy. And if you use WordPress then you should look at the following must-have features of a quiz plugin.

1. WordPress Updated Version Compatibility

When choosing the best WP quiz plugin to proceed with then it is crucial to pay attention to its last update compatibility with WordPress. You can notice the version on the right side of the plugin description.

WordPress Version Updates

Focusing on this aspect is quite important. This is because a plugin that is not in step with the platform updates can convert your website into a chaotic space you have to adjust after all.

2. Types of Quizzes

This is actually one of the most crucial conditions to invest in a quiz plugin. Therefore, you need to take into consideration the types of quizzes you can create with a certain plugin. In fact, there are many quiz types, such as Trivia, Knowledge and IQ, Diagnostic, Buzzfeed, Assessment, Personality, etc. All of them serve a certain purpose including viral, entertaining, educational, evaluating, etc.

3. Types of Quiz Questions

This point is directly related to the previous one. Different types of WordPress quiz questions and answers include radio, dropdown, text, short text, date, checkbox, number, etc. These are meant to make your quiz even more informative and well-structured.

Also, it will be very attractive to mix various question types within a single quiz based on the question characteristics and purpose.

4. Quiz Plugin Integrations

The scalability of a quiz plugin is highly related to the engagement rate it will bring to your website. So, in order to make your quiz more scalable you should try to find a plugin offering many 3rd party integrations like Google Sheets or Email Marketing platforms. With the help of these integrations, you will be able to redirect your generated leads to converting your quiz which is your initial intention.

5. SEO Compatibility

SEO Friendliness

As mentioned above, SEO compatibility is a feature you should look for in almost all the plugins on WordPress. This is quite an important feature that assists in reaching large-scale lead generation. Even if you make a good quiz with lots of interesting and catchy details, it will not fulfill your desired outcomes in case it is not flexible enough to have SEO compatibility.

6. Pricing

All users will assert that pricing has a big impact on purchasing a product whether it is a physical or digital one. In the case of a WP quiz plugin, pricing plays a big role in users’ buying decisions. Sometimes a budget may seem to be a big barrier between a buyer and a product. However, it is actually a perfect chance to get a better feature-rich product.

When choosing the best quiz plugin for WordPress that has a paid version you must carefully look at the main features offered in it. Also, it is important to have several products in hand to compare the included pro features and finally decide on a matching product with your business or company.

7. Thorough Documentation

Not only does good documentation help to understand your product use ways but it also informs you about the long path of development the plugin passes before being finally presented to the WordPress family. The extensive documentation will unveil all the quiz plugin’s features and the whole potential you can benefit from by activating the plugin on your WP site.

8. Support Service

Last but not least must-have feature to look for in a WP quiz plugin is a quick support service. This will make sure you will get the needed technical assistance in the long run of your user path. You can understand the support level of a certain quiz plugin in WordPress by looking closely at the customer reviews and the company replies.

What is Our Choice?

As you are familiar with the must-have features to look for in a quiz plugin it is time to know what plugin we actually offer you to use that matches the mentioned criteria very well.

So, our choice is the best Quiz Maker plugin for WordPress. Scoring more than 20,000 active installations and a 5-star rating on WordPress the plugin is a great match to generate attractive quizzes, tests, and exams with just a few clicks.

Best Quiz Maker Plugin for WordPress

Different types of questions including radio, checkbox, text, number, date, dropdown, etc. make your quiz look even more ideal and personalized.

The plugin is designed for almost all kinds of quizzes such as Buzzfeed, Trivia, Personality, Viral, Assessment, and many others.

The Quiz Maker plugin is always being updated to walk with the latest WordPress versions. Besides, it has many 3rd party integrations:

  • Payment options (PayPal, Stripe)
  • Email Marketing platforms, and Marketing automation tools (Mailchimp, ActiveCampain, GetResponse, etc.)
  • Google Sheets
  • Slack

One of the latest news about this plugin is ChapGPT integration. As tools working with AI are widely conquering the whole web this is a quite great option to benefit from.

It provides not only thorough documentation but also a demo version to learn the most essential ways of using the Quiz Maker plugin. Yet, if there is an issue you can not solve on your own then the fast-replying support service officers are pleasantly ready to help you within a few minutes. This means that the technical assistance level is very high.


Quiz Maker is one of the few plugins on WordPress enabling you to greatly use its free version to make a good-looking quiz. However, for more advanced features, such as high-class support, copy content protection, password protection, integrations, etc. you need to purchase its pro version at an affordable price:

  • Business – $49
  • Developer – $129
  • Agency – $249

This is a one-time payment to enjoy this all-inclusive plugin’s features.

To Wrap Things Up…

Approaching the end of this article, we would like to summarize the must-have features of a quiz plugin. So, these are:

  • WordPress version compatibility
  • Quiz types
  • Quiz question types
  • Integrations
  • SEO-friendliness
  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Pricing

The ideal choice will involve all of these features. Thus, we have picked for you a good plugin called Quiz Maker. You can find the above-mentioned features and even more others in this plugin. The WordPress Quiz Maker plugin allows you to enjoy both the easy quiz-making process but also the further results on your website which are quite pleasing.

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