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How To Write Plugin Description For WP Repository

WordPress is a convenient platform for managing your content even if you do not know any of the programming languages. It is a preferred one also for the developers to present their new products eg. plugins and themes. Yet, like all the digital products the WP plugins and themes also need a good description to attract users and lead them to its activation. As you have probably understood descriptions play a big role in the product’s brand awareness, gaining more active installations and reviews. So, in this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to write effective plugin description for WP Repository.

Why is The Plugin Description So Important?

When entering a Plugin section on WordPress users tend to find a plugin to cover their needs. Firstly, they try to search it with related keywords. And then they find one from the offered list taking into account the features included in the description. So, basically, you have only a few chances to attract users. And that way is writing powerful and comprehensive content in WP Repository.

Summing up, you will need a description because:

  • It will engage more customers
  • Lead to the increasing sales of your product’s Pro version
  • Raise your product’s brand awareness and the number of active installations

These reasons are enough to pay attention to this section. And in the following paragraph, we are going to discuss the key tips to write a strong description for your developed plugin.

Tip 1: Keyword Research

All of us know how it is necessary to do appropriate keyword research. They are the main connection between user and the product he/she searches for. So this means, that if you want to appear in the search results you should utilize high-ranking ones.

Here are some tools to assist you in this deal:

  1. Ubersuggest– is a convenient tool that has an extension variant, as well. By installing it in the Google Chrome Extension marketplace you may enjoy your best experience. It easily notes all the valuable keywords that will help you to rank on Search Engine.
  2. Rank Math SEO– As a WordPress user you may utilize this plugin. It includes many automatical features such as unlimited keywords optimization, GA integration, advanced SEO analysis, etc.
  3. All in One SEO– This enables you to get unlimited number of keywords, optimize your content and meta description. One more essential thing about this plugin is that it integrates Semrush SEO.
Interested in finding more tools? Check this article, as well: Best Keyword Research Tools For WordPress

Tip 2: Upload Eye-Catching Logo and Banner

The logo and banner of your description will present your product’s brand in the WP repository. They are very important as due to the logo, the users distinguish your product from others. You should do it once in a professional way. That is why it is recommended to hire a specialist.

Tip 3: Add an Overview Section


This is a short paragraph telling about your plugin before describing it thoroughly. Having this section will be effective both for you and your customers. This paragraph should be very attractive to make the user read the whole content and get familiar with the product.

Tip 4: Embed YouTube Video


Not only written but also video content has an essential impact on your product’s brand awareness. Realizing this, some developers or companies make video content to publish on their YouTube channel. Here they explain their product’s features, the way of usage, how to, reviews, etc.

As it is more understandable content for some users, it will be more effective to embed the YouTube videos on your plugin’s WordPress.org description. So, the customers may read the article and deepen their knowledge. And finally, make a decision to select YOUR plugin among hundreds of choices.

Besides, it gives an additional viewable structure for your description clarifying the above-said information.

Tip 5: Add An FAQ Section With Keywords

how-to-write-effective-plugin description-for-wp-repository-faq.jpg

At this point, we are going to speak about the required section included in your WP description. You need to collect all the customer reviews and questions asked from your support team. After that, you should highlight the frequently asked questions that your customers are most interested in. And you should make a section consisting of a minimum of 7 questions with answers.

The answers should be short but lead them to the point. Besides, it is recommended to use related keywords. Moreover, the ranking success of almost every content whether it is an article or essay, or even a WP description keywords play a huge role. So is in this case. That is why you should be very attentive to your customer’s behavior and the way they ask the question. Also, you can take the keywords used by the majority of your customers knowing that the users will try to search your product or the issue with those words exactly.

Tip 6: Use More Tags

how-to-write-effective-plugin description-for-wp-repository-tags.jpg

When entering a WordPress.org description on the right side of the page you will notice the “Tags” section. The authors add tags to the description that are most related to the topic and the plugin you present. These tags impact the search results. Also, avoid typing general tags such as “WordPress” or “WordPress plugins“. They must directly refer to the key features of the described plugin so that the reader understands the main functionalities at first glance.

Here is a simple trick for you. Before writing your plugin's description you may thoroughly research your competitor's product. This competitor should be the one who is established in this field and has many active installations. 

In this case, you may involve the plugin's or the competitor's name in the "Tags" section that will help you appear in the Search results along with your competitor.

Tip 7: Include Links to Demo Versions

how-to-write-effective-plugin description-for-wp-repository-demo-versions-links.jpg

Having a Demo version of your product is a huge benefit. This enables users to try your product before purchasing it. And as WP description has a big impact on your product’s brand awareness and active installations then it is essential to add the demo version’s link to it.

Besides, it may serve as a backlink that will somehow bring traffic to your product’s official website.

Tip 8: Use Separate Headings

As you may know, the readability score is very important for the content to rank on Search Engine. Besides, it will be more understandable if written in a simple language and has a viewable structure (for instance, you may actively use bullet points while showing the plugin’s features).

In this case, separate headings divide the text into parts taking into account the logical basis of the topic. Headings should be powerful and inform the reader about the main discussing theme.

Tip 9: Insert Screenshots

It is known that visual content is more engaging than written one. But the combination of this two may be amazingly beneficial for the readers. So, when you explain something in a technical text and use screenshots showing the same visually the reader understands it better. And when he/she is about choosing a plugin for the website then most likely chooses the one which way of usage is far more understandable and simple. That is why screenshots become one of the most effective components in your WP description.

Tip 10: Include A Changelog

This point is especially crucial. People see your contribution and the way you update the plugin adding some necessary points to ease the user experience while they use your product.

Whom Should You Trust Writing Your Product’s Description?

This is an important question. As you might be a developer who does not have content writing tools and skills or enough time to create a WP description for the product. So, whom you should trust for this important task. This should be someone who definitely knows WordPress even at a basic level. Being aware of the plugin’s features or having some imagination about WordPress is mandatory for this work.

On this condition, you may highly benefit from the Content Marketing Service of WPGlob Agency. You may hire a professional team consisting of content creators, graphic designers, and SEO specialists with knowledge of WordPress at an affordable price.

Wrapping up

So, coming to the end of this topic, we would like you to note the importance of a single piece of content published on WordPress.org. It is a unique instruction for your product. And you need to pay attention to it in order to provide a successful way for your developed plugin.

Summing up, we would like to combine all these tips by making a checklist for beginners who tend to write a plugin description on WordPress. So here are the recommended points:

  • Keyword research
  • Logo and Banner
  • Short overview
  • Embedded video
  • FAQ section
  • Tags
  • Demo Version links
  • Headings
  • Screenshots
  • Changelog

Following these tips, you will write a powerful description for your newly launched plugin or will update the old one making it more attractive.

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