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WordPress Affiliate Plugins Compersion

Hmm, Which WordPress Affiliate Plugin to choose?

The affiliate program is an effective marketing strategy. Every business and business website owner needs an effective Affiliate Marketing Strategy. To build a strong and influential marketing plan, you definitely need an advanced-level affiliate tool.

Read further and find the comparison between two of the best WordPress Affiliates plugins. This article will help you to choose the best fit for your business website.

What is an Affiliate Strategy?


An affiliate program is a Pay Per Action (PPA) strategy. This is a relationship between the merchant (affiliate) and the business owner, where both parties win. Henceforth, an affiliate strategy is an advertising program where the brand with the help of third-party publishers generates leads and web traffic to the business’s products or services. In this case, a third-party publisher means an affiliate. The charge fee encourages the affiliates to promote the company, product, and service.

In Fact, in an affiliate program transaction, there are at least three partakers:

  • The customer
  • The affiliate site
  • The merchant site

The foremost advantages of this plugin are the opportunity of getting access to a broader market, low-cost advertising – no extra payments, also better accounting of qualified leads.

To emphasize, the goal of affiliate marketing is to boost sales and build a win-win solution for both seller and affiliate. This program is becoming increasingly popular. The marketing is impressive and profitable.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Affiliate Plugin?

In our innovative world, when every day there is a new technological invention, even digital marketing becomes easier and more accessible for everyone. Hence, regularly improving technologies and the Internet are creating easy-to-sue Digital Marketing programs. Via the Associate’s Program brand owners can easily improve their method of tracking and paying commissions on qualified leads. Thus, boosting tracks, generating leads, and contributing to sales, will defiantly improve the position of your brand product or service in the b business industry.


  • An associate program is a marketing strategy, where a company pays associates for business created from the affiliate’s marketing plans.
  • Evidently, this is a balloon-dollar industry made via Cookies, Analytics, and Digital Marketing.
  • Generally, the company pays affiliates per sale.
  • There are multiple primary types of affiliate marketing. Involved in Affiliate marketing, Related Affiliate Marketing, and Unattached Affiliate Marketing.

As I have formerly mentioned, there are tons of technological inventions, that will improve the brand’s digital marketing strategy. One of these amazing technological tools is the WordPress Affiliate plugin. These tools are amazing for keeping the track of your website’s user traffic, referral links, affiliate’s website behavior, already contributed sales numbers and many more.

So, it is time to learn about two of the most useful WordPress Affiliate Programs.
Read further and find out about the functionalities, that the plugins provide. Choose the perfect fit for your company web page.

Comparison – Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce VS Affiliate WP

WordPress AffiliateWP Plugin


This WordPress affiliate plugin is one of the finest. Via the AffiliateWP the business website owners can easily build their PPA (Pay Per Action) marketing strategy. The AffiliatWP is easy-to-use and unchallenging for its users. Moreover, this WordPress tool has various advanced-level functionalities, that will help you to produce your own associate program.

While it may be true, the AffiliateWP is not accessible to everyone. This plugin does not have a free version. What is not handy about this plugin, is that the interface is not very responsive. If you need some progressive-looking interface changes you will need some coding skills.

Let’s find out what features this plugin provide

  • Accurate affiliate tracking. Track your referrals no matter the web server’s caching system.
  • Integrated Payouts Service. Effortlessly pay your associates directly to their bank accounts or debit cards. The whole process will take just a few clicks.
  • Unlimited affiliates. There are no limits. Have numerous affiliates who will help you to actively promote your products, services, and web page.
  • Real-Time Reporting. Get immediate and real-time reporting. Learn about referrals, see the affiliate-referred visits count, and earnings, and find out about the affiliate registrations, without hold.
  • Easy affiliate management. This tool will help you to see the maximum earning affiliates. Furthermore, you can see all of the affiliate reports and affiliate registrations.
  • Affiliate Area. This feature is for your brand’s website dashboard. You can track your affiliates. Moreover, the affiliates can track their performance. For example, they can acquire the referral URLs, see all the earnings, find creatives and etc.
  • Fully internationalized. The AffiliateWP plugin can easily be translated into any language you need.
  • Referral link generator. This feature allows the affiliates to build their own referral URLs. The built-in referral link generator will ease the whole process.

You can try it yourself, and see is it really worth it or not.

Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce


The Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce plugin can become the ideal solution for your affiliate marketing plan. This plugin is user-friendly, reliable, and very unchallenging for beginners. Undoubtedly, this plugin will help you to increase your website revenue.

