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BTC PayWall Is A Good WordPress Plugin – Naked Truth Or A Myth?

When using WordPress as a CMS platform we encounter many plugins both free and pro that help to approve a great user experience on the website. More often, people who tend to purchase or simply install a free plugin read the reviews about this or that product. And most parts of their decisions depend on what comments they will read about a certain plugin. 

Sometimes, some users or product competitors try to eliminate other companies’ reputations by writing negative comments. Some others express their real opinion about a product that is directly connected to their own experience.

A few days ago one of our clients was searching for a WordPress bitcoin paywall plugin. So, we have recommended BTCPayWall as a trusted bitcoin paywall plugin. But unfortunately, he came across a few negative reviews about the plugin in some WordPress forums, which made him a little bit confused regarding the plugin’s activation. So, he asked us to research the BTCPayWall plugin to understand whether these comments were true or a piece of myth created by the plugin’s competitors. 

What Negative Comments Were Left about the BTCPaywall Plugin?

Before coming to the comments part we would like to speak about the BTCPaywall plugin. This is to inform the readers what are the main functionalities and features of the plugin. 

What is the BTCPaywall Plugin?


So, this is a plugin enabling the users to sell digital products, videos, and textual content on WordPress. There are four different methods the WP users may work with this article:

So, through this WordPress Paywall Plugin, you are able to sell individual articles without forcing the clients to subscribe quickly. This makes the process quite simple and quick. Besides, the clients are not required to fill in their personal data for purchasing a random post that they would like to read immediately.

The payment processing is also very beneficial. Since it is completed with Bitcoin and Lightning then it can not be turned over. To clarify, once the client executed the payment, there can not be any chargebacks.

The provided transaction options are totally risk-free and take just a few seconds to proceed.

Negative Reviews 

As we have understood the main functionality of the plugin, it is time to see what negative comments our client encountered in the forum while researching the plugin.

1st Review

User: sogun96

Date: 26.06.2022

“Hey all, guys. I see you are discussing BTCPaywall. And want to do a favor by sharing my own experience.

I think it was the worst experience that I have ever had on my website. I am a content creator. Just a month ago I wanted to sell my new article for a small revenue for just starting and trying to carry the process out. I have set up the plugin and did all configuration. A few days ago I had my first client who requested to view the whole article. He was very interested in it and just make a purchase. And voila!!!!!!! I had set a 0.00025 BTC for the first selling item which is really a small amount and is approximately equivalent to $5. However, I received an even smaller amount of 0.00015 BTC ($3) instead of the initial price. I contacted my client to understand what happened to the remaining amount. And he claimed that he had made a purchase by paying an exact amount. What I understood. The plugin took a fee during the transaction process. 

What is the most astonishing thing – I have never met even a piece of a sentence claiming that the plugin charges even a little fee per transaction. I am very very disappointed. Everywhere I meet the same scam”.


The first and the most important thing to spot is that the BTCPaywall is a totally free plugin. It is free to install and activate. And does not require the website owner to pay additional fees for further operation. This is the reason you can not meet anything about even a small amount of charges on the plugin developer’s behalf.

Not only the operation is free but also transaction process is not chargeable by WordPress Paywall Plugin. Meaning that the plugin does not take even a single penny per transaction no matter what you sell: video, audio, PDF files, or a single article.

To clarify, the payment is completed via two methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Lightning

Both methods are foreseen initially for small amounts. Prioritizing the users’ convenience, the plugin developers chose exactly these payment systems. Because in the case of transactions via credit card, PayPal, etc. charge both a percentage fee and a transaction fee. So, this adds the fee up to 30% which is really a big percentage in the case of a small amount.

Since the BTCPaywall has direct connections with such Bitcoin payment providers as BTCPay Server, BTCPayWall, and Opennode, the payment costs the provider only a few cents to proceed. So, basically, it is not possible to be charged with more than $2 which makes up over 40% of the initial payment amount.

2nd Review

User: marcel66

Date: 28.05.2022

“Friends, be attentive and careful while installing the plugin. A few days ago I installed a plugin called BTCPaywall. I was very excited, as I met a few encouraging comments about this WordPress Paywall Plugin. I read a little bit about BTCPayWall from different sources and finally activated it on my WordPress site to sell my newly published articles. Everything seemed normal until the moment I realized that my article had been stolen and downloaded by an anonymous user. I found it similarly published on one of the websites having better scores than mine. So, I have lost my article due to this plugin which I considered the best option for my business purposes. Instead, it could not even protect my product’s copyright.

I was very disappointed. As I have not expected this type of incident on my newly launched website”. 


We agree that these types of unexpected cases are very disappointing. But the marcel66 user possibly has misused the “Download Store” module provided by BTCPaywall. 

So, according to this module, the website owner is allowed to sell digital goods such as eBooks, PDF files, manuals, or various instructions that can be downloaded by the users directly to their PCs. Then the digital product owner sets the price for it, as well as inserts a relevant picture and description in the backend. And after the checkout process, the users have a full right to download the file. Meaning that none of them can illegally download the presented files without paying for them. And the website owners should get familiar with the option before using it for selling their digital goods.

What refers to a user who has completed this action anonymously then we would like to spot the fact that the seller may include such inputs as email address, phone number, etc on the checkout page. This additional data is needed to send the order confirmation, an invoice, or the URL. Frankly, adding these inputs is optional. But gives additional security and some important data to prevent the cases we meet in the above-described review. 

Furthermore, with the BTCPaywall plugin’s advanced features you may easily specify the time frame in which the sent URL is accessible.

Overall, the plugin gives almost all the possible tools to make the purchasing process smoother. And it does not carry the responsibility of different users’ malicious acts of distributing the downloaded content.

In Conclusion

So, in both cases, we may not confirm the user’s reviews about the BTC Paywall WordPress plugin. In the first case, the user was claiming the plugin in an additional transaction fee that is totally not relevant to this free plugin.

And in the next case, the user did not perceive the main functions and tools provided by the plugin and misused them. As a result, he blamed the plugin developers who fully designed the plugin for smooth and secure operation.

So, at the end of our research, we may confidently assert that the BTCPaywall is a good plugin for selling your digital good on the WordPress website. And we fully recommend it to those site owners who want to start using a bitcoin paywall on WordPress.

To sum up, we can also add that during the last couple of years a quite new payment method in the crypto world has entered the market, unfortunately without any simple plugin yet, and it is a Binance service called Binance pay.

See more about Binance Pay here https://www.comparesweden.se/vad-ar-binance-pay/.

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