This plugin is easy-to-use and beginner-friendly. Furthermore, there is no need for additional knowledge in the development of the CS sphere. Via the Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce plugin you can give your affiliates access to their own responsive dashboards. The affiliates can see the coupon usage rates. Moreover, this functionality will help affiliates to be more informed about the whole process. Additionally, the associates can generate unlimited referral links and track their commissions. Via the accessible dashboard, they can easily submit and track the whole process of payouts.

Altogether, this plugin is perfect for its reliability and accessibility. The Coupon Affiliates plugin has a free version. This means everyone who is looking for affiliate marketing, from now on has a perfect solution. Go ahead and generate your powerful online shop marketing strategy.

Let’s find out what features this plugin provides

  • Coupon Affiliate Dashboard. As has been noted, the affiliates will have full access to their own dashboards. There are a bunch of valuable tools within the dashboard. For example, click history, referral link generator, exact calculations for the commissions, and many more.
  • Coupon Usage Statistics. Within the affiliate dashboard, you will be able to see usage statistics. For instance, discounts, recent orders, commissions, sales, and so on.
  • Monthly Orders Stats Table. In contrast to AffiliateWP, the Coupon Affiliates has a Monthly Summary Section. This feature allows displaying the monthly summary of all the sold products. Furthermore, the stats table will show all of the orders, that had used the coupons on the particular month.
  • One-Click Payouts. Just a click with Stripe & PayPal and your affiliates will be automatically paid. The associates of your brand will get paid directly from your account.
  • Store Credit Payouts. Pay affiliates into their wallet with just a single click, which they can then spend in your store.
  • Scheduled & Automated Payouts. This feature is for automatically submitting “payout requests” for your associates.
  • Flexible Commission Calculations. This tool accurately calculates all of the commissions. Calculate by date range or view the monthly totals.
  • Affiliate registration system. This allows users to fill out a form to apply for an affiliate coupon, along with lots of options to customize it to your requirements.
Moreover, the Coupon Affiliates plugin provides…
  • Multi-Currency Support. While using this plugin you can find integrations and full support with most of the multi-currency plugins. Easily convert all of the commission to the currency you need.
  • Multi-level Affiliates. Allow users to become super-affiliates, and invite others to join the MLM. This way users will be more motivated to drive sales to your store as can gain more benefits if they reach the super-affiliate level.
  • Referral URLs. These are generated via the affiliate tool in this plugin. It also provides total clicks, conversion rates, and other statistics related to referral URLs in the dashboard.
  • QR Code Generator. This functionality allows its users to easily add a button to the referral URL tab. This will allow the affiliate users to automatically and immediately generate a QR code directing to their referral link.
  • Detailed reports & analytics. You can also access detailed reports and analytics in the admin area, with advanced filters such as comparisons and unlimited date ranges.

It will be fair enough to note, that some of these mentioned functionalities, you will not find on AffiliateWP.

Which WordPress Affiliate Plugin to Choose?

By comparison of the formerly noted facts, I strongly recommend you to choose the Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce. There are several reasons, why you can undoubtedly trust your affiliate marketing strategy with this plugin.

  • Pricing. At first, the Coupon Affiliates plugin compared to the AffiliateWP costs less. But, what is more important, is that the Coupon Affiliates with the lower price will provide you with higher-level functionalities. Within this plugin, you can find features that are not available in the AffiliateWP. Thus, the pricing of the AffiliateWP plugin can be a little bit too expensive for beginners. On contrary, the Coupon Affiliates plugin has a free version and is accessible to everyone who wants to build proper affiliate marketing.
  • Functionalities. As I have already mentioned, the Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce have more advanced-level functionalities, than the AffiliateWP (all the information concerning features, you can find above). Hence, the Coupon Affiliate plugin is not only an ideal solution for beginners, but also for the ones who are looking for the best affiliate marketing strategy.
  • User-Friendly. The Coupon Affiliates plugin is ideal for beginners. The pricing is available for everyone. Furthermore, for the first experience, you can enjoy the free version of the plugin. Additionally, the interface is user-friendly. Everything within this plugin is responsive and unchallenging while using it.

To Sum Up…

Thanks for reading up here. Now, I can be assured, that you will make the right choice and build powerful affiliate marketing.

One more thing. If you are looking for WordPress tips and tricks, then hurry up check it out and learn everything about WordPress.

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